I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 941 - Diamond Mission Completed, The Final Secret Is Revealed

Chapter 941: Diamond Mission Completed, The Final Secret Is Revealed

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‘She seems to be the most amazing computer in the world right now, isn’t she?

‘Even though she isn’t the quantum computer that I claimed her to be, according to the system, Little Deeny’s computational ability would increase with every square kilometer extended.

‘Now that I’ve increased the virtual space by 500 million square kilometers, Little Deeny’s computing power should have also increased by 500 million points. So, it should not be a problem for her to calculate the arrangements of spiritual energy, should it?’

Just like that, Su Yang successfully tricked Little Deeny into unlocking the system’s secrets.

With Little Deeny’s participation, the research progressed even faster.

Due to Little Deeny’s participation, these scientists worked even harder to decipher the spiritual energy, which was the most amazing thing.

At the end of science, was “theology”.

The more they studied, the more they felt the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of humanity.

As a scientist at the forefront of human research, this feeling was even stronger.

Historically, many famous scientists could not control their fear of the truth, so they chose to believe in religion to fill their emptiness.

However, when Su Yang showed them how “theology” and science combined together (spiritual energy), and told them that everything was connected, the scientists were excited.

For them, not being able to find the path to the “truth” was a loss.

However, once it was found, then… They would decrypt it even if their opponent was a God!

With Little Deeny’s help, the speed at which these scientists cracked the system increased.

Very soon, the special abilities contained in some simple special items were discovered.

Following that, more complicated special abilities were discovered.

For example, [A Talent Printer That Loves To Jog], the [Fruit-Loving Pen], and so on, had all been cracked.

After cracking the arrangements of the spiritual energy, Su Yang started his own mass production.

For example, [A Talent Printer That Loves To Jog] was a huge trump card for the development of companies and organizations. However, due to the limited number of times it could be used, the special item could not be used on a large scale.

With Su Yang’s self-made version, it could now be mass-produced, which greatly helped the companies Zhao Licheng was developing at the time.

Another example, there was only one [Master Sommelier Water Tap] previously and Pool needed it to make milk tea. However, now that there was a homemade version, Su Yang set one to his house and his parents.

However, cracking the system did not always go smoothly.

As Su Yang and the scientists worked on it, they realized that the spiritual energy and the system seemed to be only a superficial application…

Take [A Talent Printer That Loves To Jog] for example.

The principle of this tool was to combine the three spiritual energy arrangements for it to take effect.

The first spiritual energy arrangement was to record the talent’s soul imprint.

The second spiritual energy arrangement was to find out the talent’s past and most likely future based on a certain “existence, item, or place”.

The third spiritual energy arrangement was to turn everything into matter (paper) and record it down.

‘The first and third functions are understandable, but the question is… Where did the second function come from?’

This was not an isolated problem, because scientists had discovered that many special items and abilities operated the same way.

When it came to some mysterious “things”, the spiritual energy seemed to be going to some unknown “existence, item, or place” to borrow or read through.

According to the arrangement of spiritual energy, Su Yang and Spirit Building could borrow or read the related information from the “existence, item, or place”.

However, they realized that they could not go deeper to try and crack this aspect even if they wanted to.

Hence, this was a very strange situation.

With Little Deeny’s full power, the system was progressing very smoothly. Almost all the functions such as [Fusion] and [extraction] were cracked.

However, these functions, including the Random Points, Bronze Points, and Silver Points, only meant that Su Yang was gradually conquering his own system. However, the actual significance was not much. In fact, it could not even be compared to the duplication of [A Talent Printer That Loves To Jog].

Because after cracking it, Su Yang’s spiritual energy reserves could not support their multiple operations.

Therefore, he could only watch with envy.

Very soon, 99% of the system’s content was cracked, including the mission distribution method.

It was a pity that Su Yang’s spiritual energy and coins were bursting at the seams, so he had no use for these small missions.

The reason why it was 99% was because the Gold Point was gone, so it could not be completely decrypted.

Meanwhile, the rules involved in the Platinum Race were too complicated and impossible to crack.

There was also the most important diamond mission. Because it was not completed, there was no way to solve it.

