I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 80 - Special Item: 0 Score 2B Pencil

Chapter 80: Special Item: 0 Score 2B Pencil

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Unlike the earth-shattering scene during Sanque’s point-addition or the drastic change of appearance like the other two special items, the 2B pencil did not change at all even after adding a point to it.

Su Yang shook it, but it did not respond.

‘Did the point-addition fail? The system window didn’t even pop up. ‘Did Little Hus lie to me? Is this pencil trash? Am I actually the 2B1?’

However, when Su Yang recalled the eagerness on Little Hus face back in the convenience store, he was still willing to believe the husky had really been trying to do something good back then.

‘What on earth happened then? Is the system dying soon? Why the results are always delayed?’

Just when Su Yang started to grumble, the window finally popped up from the pencil.

[2B Pencil +1: Acquired special ability. Appraise? Yes/No]

Only an idiot would not appraise the pencil, so Su Yang chose ‘Yes’ without a second thought.

The window of the 2B pencil changed drastically and its name changed into [Ace 2B Pencil (Exam Use)].

When Su Yang saw the change in name, he heaved a breath of relief. The pencil clearly stated it was used for exams and he could finally escape his certain death during the midterms tomorrow. He might even pass the test at the end of the semester.

However, when Su Yang moved down to the pencil’s description, he was stunned.

[Ace 2B Pencil (Exam Use)]

[Ability: The answers written down with this pencil will be 100% wrong.]

[Remark 1: An ace can be someone who answers all correctly or someone who answers all wrongly.]

[Remark 2: Congratulations. You have avoided all the correct answers.]

[Remark 3: Your mother will never have to worry about your results anymore because it’s always 0.]

Su Yang almost threw the pencil out.

‘What the f***!? This is bullsh*t! This is total bullsh*t! I know avoiding all the correct answers is a talent, but I do not want it!’

He slammed the pencil on the table and felt extremely helpless. His mood had just gone through a roller-coaster ride and he could not cope with the drastic difference.

There was a saying on the internet that went, ‘you will never know what is the color of the next M&N.’

‘I know! It’s sh*t color!’

Su Yang headed to the bathroom and washed his face. He had just experienced a real-life tragedy.

After he came back to the living room, he held the pencil that he had almost thrown away in his hand. He felt helpless like a stupid idiot now.

He simply grabbed a mock English test paper and started to write on it with the pencil.

Indeed, Su Yang had really studied hard for the English midterms during the weekend. Most of the questions on the mock were multiple-choice questions and he circled all the answers in less than two minutes.

He filled every question up, so not a single one was left blank. He then took the answer sheet out and checked the answers.

The first question: wrong.

The second question: wrong.

The third question: still wrong.

Every single question was wrong.

Other than the comprehension and essay part, which he left blank, all the questions were wrong and he just scored a 0 in this mock test.

‘This pencil really strays from all the correct answers…Sigh.’

Su Yang sighed. He had a feeling that he would be even sadder tomorrow morning. He tossed the test paper on the table and slouched on the couch. Then, he started to zone out as despair drowned him.

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning flashed across his mind and lit the lightbulb above his head.

‘Holy sh*t! Am I stupid or what?! If the pencil can score 0, why can’t I score 100!?’

Su Yang bolted up. He picked up the pencil and redid the test.

After testing it out for more than 10 minutes, he grinned.

‘Hahahaha! I am such a genius!’

On the morning of the second day, the Tuesday sun was bright and the breeze was comfortable. It was a good day for the midterms.

Su Yang brought his bag and the 2B pencil to the campus. Maybe because of the lifted burden and the overflowing confidence, his mood was over the moon. He even greeted the fan club members passionately when they greeted him.

His unusual behavior sparked discussion among the members because they were used to his colder side.

“What is wrong with the president?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he is in love.”

“No way. With who?”

“I don’t know.”

When he reached the lecture hall, Su Yang greeted Chu Xia passionately, “Mornin’, Chu Xia.”

Chu Xia looked at him with a surprised gaze. Usually, she was the one who would greet Su Yang, not the other way around. What caused the sun to rise from the west today?

She replied with a bright smile as if she was the sun in the sky, “Morning, Mr. President.”

After greeting each other, Su Yang headed to the last row of the lecture hall with all smiles.

Chu Xia turned around and glanced at him. Other than the silly giggles on his face, she did not spot anything strange.

On quite the contrary, the longer she looked at Su Yang, the more she realized that she was infected by his smile. Her lips started to curl uncontrollably and she eventually blushed.

‘Chu Xia! What is wrong with you?! Don’t smile! Don’t you smile!’

Nonetheless, a beautiful smile appeared on her like a blooming flower.

Smiles were indeed infectious.

Soon enough, the class started. Qu Xiaomeng called Chu Xia over and gave her the test papers.

Chu Xia walked to the podium and whispered to Qu Xiaomeng. No one knew what she said, but Qu Xiaomeng smiled. She also whispered back to Chu Xia with a bright smile.

When the two beautiful ladies stood together, the lecture hall suddenly felt like a garden filled with roses and peonies, contending for the title of the best-looking flower. Even the lecture hall started to smell lovely.

Surprised, Su Yang glanced at the two ladies.

‘Since when were they so close? Why didn’t I hear anything about it? I guess all female friendships start without a solid reason.’

The ladies spoke for about a minute before they parted ways with smiles on their faces. Chu Xia distributed the test papers to the class.

When she got to Su Yang’s place, she stood beside him and whispered, “How’s your revision?”

Su Yang answered confidently, “A-okay.”

Chu Xia smiled and her eyes curled up like crescent moons, “I’ll wait for your good news then.” She then walked off and continued distributing the test papers.

After Qu Xiaomeng set up the radio for the comprehension part, she walked around the class to check on the students.

Similar to Chu Xia, she stopped beside Su Yang and asked, “Mr. Su Yang, how are you doing? Are you confident enough?”

Su Yang rolled his eyes white and said, “I’m confident that I’ll score 0.”

Qu Xiaomeng smiled. “Scoring 0 is also a talent. Be careful not to circle the correct answer.”

After that, she wanted to walk away, but before she could take the first step, she stepped back and bent over. She moved closer to Su Yang and whispered, “If you fail, you won’t have any excuse to reject my tuition class anymore.”

Delighted, she stood straight and walked away with her chest up as if she was a proud hen.

Nonetheless, Qu Xiaomeng really had a great body. When she bent over beside Su Yang, her chest bounced and it almost made Su Yang’s eyes pop out of his head.

Su Yang stared at Qu Xiaomeng’s back and pouted. “Don’t you worry. I’ll surely pass this test. I’ll never attend your tuition class!’

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