I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 745 - Gold Prize Voucher: Silver Ability Awakening Voucher

Chapter 745: Gold Prize Voucher: Silver Ability Awakening Voucher

The Advanced Silver Mission was none other than Su Yang’s mission to redeem himself in Honor of Kings

What triggered off that mission was because Su Yang was too weak when it came to his skills in Honor of King, where all four of his friends stopped trying to carry him.

On the other hand, Su Yang’s objective for this mission was simple as well. All he had to do was to carry his four friends up the ranks and have them finish the mission for him.

The reward for this mission was very generous, a Random Prize Voucher.

Hence, for this mission, Su Yang had added a point onto a special item… [A 50-50 Chance Against My Opponent], where as long as he read The Analect, he would be able to become the strongest for that match.

This also allowed him to successfully bring Qu Xuan back to his ranks, completing the first part of the mission.

Later on, Su Yang took the time to play a few rounds with Li Zijun and Wu Feng, whom he did not “owe” much to. Thus, all he had to do was demonstrate his abilities for a bit and he very easily completed his mission.

However, up till that time, he had yet to complete the mission for the last person, Lin Jiali.

The only reason he was unable to complete the mission was because… Lin Jiali was too busy.

She was considered a member of the main cast of “Wandering Planet”, so she had been filming for a long time. Since she did not have a high status, and she was not an investor, the schedules for her parts were rather scattered, so she needed to be on standby for a long time.

But now…

Su Yang looked at his watch. ‘It’s already midnight, so she shouldn’t be filming anymore, should she?’

At that thought, Su Yang sent a message to Lin Jiali. ‘Jiali, how’s filming going? Is there anything different about filming a movie?’

Lin Jiali only replied to Su Yang after two to three minutes. It was still her unique way of replying. First, she sent an emoticon that described “life is meaningless”. ‘૮ ◞ ﻌ ◟ ა’

Then she texted. ‘This is what I’m feeling right now.

‘It’s really different from filming a TV drama, it’s busy, tiring, and very, very strict.

‘In a TV drama, I’d be able to get a pass when the acting is just about right. However, filming a movie is completely different because it’s normal to film four or five times for just one scene.’

Then, Lin Jiali sent another “whisper” emoji as if she was going to snitch.

‘I highly suspect that Director Guo has a grudge against you. He’s not filming a movie, but wasting films.

Su Yang smiled. ‘The equipment is all digital now, there are no more films used.’

Lin Jiali replied with an ‘Oh’ as she exposed herself. ‘Sigh, the tattletale failed.’

Su Yang was amused by this silly female celebrity. He laughed a few times before getting down to business. ‘Would you like to play a few rounds?’

Lin Jiali replied with a “play dumb” emoticon.

‘What game? PUBG? Onmyoji: The Card Game? Fight the Landlord? Let me tell you, I’m very good at Protecting The Emperor!’

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Is this joker doing this on purpose?’

Su Yang replied. ‘Of course it’s Honor Of Kings.’

Lin Jiali. ‘??

‘Honor Of Kings? What game is that? I don’t know about this game. Goodbye, I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep. Bye.’

Lin Jiali even sent a “sleep” emoji which said “Turn off the lights for me, thank you. I’m going to sleep.”

Hence, Su Yang was so angry that his nose was crooked.

‘Stop pretending! I watched your game just now and realized that you were online an hour ago! Are you trying to avoid playing with me?!’

Lin Jiali was silent for a while before sending a voice message. ‘Hey, my fans, I really am not trying to not play with you. It’s mainly because Da Qiao’s clothes haven’t been washed and dried yet. I haven’t fed Agudo’s mount, Miyamoto’s knife hasn’t been sharpened, and Anchira’s book is being maintained. Also, I’m afraid of the bugs in the bushes, and the water in the King’s River is cold, so… There’s nothing I can do about it!”

Su Yang was speechless

‘To think you’re even able to say something like that! You scumbag!’

Lin Jiali immediately sent a “blacklist me” emoticon before leaving.

Su Yang was speechless.

‘This joker is so annoying!

‘She’s… Even more annoying than me!’

However, Su Yang had no choice but to surrender. In order to complete his mission, Su Yang could only use his evil capitalist advantage to threaten Lin Jiali with “ban”, “salary reduction”, “sideline”, and “airtime reduction”. Finally, he managed to get Lin Jiali to agree to play two games with Su Yang.

Previously, she had only played two games with Su Yang. When she saw that Su Yang was too lousy, she abandoned him. Therefore, he only needed to carry her to win two rounds to complete the mission, which was very easy.

