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Chapter 731 - Finding Somewhere To Be Struck By Lightning

Chapter 731: Finding Somewhere To Be Struck By Lightning

‘The [Cellphone Development Factory]?’

Su Yang could not react in time.

Little Deeny said, “Our glass phone is considered to be a huge success right now. We have also collected a lot of data, but the production capacity has not been able to keep up.

“Other than using coins in exchange for the production of the glass phones, you can also use a pile of materials to have it produced as well.

“Also, because the location of Socot Island is relatively remote, it’s not very convenient to transport too much raw materials during the early stages.

“But from the looks of it, we can use the [Lightning Battery] instead.”

Su Yang thought about it and felt that Little Deeny’s words made sense. ‘The Ability 1 of [Lightning Battery] stated that it could be used on special items and special abilities to offset the corresponding energy and matter.

‘Then, wouldn’t I be able to use it on the [Cellphone Development Factory] to offset the chemical materials needed?’

At the thought of this, Su Yang felt that Little Deeny’s suggestion was too good! Hence, he could not help but hug Little Deeny. He spun two rounds and said happily, “Little Deeny! You’re so smart!”

After that, Su Yang grabbed Little Deeny and ran towards the [Cellphone Development Factory].

Behind Su Yang, Little Deeny’s expression changed from shock to a sweet smile.

When they arrived at the [Cellphone Development Factory], they got their identities verified.

When he arrived at the console, Su Yang placed the battery which he had used 2.01% on the console and chose [Materials Production].

As Su Yang made his choice, a notification popped up in front of him.

[Replacement material detected, able to produce 92 units in exchange. Are you sure you want to use this replacement material?]

Su Yang was shocked.

‘100 units of glass phones can be made in exchange for such a small battery?

‘If this is calculated according to coins, it would be worth 1,000 coins!


‘This thing is really good indeed!

‘It’s indeed a waste if it’s only being used to generate electricity or shoot people!’

At that thought, Su Yang clicked [Yes].

A moment later, a groove appeared on the console. The battery rolled into it and was embedded inside, emitting a bright green light, which Su Yang turned his head to avoid getting hurt.

When the green light dissipated, Su Yang looked at the indentation. The indentation was still on the console and the battery was still embedded in it. However, the battery seemed to have been activated and the green substance started to circulate like a vortex…

At the same time, all the mechanical arms in the factory started to operate silently. The [Cellphone Development Factory] seemed to have been electrified and it started to show signs of life.

A moment later, a brand new glass phone appeared before Su Yang. Hence, Su Yang knew that he had found a new way to manufacture the glass phones!

Even though there would not be enough glass phones during the short term, at least there was a way to stabilize production at that moment.

Then, Su Yang did some calculations. ‘One charge is used per hour and each charge is able to produce one unit. That means there will be 24 units per day and 720 units per month. This seems… rather small!

‘From the looks of it, it won’t be enough just by relying on the electricity generated by the kite naturally!’

With this thought in mind, Su Yang pondered for a moment and felt… ‘I will still have to be struck by lightning!

‘There are two ways to create a Lightning Battery, the first which is to have it produced naturally, the second would be to be struck by lightning. If the production is too slow, being struck by lightning would increase its rate significantly.

‘Perhaps I could accumulate 20 batteries and produce 2000 glass phones with just one lightning storm!’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang began to ponder… ‘Where exactly am I supposed to find lightning to strike me?

‘I never thought that I would have to do something like this someday.’

However, Su Yang had also thought it through. ‘There are only about 300 thousand people left before my Gold Mission is completed. It’s going to be too difficult to increase the number of people affected through other methods. As for the movie, there’s still close to 10 months before its release, so the best method right now would be to sell the glass phones.

‘As long as these glass phones aren’t too expensive, I’ll be able to influence at least one person with each unit. Plus, the number of people influenced could also get me some coins, which would speed up the production rate of the glass phones in the end.

‘This will be a process cycle.

‘However, there is a difference of about 9 coins at the moment, so this difference would have to be supplemented by the [Lightning Battery]!’

Hence, for the sake of his own sustainable development and for the sake of the Gold Mission, Su Yang started to search for lightning strikes.

In fact, he did not even return to the castle, but had Little Deeny start searching for thunderstorms around the world. Thanks to the weather forecast in most countries, Little Deeny could easily gather a lot of information.

