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Chapter 746 - S-Ranked Awakening Ability: Eye of Origin

Chapter 746: S-Ranked Awakening Ability: Eye of Origin

At that thought, Su Yang summoned the virtual space’s interface and wrote a few words on it with his finger. ‘How long have I been unconscious for, Little Deeny?’

Su Yang knew that Little Deeny would definitely keep an eye on his room after he fainted, which was why he was communicating with Little Deeny through texts.

As expected, a second virtual interface appeared before Su Yang. ‘Master, you have been unconscious for two days and two nights.’

Su Yang was shocked. ‘I didn’t expect to be unconscious for so long.

‘Could this be because I’ve awakened an S-Ranked Ability?

‘Then… What kind of ability have I awakened?’

As he thought about it, a virtual panel appeared in front of Su Yang’s left eye. A readout then appeared on the virtual panel. [S-Ranked Ability Awakening: 1%]

Su Yang was confused.

‘What the f*ck?

‘Is this telling me that my ability hasn’t been awakening yet?

‘Then why was I unconscious for two days?

‘According to this percentage… It increased by 1% after 2 days, which makes it 0.5% per day, doesn’t it?

‘In that case, it’s going to take another 198 days to awaken!

‘That’s so slow!’

Just as Su Yang was complaining, a parameter appeared before him.

[Virtual interface: Through energy, an image can be projected into the air. With the dust in the air as a carrier, it can be projected and interacted with. The interaction method is actually a detection of trajectories instead of an actual interaction with the screen.]

Su Yang was confused when he saw this.

‘What’s this?’

At that thought, Su Yang turned to look at Chu Xia.

At that moment, Chu Xia’s clothes seemed as if they were invisible in front of him because he could clearly see Chu Xia’s skin, blood vessels, bones, and even muscles…

[Human woman: 172cm in height, 49kg in weight, Measurements 83, 60, 88. Essentially comprises 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen…]

Su Yang’s mouth slowly opened. ‘What the f*ck? Chu Xia’s increasing… Pui! That’s not the main point. The point is that I can actually see the structure, principle, and other relevant data?

‘What the heck is happening to me?’

At that moment, a notification popped up before Su Yang.

[A-Ranked Ability, “Space Traversing Eyes” has been awakened to the S-Ranked Ability “Eye of Origin”. The original ability is unchanged and the S-Ranked Ability will slowly take effect during its awakening.]

Su Yang was rendered speechless.

‘So, is this my new ability that’s taking effect?

‘[Eye of Origin]?

‘What’s this?

‘What does it have to do with the data that I saw?


Su Yang’s pupils constricted slightly at that thought. ‘Are these fascinating stuff just supplementaries instead of the actual ability itself?

‘Then, how awesome would the actual ability be when it awakens?!

‘This seems like it’s worth the wait!’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, Chu Xia woke up.

When she saw that Su Yang had woken up, she exclaimed in surprise, “Su Yang! You’re awake!”

Su Yang looked at her pretty face and smiled gently. “Yes.”

Su Yang then asked, “Have you… Been by my side for a long time?”

Chu Xia shook her head. “No. Actually, I only just arrived a few hours ago.”

At the same time, Su Yang heard Little Deeny’s voice. “Master, Miss Chu Xia is lying. She has been here for a day and a night. In fact, she was here for more than seven hours on the first day.”

Hence, Su Yang’s eyes flashed with tenderness.

However, he didn’t expose Chu Xia. Instead, he patted Chu Xia’s head and said, “I feel like eating some fruits. Can you help me wash some peaches please?”

Chu Xia nodded. “Okay!”

With that, she skipped downstairs.

After she left the room, Su Yang asked Little Deeny, “She’s been here the entire time? Does this mean she can spend the night outside now?”

Little Deeny was speechless and sounded like she was a little infuriated as she said, “Master! That’s not the point!

“Furthermore, you’ve just recovered from a serious illness! Please calm your mind and not let your imaginations run wild!”