He silently chanted “The Analect” and his ability took effect.

With [A 50-50 Chance Against My Opponent] buff, Su Yang killed his way through the King’s Canyon and won two games with Lin Jiali.

Hence, Lin Jiali was shocked. She called Su Yang on the spot when she saw Su Yang’s results.

“Du… Du… Du…”

Su Yang stared at Lin Jiali’s caller ID for more than 10 seconds before he picked up the phone proudly, thinking that Lin Jiali would definitely kneel before him!

In the end…

Lin Jiali said, “D*mn! Were you cheating? What cheat is it? Can you buy me one too?”

Su Yang was speechless and veins popped out on his forehead. “That’s my true standard!”

Lin Jiali said, “Forget it, as if I still don’t know you. Your standard is the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Su Yang was speechless and he decided not to chat with this silly female celebrity.

‘Also… I’m going to deduct her salary!’

At that thought, Su Yang hung up the phone without any hesitation and blacklisted Lin Jiali. Instantly, Su Yang felt that the world had turned quiet.

Then, he opened the system and looked at his mission.

After two rounds with Lin Jiali, Su Yang’s Advance Random Mission was finally completed.

Looking at the mission completion notification on the system interface, Su Yang clicked on it.

A notification appeared before him.

[Congratulations on completing the Advance Random Mission. You have received a Random Prize Voucher. Please draw it.]

Accompanied by this notification, a slot machine appeared before Su Yang.

However, the normal slot machine had three lines, but this one only had one line. Furthermore, it was not a pattern, but words. On it was written, [Random Prize Voucher].

With his previous experience, Su Yang clicked on the slot machine. Instantly, the words changed rapidly.

The picture spun for five seconds before it slowed down. The name of the last ticket stopped before Su Yang. [Silver Ability Awakening Voucher].

‘[Silver Ability Awakening Voucher]?

‘What is this?


‘Am I going to transform?

‘Transform during a full moon?

‘Sailor Moon?

‘Eh? Are they collaborating?’

Just as Su Yang was lost in his thoughts, the slot machine turned into dust and disappeared into thin air. The words then turned into gold dust and fell onto Su Yang’s hands.

Su Yang reached out and caught it. With a flash of light, the ashes gathered into a gold certificate in Su Yang’s hand.

The voucher had a metallic texture and was shining with gold light. There were four big words written on it, [Silver Ability Awakening Voucher].

Su Yang turned around to check the function of the voucher.

With a glance, he was shocked.

[Silver Ability Awakening Voucher: After using this, you can obtain the chance to awaken a single organ with an A-Ranked Silver Ability into an S-Ranked ability organ. However, you need to pay a certain amount of coins based on the ability, organ, and difficulty of the awakening.]

Su Yang looked at the certificate in front of him and was puzzled.

‘What did this mean?

‘It can change an ability from being an A-Ranked to S-Ranked, but it becomes a single organ?

‘What does this single organ mean?

‘Does the left and right hand each count as one organ?

‘Then, does the left and right eye each count as one organ as well?

‘Furthermore, there’s only one chance with this, and I would also need to spend some coins for it.

‘From the looks of it, I think that the value of this voucher should not be lower than a Silver Ability Slot Extension Voucher, right?

‘After all, no matter what, it’s in gold. So. it should be more expensive than a silver one, right?’

Su Yang hesitated. ‘Which ability… No, which body part should I use this on?’

Hence, he picked up the voucher, and a semi-transparent circle instantly appeared on his hands and eyes. This meant that Su Yang had three A-Ranked Silver Abilities, but four organs that could be awakened…

Looking at the options, Su Yang fell into a dilemma.

‘Which one should I choose?

‘What’s the difference between choosing the left eye and the right eye?

‘Which ability does the left and right hand represent then?’

Su Yang, who was at a loss, decided to look for Little Hus.

When he found Little Hus, the husky was already asleep. It was hugging a doll that was taller than Janet with all four of Its paws, and it was sleeping soundly.

When it slept, its mouth was still twitching. It was as if it had dreamt of something… Dirty.

Then, as Su Yang gently kicked its furry butt, Little Hus merely turned around and continued to sleep with the toy.

After that, Su Yang kicked it again and it turned around to continue sleeping.

Hence, Su Yang was speechless.

‘This b*stard… Isn’t it usually very energetic? Why is it sleeping so soundly today?’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang shouted into Little Hus’s ear, “Look! Janet has taken his clothes off and is running naked!”