However, with the current information and information, Su Yang had a rough understanding of the system’s operation.

The system was like a supporting device that was installed on Su Yang’s soul. It could only be operated by Su Yang.

On the other hand, the “supporting device” had a natural “crack” that could connect to a higher dimension’s energy: spiritual energy.

The supporting device had a few functions.

Firstly, it was through Su Yang’s actions that it could extract spiritual energy from a higher dimension into the real world.

The second was to store this portion of spiritual energy. To make it easier to calculate, it also displayed the spiritual energy digitally, which was the so-called “coins”.

Thirdly, it was to add a few “methods of adding points” and arrange the spiritual energy into a fixed arrangement. It could be used to add points for items, little monsters, and so on.

After studying the “supporting device” in detail, Su Yang and the scientists realized that it was actually something very simple. Some of the missions were merely a pre-set “trigger mechanism”.

As long as something happened to Su Yang that could trigger this mechanism, the mission could be issued.

And the core of the system, which was also the main purpose of the entire supporting device, had already been carved into this “support device” long ago.

That was to bring spiritual energy to Earth as much as possible.

Looking at the final research report, Su Yang was silent.

He felt that this research further confirmed his previous speculation about the system…

In the blink of an eye, another year passed.

For the past two years, even though Su Yang had led a very simple life, Jiadian Group had never stopped expanding around the world.

With countless [A Talent Printer That Loves To Jog] units, Jiadian Group was filled with talents and had long become the world’s biggest powerhouse. Through the oil trade and Jiadian app, they were deeply embedded in everyone’s lives.

In order to get as many people influenced and coins as possible, Zhao Licheng sold billions of glass phones and countless electronics.

Under Su Yang’s instructions, Jiadian Group also started charity activities around the world.

Almost every region in the world that had gone through a disaster had Jiadian Group’s presence at that moment.

Some were donating resources, some were donating money, and some were getting liquid metal robots to help with the earthquake relief.

What made the various countries and large corporations feel relieved was that Jiadian Group did not seem to have much ambition.

In the past few years, other than dominating a few of his own crude oil industries, he did not expand outward.

Of course, among the few industries owned by Jiadian Group, it was the best in the world.

Forget their electronics, glass phones, cars, and other businesses. Lin Jiali, Han Yi, and Yang Meiyue were superstars that attracted the world’s attention at that moment.

Well… Alright, Han Yi was the only one actually.

In the past few years, Han Yi had been in movies, TV dramas, and singing, which was the complete trio. Coupled with her strong abilities and good character, she had a wide range of fans and was a true superstar.

Meanwhile, because Meiyue was not very capable. Even though the company had given her a lot of resources, and the passers-by and fans liked her, she was more like a mascot who would mingle around in various variety shows. She was the girl-next-door that the whole world liked.

However, she had a gentle personality and did not like to fight over things, so she was very satisfied.

As for Lin Jiali… It might be true that she was not fated to become popular.

Even though Jiadian Group treated her as the company’s brand ambassador and the entire world was attracted by her beauty. For some reason… They could only remember her appearance and praise her beauty.

However, whenever she was involved in filming a TV drama or participating in a variety show, they just could not become popular.

The audience could not explain why after an investigation was conducted. They just felt that Lin Jiali was beautiful, but… They were just not interested in her matters.

Something was seriously wrong here.

In the past two years, Su Yang and Lin Jiali would chat with each other from time to time. Whenever they chatted, he would tease her about how useless she was.

Every time this happened, Lin Jiali would stick her neck that was as white as the neck of a swan and call herself a vase instead of being useless!

After all, it was too insulting to be known as a useless person.

Just like that, Su Yang’s influence continued to increase.

Finally, one night, Su Yang heard a beep.

Su Yang, who had been waiting on the third floor for a long time, opened his eyes calmly.

A notification popped up in front of him.

[Diamond mission completed. Please receive your reward.]

Opening the system, Su Yang saw a colorful notification before him.

It was as if it was reminding Su Yang to open it.

Su Yang clicked on the notification.

Suddenly, a notification rang in his ears: [Reward successfully received. Obtained Diamond Point x2.]