Su Yang instantly looked embarrassed. “Ahem, I was just asking… That’s all. You shouldn’t get so worked up.”

Then, Su Yang changed the topic. “By the way, what’s the situation with Juduoduo? Since I’ve been unconscious for two days, has it affected Juduoduo’s negotiations anyhow?”

As Su Yang’s housekeeper, Little Deeny was very competent. “Master, don’t worry. After you fainted, I contacted Zhao Licheng that same night…”

Su Yang felt sorry for Zhao Licheng in his heart. ‘Poor Mr. Zhao. Even if I don’t contact you, you still end up being disturbed.’

Little Deeny said, “Zhao Licheng came to Hangzhou through the virtual space that night and went to see Huang Zheng on your behalf the next day. After he reached an agreement with Huang Zheng, Huang Zheng instantly stood Luo Wan up.”

Su Yang was stunned. “He stood Tencent up?”

Little Deeny smiled and said, “Not Tencent, but Luo Wan. The two of them headed off to meet the general manager of Tencent’s M&A department straight away and discussed face-to-face for a day before finalizing all the agreements.”

Su Yang was even more surprised. “Wouldn’t Tencent think that they’re overstepping?”

Little Deeny said, “Zhao Licheng has made an assessment. He knows the boss’s personality and character. Also, he knows that the boss loves talented people and doesn’t really care about the rules.

“Other than that, he also assessed Juduoduo’s positioning and future development. Then, he felt that this company is extremely important to Tencent. So they wouldn’t mind such a small detail.

“Apart from that, Huang Zheng also believes in Zhao Licheng. In fact, in order to tempt the other party, Huang Zheng risked everything to show them his company’s most confidential data. By doing so, he would first show his sincerity first of all. Aside from that, he would be able to show his value as well.

“On the other hand, the boss of Tencent’s M&A department was indeed moved by Huang Zheng and Zhao Licheng. So, not only did he agree to Juduoduo’s conditions, he also… Wants to invest in our company.”

Su Yang was speechless.

“Because of Zhao Licheng?”


Su Yang instantly understood what was happening.

‘To professional investors, investing in “people” is much more reliable than investing in projects. After all, whether a person could succeed or not is quite easy to predict.

‘But projects… Since there is so much expertise at play and so many different ways to develop and operate, even the best investors may not be able to understand everything that’s going on.

‘So, it’s only normal for Zhao Licheng to be chosen. After all, the old boss already had his eyes on Zhao Licheng when he was still alive…’

At that thought, Su Yang did not continue this topic. After all, it was his company, so he would not agree to let Tencent interfere with his company. Hence, there was no point for him to continue this topic.

Hence, Su Yang directly asked, “What’s the final outcome?”

Little Deeny said, “In the end, Juduoduo’s Series B valuation is set at 455.8 billion yuan. Huang Zheng released 16.89% of his shares this series and is trying to raise 770 million yuan.

“According to our agreement with Huang Zheng, other than the shares from Tencent’s Investment, everything else belongs to us.

“So, in the end, Tencent has invested 35,552,700 yuan and gained 7.8% of Juduoduo’s shares in return. Aside from that, although they didn’t obtain the veto power, they still have the corresponding voting rights.

“On the other hand, we’ve invested 41,432,000 yuan and obtained 9.09% of the shares in return. After four years, this money will be equivalent to 27.2 billion yuan!

“We’ve been through three seriess of investments, Angel Series, Series A, Series B, so we already hold 17% of Juduoduo’s shares.”

Listening to the rapidly increasing number, Su Yang felt that all his hard work was worth it.

Of course, based on Little Hus’s prediction, he knew Juduoduo’s development trajectory. Aside from that, he also knew that very soon, the golden period of Juduoduo’s investment would be over. After all, as Juduoduo’s development grew faster and faster, more and more capitalists would turn their attention to Juduoduo. Thus, this would further increase Juduoduo’s valuation. So, if Su Yang invested when that happened, the price-performance ratio would be less.