The result was beyond Su Yang’s expectations. There were a lot of thunderbolts around the world that day. Little Deeny did not check all of them and there were already tens of thousands of cities applicable.

Hence, Su Yang was dumbfounded. ‘There are so many thunderbolts around the world? Where should I go then?

‘Pick a place at random?

‘Forget about the fact whether I could make it there today, even if I could, I can’t just fly around the world every day, can I?

‘Especially when it’s to take a plane to a thunderstorm city, it seems very dangerous…’

At that point, Su Yang felt that his train of thought was wrong, so he changed his into another way of thinking about the matter. “Little Deeny, can you check the area with the most thunderstorms?”

Su Yang’s thought process was very simple. Since he could not fly everywhere everyday, he should fix two or three spots and take turns. As long as he managed to get thunderbolts all year around, Su Yang’s plan would be seamless.’

In fact, Su Yang’s train of thought was right. Within a few milliseconds, Little Deeny said to Su Yang, “Master, on the Java Island in Indonesia, there is a city called “Bogor”. It’s known to be the capital for lightning in the entire world.”

“Capital for lightning?” Su Yang asked. “There should be a lot of thunder there then, shouldn’t there?”

Little Deeny grinned and held up three fingers. “300 days. Throughout the 365 days within a year, it has about 300 days of thunder there.”

Su Yang’s mouth was wide open like an egg. “Damn! Are there… Are there that many immoral people over there?”

Little Deeny smiled and said, “Maybe they’re all divine cultivators.”

Su Yang nodded. “Not just divine cultivators. They’re probably all in their tribulation stage.”

Su Yang made his decision. “That will be the place then! Get Janet to go over there with his phone!”

Little Deeny nodded. “Yes, Master.”

Then she added, “There are also other places to choose from. There’s Hainan and Xishuangbanna, which are in our country and have a lot of thunderstorms, about 120 days a year. Mengla and Haikou can be used as backup too.”

Su Yang replied, “Sure. Then…

“Ask Janet to bring a few more glass phones and go to all those places.”

Little Deeny was speechless.

When Su Yang saw Little Deeny’s speechless expression, he coughed and explained, “There aren’t many whom we can send out at the moment. Everyone’s busy, so only Janet is able to be mobilized.”

Little Deeny asked, “What about the Clown Sea Serpent?”

Su Yang replied, “I plan to let him stay in Hawaii for a long time. There’s the King Latin and the governor in Hawaii, so the Clown Sea Serpent is going to protect and infiltrate the country. We will definitely open up the country’s doors to the world. Therefore, we need to make some preparations in advance.”

At this point, Su Yang’s gaze was deep and there was a rare serious expression on his face. “I have a feeling that if this mission continues, sooner or later, it will be connected to the whole world.

“So, I have no choice but to ask Janet to work harder.”

Little Deeny sniggered. “I won’t talk about anyone else, but Little Hus is definitely going to explode. Its wife just returned and you’re sending him out again.”

Su Yang looked righteous. “It’s for my career, so sacrifices must be made. It will understand.”

Seeing that Little Deeny was trying to undermine him, Su Yang added, “If it doesn’t understand, I will make it understand.”

Hence, Little Deeny chuckled again.

Su Yang then looked at Little Deeny and had a feeling that Little Deeny was trying to trick him… ‘Could it be that she has a grudge against Little Hus and is trying to provoke it?’

Su Yang looked at Little Deeny suspiciously, but he did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Hence, he tossed that thought to the back of his mind.

After that, he left the battery in the [Cellphone Development Factory] to manufacture the glass phones before Su Yang and Little Deeny returned to the castle.

Then, he called Janet over and gave her four glass phones. Then, Su Yang gave him a mission, he was to follow the schedule that Little Deeny had prepared and run to those places. Then, find a bush in the wilderness and place a glass phone there.

In the future, whenever there was thunder, Su Yang would be able to teleport to that location, fly a kite and be struck by lightning!

Janet, the shark monster, had no objections to Su Yang’s arrangement. After kneeling down on one knee, he left.

That night.

At the brightly lit Shanghai International Airport, life was bustling. Airplanes were taking off and landing, bringing with them waves of rumbling.

On the large and empty tarmac, a crystal clear liquid lurked on the ground. It observed the surroundings as if it had a life of its own before moving silently along the shadows.

After a while, it arrived at a spot where the plane was being inspected. Then, it raised its front end and “took a look”. “B1478, this is it.”