“Where? Where?!” Little Hus jumped up and looked around with her big eyes. “Where? I don’t see anything!”

After saying that, it sensed that something was amiss, so it raised its head and looked at Su Yang. Instantly, a tired expression appeared on the dog’s face. “Oh, it’s you. Why are you looking for me so late at night?”

Su Yang said, “I need to make a choice now, but I don’t know which one to choose. Help me choose.”

Little Hus’s eyelids drooped and it looked sleepy. “Oh.”

Su Yang acted as if he did not see anything and said, “I’ll show you then.”

Then, Su Yang took the [Silver Ability Awakening Voucher] again and asked Little Hus, “Look, which one?”

The little husky then pointed at Su Yang’s left eye. “This.”

With that, its eyelids drooped completely. Then, it lifted its limbs and fell asleep like a dead dog.

Su Yang looked at Little Hus, who had four legs, and then “looked at” his left eye before he hesitated for a moment. “Is it really choosing this? Could it be possible that this b*stard didn’t wake up and just blindly pointed something out?”

Even though he had his doubts, Little Hus had always been a reliable little monster. Hence, Su Yang decided to listen to it.

With that thought in mind, Su Yang did not go anywhere else. He sat beside Little Hus and tore off the silver-white voucher in his hand.

As the voucher was torn off, Su Yang felt that the four options he could choose listed the required amount.

[Left Eye: 170,000 coins]

[Right Eye: 1,13,000 coins]

[Left Hand: 260,000 coins]

[Right Hand: 1,350,000 coins]

Su Yang was stunned when he saw the price!


‘Why is the right eye and right hand so expensive?

‘This doesn’t make sense!

‘They are all parts of me, so why should I favor one over the other?

‘I want equal rights! I cry for injustice for my left eye! Why does my right eye cost so many more coins than my left eye!

‘Is it because they aren’t my dominant hand and eye?!

‘Just because they do a lot more?

‘Even if my left eye doesn’t do much, it’s still an organ! It has to enjoy the same benefits as the right eye!

‘After all, they’re at a disadvantage!

‘As for the hard work and responsibility of my right eye and hand… What does that have to do with my left eye and hand?’

As Su Yang quietly practiced a set of fist techniques, he opened the system and looked at his own number of coins: 185,420 coins.

After more than two months of accumulation, Su Yang’s coins had reached the 100,000 mark.

Apart from that, he was only a few hundred thousand people influenced away from completing his mission.

Su Yang felt that perhaps when his phone was released, his Gold Mission would be completed!

‘When that happens, I should be able to add more points to the system and to the little monsters!’

With this fantasy in mind, Su Yang confirmed the number of coins he had. After satisfying the requirement for his left eye to awaken, Su Yang clicked on his left eye without hesitation.

Hence, the gold light shot into Su Yang’s left eye like a bolt of lightning.

All of a sudden, Su Yang felt his body shudder. The spiritual energy in his body started to boil and burn uncontrollably.

Then, countless spiritual energies started to gather in his left eye, and the ability that was originally in Su Yang’s eyes started to peel away from his right eye bit by bit, moving towards his left eye.

Thus, as if his retina was being cut off, Su Yang screamed in pain and fainted.

The moment he fainted, Su Yang suddenly had a question in his mind. ‘F*ck! Could it be possible that Little Hus’s sniffing potential was based on which one I could afford to pay for right now?

‘I remember that this is the only one I could afford! So, even if it sniffed the other three, I still can’t afford it!’

Su Yang, who felt that he had been tricked, could no longer maintain his consciousness and fainted.

After some time, Su Yang woke up from the darkness. He was laying on his bed in his pajamas, looking refreshed.

Then, he stretched lazily and sat up on the bed. Then he saw a cute girl lying on the bed.

She was a little thin and slender. Her facial features were exquisite, and her skin was milky white like she had just been soaked in milk. Also, she was very pretty.

Legend had it that girls like her were very suitable to appear on screen and were suitable to become celebrities.

However, she did not like being a celebrity. She only wanted to be a famous writer.

If he had to add a prefix to this author, she would be a famous female author.

This woman was none other than Chu Xia, an angel-like girl.

Su Yang was not surprised to see Chuxia by his bedside. All the little monsters knew about his relationship with her, so it was only normal for Chu Xia to visit him when she heard that he had fainted.

‘The only question is, has she been with me for a long time?

‘How long have I been unconscious?

‘Have I missed out on Juduoduo’s matters?

‘Has my S-Ranked ability awakened?’

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