I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 730 - Special Item: Lightning Battery

Chapter 730: Special Item: Lightning Battery

Su Yang stood in front of the building and looked at the office building before him.

Even though he wanted to give it +3 and +4, but…+1 and +2 had been relatively quiet, so it was not easy to attract attention. Even if someone noticed the faint light, they could use the excuse that it was the lights of the building. However ,+3 ,+4 caused a huge commotion. The countdown that lasted an hour to ten hours might be seen by others.

Hence, Su Yang thought about it and got Little Deeny to contact Janet to get him to cover up for him. Anyway, Cao Qiguang was already in the office, waiting for his trial, so Janet did not have to follow him anymore.

After Janet received the message, he quickly replied that he was on his way.

Then, Su Yang returned to his flower bed and waited in boredom.

Perhaps it was because it was too late, there were no passersby. The only couple that passed by were a pair of lovebirds who were pointing at Su Yang. Through the sound of the wind, Su Yang vaguely heard the words “single dog”, “nowhere to go” and “pitiful”.

He was so angry that he wanted to summon Chu Xia to his side!

‘Who’s the single dog!

‘Even if I’m single… I’m not a dog, I’m a cat! Who would want to be a little husky!’

After waiting for another half an hour, a taxi stopped by the side of the road. The door opened and Janet got out.

He took out his phone from his pocket and scanned the driver’s QR code. After he paid the bill and asked for the receipt, he closed the door and let the driver leave.

After that, he walked over to Su Yang with the receipt in his hand as he waved it expressively. Then, he passed the receipt to Su Yang. “Master, reimbursement.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘These monsters are getting more and more used to society! They have even learned how to claim for their work expenses!

‘However, for such a pure and kind… Man like Janet to have learned such a “bad” method… I think it’s definitely Little Hus who’s done this. I’m not going to let it off the hook…’

After the taxi left, Su Yang brought Janet to the side of the building and asked Janet to dig a hole through the tap water pipe. Then.. Su Yang asked him to use his ability, [I Am The Dragon King], which allows Janet to draw water and change the weather.

As the water flowed into Janet’s body, the surrounding water vapor became heavier and heavier. Slowly… A thick fog enveloped a radius of 10 kilometers.

After Janet finished using his ability, Su Yang summoned the old lady and patted her head before asking for her to swap her personality and turn her back into the female knight in the black armor whom Su Yang had not seen in a long time.

Similarly, Su Yang had Last Building use her [Dimensional Black Mist] ability to cover the entire building and try not to attract anyone’s attention.

After making all the preparations, Su Yang went to the entrance of the building and turned on the system, where the translucent [+] symbol appeared again.

Su Yang first pasted two Guardian Talismans on the building before clicking on the [+] symbol.

[Are you sure you want to add a third point? The failure rate of adding a third point will greatly increase. If you fail, the item will be completely damaged.]

Su Yang ran away and clicked [Yes]!

As he clicked on it, the entire building suddenly erupted with a violent orange light. After that, there was a loud bang, followed by the building shattered and the entire building shook as if it was about to break.

From afar, Su Yang looked at the scene before him in shock. He suspected that he was not adding points but causing an explosion.

Just as he thought the building was going to explode, everything suddenly came to a halt. The building was covered in a dense web of light. The web formed a cocoon, and there was a countdown on it that stated [59:59].

Finally, he had successfully added the point and was relieved. Fortunately, he had used two abilities to conceal and protect himself. Otherwise, the loud noise and light would definitely attract the attention of people with ulterior motives.

Then, as time ticked by, an hour passed.

As the countdown ended, many cracks appeared on the surface of the light cocoon and it exploded.

Following the explosion, a bright orange light spilled out!

Su Yang lowered his head and was playing TikTok at the time, so he avoided it perfectly.

When the light ended, Su Yang raised his head in confusion. ‘It’s done? An hour has passed already? F*ck me. TikTok really is really a black hole of time! So much time has passed unknowingly!’

At that thought, he put down the phone and stood up to look at the building.

The glass that had been originally shattered due to him adding the point had returned to normal. The walls that had cracked due to the enlargement and shrinkage were still intact. It was as if nothing had happened.

‘Is it possible that… I’ve failed to add the point?