‘Currently, with my Series B and the next Series C at most, Juduoduo will still have a certain investment value. However, when Series D or the Pre-IPO arrives, it would be meaningless. At most, I would only earn a few hundred million yuan as pocket money.

‘So, I’m going to need to grasp the next series of financing and hold on tightly to Juduoduo’s shares. Then, I would only have to sit back and count my money in the future.

‘Over the next five years, this sum of money will become an asset worth hundreds of billions of yuan. When that happens, I’ll truly be able to live comfortably and develop my own businesses.’

It was not without reason that Su Yang had such a plan. He did have quite a bit of money on him, but it would literally be a joke if he thought that he would be able to use that money to cover the entire world with glass phones, oral fluids and even more modern items.

Whether it was buying raw materials, logistics, or marketing, Su Yang needed a huge sum of money.

After all, when everything went to mass production, a lot of matters would have to be formalized because there was no way Su Yang could maintain not how he was doing things at that moment where he was doing everything on his own. Instead, he had to have his own sales network. Therefore, he needed cash to develop it.

However, Su Yang could not bear to sell or mortgage the companies which he built up on his own.

After all, if Juduoduo was valued to be worth billions of yuan, then every company related to Su Yang’s little monsters and special items would be worth trillions or tens of trillions of yuan, making them a huge giant globally.

Hence, any bit of shares that got distributed or mortgaged out would end up causing Su Yang to lose tens of thousands of yuan in the future.

‘Well then… Since I can’t bear to sell my own children, I’ll have to sell someone else’s children instead.

‘Cough, cough.’

Su Yang was indeed such a black-hearted person.

After understanding Juduoduo’s situation, Su Yang was relieved.

At that moment, Chu Xia happily carried a plate in her hands as she entered the room.

On the plate, there were two peaches. But strangely, both peaches had been bitten.

When Chu Xia arrived before Su Yang, she picked up the peach on the left and passed it to him. “Here you go, the peach you wanted.”

Su Yang took the peach and asked Chu Xia curiously, “Why did you take a bite of the peaches? Are you a fan of fruits? Do you have to take a bite of everything?”

However, Chu Xia shook her head. “No. I’m just testing it out for any poison.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Why does it feel like she’s lying to a child! Does Chu Xia think that I’ve become a fool after I woke up from my blackout?’

At that thought, Su Yang rolled his eyes and took a bite of the peach, which was quite sweet.

Seeing Su Yang eat the peach, Chu Xia happily picked up her own peach and started eating as well.

The two of them were like two little hamsters as they gobbled down their fruit.

As they ate, the two of them looked at each other and couldn’t help but smile. They both felt that the days they were spending together at that moment were lovely.

Before long, Su Yang finished his peach and smacked his lips. ‘I still want more…’

Hence, he looked at Chu Xia, who had just eaten half of her peach. Then, an idea came to him as he pointed behind Chu Xia and said in surprise, “Chu Xia, hurry, look. What’s that?”

Chu Xia opened her mouth slightly and curiously looked in the direction that Su Yang was pointing.

And then… she felt her grip loosen and the peach was snatched away.

Chu Xia, who realized that she had been tricked by Su Yang again, turned around angrily. “Su Yang! You jerk!”

“Hehehe.” Su Yang laughed as he nibbled on Chu Xia’s peach.

The peach tasted a little bitter when it entered his mouth. ‘It’s not as tasty as mine.’

At that moment, Su Yang was stunned. He seemed to have understood something…

Then, he glanced at Chu Xia and suddenly felt that this girl was really… Lovely.

After finishing the peaches, Chu Xia said that she had something to do at home and left.

Su Yang knew that she had not returned home for the whole night, so he was afraid that her family would be worried about her and he did not probe further. In fact, he did not expose her either and sent her home.

