I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 79 - Su Yang! Have Mercy!

Chapter 79: Su Yang! Have Mercy!

Little Hus was a lot more energetic when they were outside. He would peer around when there was no one around and he had never looked so excited before.

Su Yang realized it was Little Hus’ first outing.

It seemed like other than Deeny, Gru and Sanque had never stepped out of the house either. These little monsters had been either staying in his rented basement or his virtual space.

Deeny was an exception because she was the phone itself, so she had the opportunity to see this beautiful world with Su Yang.

‘Hmm, maybe I should bring everyone out for an outing when I have the time.’

Su Yang and Little Hus soon arrived at Uplus Convenience Store.

The store assistant was the one who had served Chu Xia that day. ‘Convenient much?’

Su Yang carried Little Hus inside and started browsing the racks. He whispered to the bolster,

“Is there anything that can help me with my tests?”

When Little Hus remained quiet, Su Yang looked at the husky on the bolster.

Little Hus’ eyes gleamed and his mouth was wide open. Even his tongue was sticking out. He was muttering, “Cho…Chokolota…”

‘Chokolota? Chocolate? I guess a dog can never change its habit of trying chocolate. Little Hus wanted to have chocolate the first day he came to this world and he hasn’t forgotten it yet.’

Su Yang tapped the husky’s head “Chances! Chances!”

The husky glanced at him while drooling. “Chocolate, chocolate.”

Su Yang was speechless. He really did not want to continue the topic about chocolate being poisonous to a dog or that a bolster could not even eat chocolate. Therefore, he simply grabbed one small piece and said, “Now, do your job.”

Little Hus’ eyes were glued to the chocolate in Su Yang’s hand. He stuck his tongue out and licked the saliva away from his long muzzle. “Okay!”

Little Hus then did put his specialty on full display by sniffing around. Su Yang carefully blocked the surveillance camera from capturing Little Hus’ suspicious movements. He would ask occasionally, “How is it?”

Little Hus whispered, “I picked up a faint smell, but I can’t tell where yet. I need to get closer.”

‘Closer?’ Su Yang had to move closer to the racks displaying the products. Because he really looked like a thief, his suspicious movement attracted the store assistant’s attention.

The store assistant had his eyes on Su Yang and the suspicion on his face stated it all.

A young man carrying a while bolster into a convenience store at night was strange enough. He even wandered around a few times and went closer to the racks. If he was not a thief, he must be a crazy person.

Su Yang had to pretend like nothing happened and continued browsing while telling Little Hus to hurry up. Finally, after his third round in the convenience store, Little Hus said in surprise, “I got it!”

Su Yang pulled the bolster closer. “Where?”

Little Hus tried his best to point in front. Su Yang looked towards where the husky’s nose was pointing: it was a box of 2B pencils.


Su Yang picked it up and asked, “This one?”

The husky on the bolster nodded.

“Which one?”

Little Hus pointed to a particular pencil.

Su Yang took the pencil out and swiftly pushed Little Hus’ head away so that he could put the piece of chocolate back. He ran to the cashier and paid for the pencil.

After they got out of the convenience store, Little Hus finally realized what happened. He screamed, “SU YANG! HAVE MERCY!”

His scream was definitely louder than a whisper, so it attracted the gaze of the passersby right away. However, when the passersby saw Su Yang was alone, they assumed that he was on the phone and they walked away with a shake of their heads.

Su Yang shamelessly said, “You can’t eat the chocolate anyway, so it will be a waste if I bought it.”

“I can eat it!”

“You are a dog. You will die if you eat chocolate!”

“I can just keep it!”

Su Yang knocked Little Hus’ head. “Come on. You will only waste it. Good boy.”

Little Hus wanted to argue, but Su Yang quickly threatened him, “If you make any more noise, I won’t bring you out anymore.”

Little Hus shot him the husky death stare and shut up. Judging from the vicious glare, Little Hus was extremely unhappy.

Nevertheless, Su Yang was not bothered. The little b*stard’s arrogance would skyrocket if he compromised, so he planned to let the husky bolster be for now and buy another piece of chocolate a few days later to calm him down.

As for why Su Yang did not buy the one from Uplay, it was because Uplay only sold imported chocolate and a piece of chocolate cost 30 yuan! It was expensive and Little Hus could not even eat it!

When they reached home and went back into the virtual space, Little Hus angrily jumped out of Su Yang’s arms and hopped away.

Ever since Little Hus got used to the villa, he went out of control and played around like a child. He even built himself several dens around the villa. He said that since a rabbit had three dens, a dog should have more dens than a rabbit.

Su Yang did not know what a dog had to do with the three dens of a rabbit and he dared not ask either because if Little Hus got angry, the b*stard might even bite his master.

After being tricked with the chocolate, Little Hus must be extremely mad at Su Yang, so he must have hidden in one of his dog dens.

Thankfully, Su Yang had never heard from Deeny that the little b*stard wanted to tear the place down or do anything unreasonable, so he just let the husky bolster have his way.

After Little Hus hopped away, Su Yang took the pencil out and carefully checked it. It was the simplest 2B pencil there was and it did not look special at all.

‘Can it turn into something that can help me in the tests?’

Right before Su Yang started the system, Deeny flew down from the second floor. She stretched her body and yawned. “Master, good evening.”

Deeny was dressed in pink pajamas with lace. She should have looked sexy, but when she wore it, she looked cute instead.

Su Yang asked, “How’s your bath?”

Deeny moved her slender and fair legs to Su Yang, curled her hands around his arm, and leaned on his shoulder. “It’s comfortable, Master. I want to have a red wine bath next time.”

‘Just kill me. I almost threw up when I drank the milk. If I drink 500 ml of red wine in one go, I might have to swallow Sanque whole to stay alive.’

He cleared his throat and said, “What about a beer bath?”

Deeny widened her googly eyes and blinked innocently. “Beer stinks!”

Su Yang tried to brainwash her by saying, “No way! Red wine is alcohol and so is beer. They are the same in essence!”

“But red wine keeps you in good health,” she said in a skeptical tone.

“So does a can of beer. Look, there’re a lot of dishes that use beer and red wine and they all taste as delicious, right? So, bathing in beer and red wine is the same. There’s not a bit of difference.”

While Su Yang was trying to deceive Deeny, Little Hus’ scream came from an unknown corner and echoed throughout the villa, “SU YANG! HAVE MERCY!”

Su Yang was speechless. ‘You little b*stard! I guess I really need to teach you a lesson! There goes your chocolate!’

After he misled Deeny, Su Yang picked up the pencil and opened the system.

A translucent [+] sign appeared at the upper right of the pencil. Su Yang tapped on it and the pencil shone.

A point had been added!

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