‘Or… Could it have received a [Recovery] function?

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, the interface of the building appeared before his eyes.

[Office Building+3: The building material has changed drastically, please find out for yourself.]

‘Drastic change in material? Automatically Find out for myself?’

With these two questions in mind, Su Yang had Janet and Last Building deactivate their special abilities before following him into the office building.

When he reached the entrance of the office building, Su Yang realized that it looked like the door of the [Cellphone Development Factory] which was in the virtual space.

The translucent glass door and the electronic eye looked very high-class.

When Su Yang arrived at the door, a robotic female voice said, “Please verify your identification before proceeding. Any unverified entry will be considered as an illegal intrusion.”

At the same time, a laser shot out and scanned Su Yang’s body. A moment later, the cold mechanical voice sounded again.

[Name: Su Yang. Identity: Master. Authority approved, please enter.]

After that, the glass door opened and Su Yang walked in.

However, the front door immediately closed behind him, leaving Janet and Last Building locked outside.

Su Yang was in no hurry to let them in. Instead, he sized up the entire building, whose interior had changed. When he first entered, the building was covered with beautiful tiles, the walls were snow-white, but now… Whether it was the walls or the floor, the color had not changed, but the texture felt like… Metal.

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, the ground in front of him started to transform like liquid. After that, it stood up like a fountain and turned into a modern operating table before Su Yang.

Su Yang was shocked. ‘What the… The system just said that the material has changed. Is it possible that the entire building has become liquid metal?


‘How many Flowing Gold Beasts would need to lay eggs before this could be born?!’

As Su Yang lamented, he looked at the panel and realized that it was a series of parameters for the entire building.

This building was actually made of liquid metal. Not only could it set up the stairs and walls, but it could even set up rooms and floors…

In other words, as long as Su Yang was willing, he could make the building 24 stories high. However, there was nothing inside. There was not even a… Chimney on the ceiling.

After understanding the changes in the building, there was only one word in Su Yang’s heart… ‘Amazing.

‘These points have been worth it! Other than being unable to move, it’s practically a large fortress! It can change into anything I want. In fact, even my castle pales in comparison to this.

‘If not for the fact that I can’t move this, I really wished I could move this back and become my new castle!’

Other than controlling the structure of the building, there were other functions on the control panel, such as the administrative system of the building, the electronic system that took over the building and the authority allocated to each person.

Su Yang ended up passing all these to Little Deeny. ‘Isn’t she a designer? Let her play with this then. I’ll let her play with this building as much as she likes!’

After that, Su Yang was tired after all the work, so he used his superpowers to return to the villa. After washing up, he laid on the bed and started reading.

And so, the night passed by uneventfully. The next day, Su Yang woke up and received a WeChat message from Shasha’s mother. She said that it would be time for the TV station’s award ceremony tomorrow. The last time Su Yang said that he would arrange for the director of the short film for this charity to attend the award ceremony on his behalf, but did not give her any contact details in the end.

Hence, Su Yang patted his head. ‘It seems like I really am forgetting about matters here and there, what the heck am I doing all day?’ At that thought, he quickly gave Bubbles’s contact number to Shasha’s mother so that she could arrange with Bubbles about the award ceremony.

On the other hand, he went to his study to see how [The Electrocuting Kite] was doing because 14 hours had passed since 10 pm the night before. ‘According to the system’s introduction, the first [Lightning Battery] should have been born.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang went to the study room and looked at the kite on the table. The kite’s battery indicator had returned to 1%, so it would seem like it had completed production of its first battery.

Hence, Su Yang put on the rubber gloves and picked up the kite, only to find that there was actually a battery underneath it.

The [Lightning Battery] was about the size of a normal battery, seemingly small and delicate. However, unlike normal batteries, it looked like a piece of translucent light green glass which was also glowing.

Su Yang did not dare to touch it directly. Instead, he opened the system and checked the battery’s abilities.

[Lightning Battery]

Ability 1: The lightning battery follows the law of conservation of mass energy. It can replace energy or materials used in special items or special abilities.

Ability 2: With a Lightning Battery in hand, you can control lightning and release electricity within a radius of one kilometer, the power is adjustable.