After sending Chu Xia off, Su Yang returned to the virtual space and washed a peach to eat before continuing to experiment with his newly awakened S-Ranked Awakening Ability.

‘This S-Ranked Awakening Ability is indeed related to analysis. Any item that I see would automatically have the corresponding principles and composition structure labelled on it.’

For example, the microwave, which showed [Microwave Oven: This item can emit an electromagnetic wave. This electromagnetic wave can spin two billion times per second. Water and other polar molecules will be driven by the electromagnetic wave and also spin at this speed. High-frequency rotation and friction can cause the temperature to rise sharply in a short period of time.]

Another example, the refrigerator… [Refrigerator: This item is powered by an electric motor, which works on the cooling system through a compressor. The cooling system is made from the principle of heat absorption through evaporation and heat vaporization using cold-deposit methane at a low boiling point.]

Apart from those two, the chair also showed [Wooden chair: This item is made of ashwood. Ashwood is resistant to pressure, has high elasticity and is very strong. It is the ideal material for building chairs.]

In any case, in Su Yang’s eyes, everything in the world seemed to have been clearly cross-sectioned.

After Su Yang understood this new ability of his, he was also “recruited” by Spirit Building.

Based on what the old lady said, she had observed the Earth’s flashes many times recently, but there was nothing special about it. Now that Su Yang had gained this ability, she decided to bring him along for some research.

Actually, Su Yang wanted to reject her invitation…

But he couldn’t find a reason to reject her.

‘I’m not as shameless as Lin Jiali, so I can’t just say that I haven’t washed Chu Xia’s undergarments, can I?’

Therefore, after struggling for a long time, he had no choice but to accept it.

Hence, for the next two days, Su Yang stayed in Spirit Building’s room and studied the Earth’s flashes.

While he was researching, Su Yang would supervise Dagger Girl from time to time, who was producing the Lightning Batteries, chat with Chu Xia and… Hide from Spirit Building’s sexual harassment, who was always plotting against Su Yang. They would be chatting for a moment and Spirit Building would begin to make her move in the next.

In fact, as she felt her way around him, she even touched his thigh.

This made Su Yang feel like his status as her Master was being challenged! ‘If it isn’t for the fact that I can’t win her in a fight, I would’ve made my move long ago…’

But even so, Su Yang’s “resistance” could still be heard from Spirit Building’s room. “No! I still want to work hard, Auntie!”

Every time this happened, Spirit Building would say, “Why would you work so hard? Let me dote on you!”


“Spirit Building! Are you too immersed in the character already?”

After giving Spirit Building a slap on the head, the old woman calmed down and stopped role-playing dirty stuff. Instead, she got down to business. “Do you think this ability of yours is effective towards spiritual energy?”

Su Yang thought about it and said, “Old woman, I actually don’t mind you taking advantage of me, but can you return to your younger self when you do so?”

Spirit Building pondered for a moment and pursed her lips. “If this ability of yours is useful for spiritual energy, can we unravel the deeper secrets about spiritual energy?”

Su Yang replied, “I really can’t accept your old age. I feel like I’m being molested by an auntie. But, if you look like a young girl, I could still consider it.”

Spirit Building was speechless.

“Will you focus on the serious stuff?!

“Also, don’t you think you’re asking too much of me? Having me use up all my spiritual energy just to take advantage of you!”

Su Yang replied, “Oh, then let’s get down to business then. Do you feel that my new ability can see through the essence of spiritual energy?”

Spirit Building took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Then, she nodded slightly. “I think it’s possible, let’s give it a try.”

Right after she said that, Su Yang shouted, “D*mn! I can really see through spiritual energy!”

Spirit Building became agitated. “I haven’t even started yet! Hey!!”

However, Su Yang pointed behind her. “I’m not referring to you. It’s… Earth.”

Spirit Building looked in the direction of Su Yang’s finger and looked at the four surveillance monitors in front of her, which showed that the earth had begun to flash…

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