However, Su Yang did not seem interested in the Diamond Point. He said softly, “Aren’t you going to tell me the final secret? Where’s the secret?”

As Su Yang spoke, his vision gradually darkened.

Su Yang felt that his body was getting lighter, so light that he felt like he was about to fly.

A moment later, light appeared before his eyes again.

It was a huge, beautiful planet.

Blue was her color, yellow and green were her embellishments. She floated silently in the endless galaxy, blooming with her beauty.

She was Earth…

Looking at Earth, Su Yang smiled.

He felt like maybe he had actually guessed correctly.

After laughing for a while, Su Yang said, “Hello?”

There was no response.

Su Yang tried asking again, “Are you Earth? Or Gaia’s consciousness?”

There was still no response.

Su Yang suddenly felt that he was an idiot…

‘It feels like I’m talking to a mountain like an idiot.

At that moment, Su Yang suddenly had some information.

It was a strange feeling. It was as if there were “descriptions, words, and images” in his mind. It was as if Su Yang suddenly understood everything.

Su Yang thought differently.

‘The system I have is indeed created by Earth.

‘But Earth doesn’t have its own consciousness.

‘It’s like a world that has existed since time immemorial. It wants to evolve toward higher energy levels and dimensions.

‘Therefore, over the years, it has given birth to many things that could help it evolve.

‘In fact, many of the trends of the era were born because of this.

‘In the past few thousand years, other than myself, there were many other people who received similar help. However, in the end, I’m the only one who has managed to reach this stage. I’ve helped Earth complete its energy transition.

‘As for the two Diamond Points that I’ve obtained from this mission…

‘One is for Earth to use.

‘As long as this point is added to Earth, Earth would be able to successfully jump to a higher energy level and transform the entire world.

‘To put it in a more magical way, this world would change from technology to fantasy. The basic energy level would be higher, and the creatures would be more advanced.

‘From then on, all living beings on Earth could cultivate and evolve.

‘As for the Platinum Races that I’ve already enlightened, they would have an advantage and become the rulers of the next Great Earth era.

‘As for the other Diamond Point, it’s my reward for helping the world advance.

‘After this Diamond Point was used by the creatures, the creatures would be upgraded to a higher energy level. They would be upgraded together with Earth.

‘They would become another kind of ruler.’

Based on Su Yang’s insights, there were only a few words that could be used to describe it: Undying and indestructible, eternal existence in the entire Galaxy, enjoying the life of the Gods.

Other than that, Su Yang was also aware of the “authority, things, and existences” that he and the scientists had researched previously.

That was actually a different kind of authority.

As the mother of all creatures, the Earth itself had all the traces of these creatures from birth to death.

Therefore, if he used spiritual energy to communicate with Earth, as long as he had the corresponding ‘key’, which was the combination of spiritual energy, he could obtain relevant information.

In a sense, Earth was a huge biological database.

While it was impossible to judge a person’s potential and achievements, just like how high-dimensional energy had energy like Spirit Energy, high-dimensional energy also had something like ‘luck’.

Whether a person had luck or not could be seen through by some means.

If Su Yang gave himself an extra point and became the ruler of the world, as the only ruler with consciousness, the authority would be returned to his hands. He could then decide on these rights and keys on his own.

Of course, this also meant that Su Yang had the obligation to help Earth and manage the living beings on Earth…

Of course, this kind of management did not mean that he had to intervene in a fight. It meant that if he discovered a world-class deviation or a disaster that could destroy the world, Su Yang would have to step in to resolve it.

Other times, Su Yang was free.

After understanding everything about the system, authority, and everything else, a thin layer of darkness shrouded Su Yang’s eyes once again.

When Su Yang opened his eyes, he was already on the third floor of the virtual space.

Su Yang browsed through the videos that he had been watching recently.

He realized that he had just experienced something like an “Astral Body Travel”. He had clearly flown out of Earth, but in the video, he had not moved at all.

Looking at himself in the video, Su Yang started to think about his future…

First of all, Su Yang would definitely add a point for himself.

After all, he had worked hard for so many years, and it was not easy for him to finally unify the world to obtain this precious Diamond Point.

Hence, he would feel silly if he did not add the point for himself.

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