Note: The one who can control lightning is not necessarily the Thunder God. It could also be his winged… Son.

Looking at the panel of the lightning battery, Su Yang blinked his eyes and shouted, “F*ck!”

What was Su Yang’s dream?

If it was before he obtained the system, it would be to earn money, so much money that he would no longer have to be poor.

However, after obtaining the system and fulfilling his materialistic requirements, Su Yang’s dream changed. At that point, he hoped to obtain a truly awesome ability! An ability that was as cool as what was shown in the movies!

To put it bluntly, Su Yang just felt that his current bunch of abilities did not have any special effects or feel, so he could not feel that he was a cool person.

However, now… His wish has come true!

[With a lightning battery, you can control lightning.]

Looking at this introduction, Su Yang felt that it was really awesome!

‘From now on, I can also be a person with super high classed superpowers!’

Hence, Su Yang picked up the battery and ran out of the castle!

After obtaining superpowers, the first thing he did was… Take care of Fei Fei!

As Little Deeny’s pet, the fat rabbit had thick skin and flesh. Because of this, it bullied Su Yang everyday just because it was not Su Yang’s little monster. Therefore,Su Yang could neither defeat it nor scold it and was about to die from anger because of it!

Since it was part of his family, Su Yang could not use extreme methods to deal with it. Hence, he had always hated it to the core!

Now… He could finally take revenge!

With this “hatred” over the past year, Su Yang rushed to the courtyard.

Due to the fact that the temperature in the virtual space was the same as that of Hawaii, the weather had already gotten warmer. Therefore, Fei Fei was soaking in the pool like a rabbit since it was too big to enter the bathroom.

When he reached Fei Fei’s side, Fei Fei looked up at Su Yang and closed his eyes without a care. Then, he laid back in the pool and took a leisurely bath.

Looking at its attitude towards him, Su Yang gritted his teeth in anger. Then, he held the [Lightning Battery] in his hand and with a thought, a bolt of lightning shot out from his fingertips and landed in the pool.

The lightning flashed for a second and disappeared without a trace. However, Fei Fei did not move either.

‘Huh… Was the power too weak?

‘I only released 1% of the battery just now.’

When he saw that the battery was too small, Su Yang hesitated for a moment before releasing 2% of electricity.

This time, the current was much stronger. With a click, a current as thick as a bucket landed in the pool with a “Crackle”.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” The entire pool seemed to be dancing with electricity. Under the refraction of the sparkling water, blue lights danced.

“Roar!” Fei Fei also let out a blood-curdling scream as its fur turned black. Then, the entire rabbit jumped up and brought along a pool of water with it with a “Splash”!

Arriving at the shore, the fat rabbit stood up straight like a bear. Its eyes were bloodshot as it scanned the surroundings. When its gaze landed on Su Yang, it roared and charged towards him!

“What the f*ck?! You’re still standing?!” Su Yang screamed and could only run!

Thus, a man and a rabbit chase began in the villa.


“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

One minute later, Little Deeny realized what was going on and appeared beside the two of them in shock. It was only after Little Deeny tried to persuade Fei Fei and appease it that Su Yang managed to escape.

After appeasing the Fei Fei, Little Deeny appeared beside Su Yang in a flash.

Su Yang collapsed on the sofa, panting heavily.

When he saw Little Deeny appear beside him, he looked at Little Deeny with an embarrassed smile and explained, “I really didn’t do it on purpose. I just wanted to test the power of this item.”

Little Deeny gave Su Yang a dirty look. “Master, it’s fine if you’re lying to others, but you’re actually lying to me!

“How could I not know that you have been harboring evil intentions towards Fei Fei?”

Su Yang was confused.

Su Yang quickly explained, “It’s not that I have bad intentions towards it, it’s actually the opposite. That’s why I had to educate it.”

Little Deeny raised her eyebrows at Su Yang, which rendered him speechless.

‘Sh*t, she’s caught onto me.

As Su Yang’s caring daughter, Little Deeny knew that Su Yang cared about his face. Hence, after reminding Su Yang not to overdo it, she did not continue this topic. Instead, she started to talk about the [Lightning Battery]. “Master, if this Lightning Battery is as magical as you say, why didn’t you put it in the [Cellphone Development Factory]?”

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