After that, the liquid moved forward silently until it reached the wheels of the plane.

When it reached the wheel, it climbed up like a caterpillar and followed the plane to the luggage compartment.

The luggage compartment was already open, and two airport staff were checking the luggage. Hence, the liquid sneaked in when the staff was not paying attention.

However, the staff seemed to have noticed something, so he put down the luggage in his hand, turned around and let out a soft “Eh”.

Another staff member looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The first worker hesitated before saying, “I think I saw something earlier.”

As he said that, he took a few steps toward the spot where the liquid had flashed earlier. He studied it and did not notice anything strange.

Another staff member said nonchalantly, “It’s probably a moth.”

The first staff member hesitated before nodding. “Probably.”

With that, the two resumed their work.

After a while, the luggage was counted and the luggage compartment closed.

In a dark corner of the luggage compartment, the liquid slowly expanded and turned into a Western woman.

“She” was very pretty. “Her” face was fair and exquisite, and “her” facial features were well-defined.

“She” hid in the dark corner. Then “she” reached into “her” pocket and took out a glass phone. After turning it on, the light from the phone illuminated the darkness inside the cabin. It also illuminated “her” expressionless face.

Then, “She” opened “her” WeChat and sent a message to a husky profile picture. “I’m on the plane.”

The husky replied instantly, “Okay, honey. Be careful.”

The “woman” replied, ‘Don’t anger Master when you’re at home.’

The husky replied. ‘Okay. ▼・ᴥ・▼’

After sending the message, the “woman” did not reply with anything and just turned off the phone.

Thus, darkness enveloped “her” once more. “Her” empty eyes stared into the dark interior of the cabin, with no one knowing what “she” was thinking…

The day after Janet left, Mr. Jia gave Su Yang a call and told him about Cao Qiguang. Although it had been a long time since Cao Qiguang hired the murderer, the murderer had turned himself in on his own accord. Coupled with the crucial evidence that the murderer had kept, it was practically an ironclad case.

There was no so-called criminal prosecution period in China, so Cao Qiguang’s instigation and intentional murder case was considered to be a sure case.

On the other hand, Mr. Jia was also actively working to quickly close the case.

Su Yang was very satisfied with Mr. Jia’s work. In addition, Mr. Jia had always done things for Su Yang properly and reasonably. Su Yang had tested Mr. Jia several times and Mr. Jia had ended up passing all those tests. Hence, Su Yang gradually treated Mr. Jia as one of his own.

So, Su Yang said directly, “Old Jia, since you’ve helped me, I’m not the kind of person who won’t give you benefits. Tell me if you have anything you want.”

Mr. Jia considered for a few seconds before saying with a smile, “Young Master Su, I actually have a small request.”

Su Yang asked, “What is it?”

Mr. Jia said, “I have a niece who has always admired you. I hope she can work with you.”

“You niece?”

Mr. Jia said, “Yes, you should have met her before. She’s the assistant who has been following me all this time.”

Su Yang recalled for a moment. ‘I do seem to have some impression of her.’

Even though Su Yang felt that Mr. Jia was giving his daughter away, he still said, “Sure, no problem. I’ll arrange a position for her in the company. You know my email. Send me a copy of her resume when you have the time.”

Mr. Jia’s tone did not change. It was as if he had expected Su Yang to agree. “Thank you, Mr. Su.”

After that, Su Yang hung up the phone and shook his head. ‘Mr. Jia seems to be an interesting person…

‘Even though he has helped out a few times, he didn’t ask for his own fees, which shows that he doesn’t care about measly profits. Instead, he wants to continue investing and tying himself to me.’

During the few collaborations they had, Su Yang discovered that Mr. Jia was very reliable and had a strong relationship with the Shanghai legal system. Hence, Su Yang judged that Mr. Jia was at least a three-star talent, so Su Yang was willing to accept him.

Putting Mr. Jia’s matter aside, Su Yang went downstairs to prepare some food.

However, when he reached the kitchen, the Clown Sea Serpent appeared silently beside him.

Su Yang glanced at him. “What’s wrong?”

The Clown Sea Serpent giggled and bowed to Su Yang, saying, “Master, Latin King is in some trouble.”

Su Yang asked casually, “What kind of trouble?”

The Clown Sea Serpent said softly, “They’ve suffered heavy losses during their battle in Central Asia.”

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