I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 715 - Special Item: Soul Confining Ring

Chapter 715: Special Item: Soul Confining Ring

There were a total of 12 cells in the God Confining Dungeon. At the time, Dagger Lady and Gru were living in two of them. Therefore, there were 10 other dungeon cells for Su Yang to experiment with.

Hence, Su Yang walked into the dungeon passage, where Dagger Girl and Gru were not at home and had gone out to play. Su Yang walked around the two dungeon cells and came to the back. Looking at the ten dungeon cells in front of him, he turned on the system.

As the system opened, a semi-transparent [+] symbol appeared at the top of the 10 dungeons. Su Yang had a few Random Points on hand that could be used to add points immediately. Therefore, he walked to the deepest part and clicked on the [+] symbol on the left dungeon.

With his click, the scenario that he had imagined did not happen. Instead, what appeared before him was a notification.

[Max points achieved. Unable to add points.]

‘Max points achieved? I can’t add any more points’

Actually, it was not Su Yang’s first time seeing this term. However, most of the little monsters and items that had reached their max points were all +4. Hence, Su Yang could not continue adding points for them, which he did not mind.

Therefore, it was Su Yang’s first time encountering such a situation, where the dungeon had already reached its max points despite being +3.

Su Yang pondered.

‘I should be able to break through the max point limit. After all, if it could not be broken through, there’s no need to continue showing the [+] symbol. However, I have no idea how I can break through the upper limit.

Since Su Yang’s plan to add some points to the dungeon so that it could grow two legs and run all over the place had failed, he had no choice but to move along with his Plan B, which was to attempt to [Fuse] the dungeon.

As Su Yang thought about this, he turned on the [Fusion] system.

After opening the [Fusion] system, a [ ]+[ ] = [ ] interface appeared before him.

Su Yang was stunned when he saw the interface. He suddenly realized that… ‘The interface seems to be asking me to place a special item on it!

‘But… The dungeon is a building that’s fixed to the ground. How am I supposed to move it up there?’

Hence, Su Yang tried other methods, such as “selecting the dungeon”, “placing his hand on the dungeon” and “sitting in the dungeon itself”. However… None of them worked.

Thus, Su Yang was in despair. He felt that this dungeon was like a stone in a latrine, which was smelly, hard and there was nothing he could do.

‘Are you telling me that I can only have me and Gru’s unlucky talents accompanying us for all our lives?’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, his eyes lit up. ‘Hold on? Since I can’t [Fuse] with the dungeon, can I [Decompose] it then?’

At that thought, Su Yang felt that he could give it a try. Hence, he opened the system again and clicked on [Decomposition].

As he clicked on the [Decomposition] system, a notification appeared before him.

[Please choose a special item that requires decomposition.]

The notification then disappeared and every cell in front of Su Yang lit up with red frames, as if reminding Su Yang that he could choose them.

‘I remembered correctly. [Fusion] requires the item to be placed on top, but I only need to select the item I want for [Decomposition].’

At that thought, Su Yang considered it for a moment and chose the innermost dungeon.

After Su Yang chose it, another notification popped up in front of him.

[Please choose the decomposition method.]

[1. Refund Random Points]

[2. Separate Abilities]

Su Yang selected the second option, which was followed by a third notification from the system.

[Detected that the chosen special item has three special talents. Please choose the talent for decomposition]

[1. Mohs Hardness Level 10]

[2. Confine Abilities Below B-Ranked]

[3. Confine Talents Below B-Ranked]

Su Yang was stunned. ‘I thought that this dungeon cell would only have two talents at most. I didn’t expect for there to be three!

‘On top of that, all three talents are very useful.

‘Mohs Hardness Level 10, hmm… I guess there’s no man who wouldn’t wish that they were hard!

‘I would hope that my body can be comparable to a diamond. By then, no weapon will be able to hurt me!

‘Furthermore, with this degree of hardness, even if I don’t use it for my own, I could give it to other special items.

‘Maybe, tofu that’s harder than diamonds?

‘Plasticine that’s harder than diamonds?

‘Eggs that’s harder than diamonds?

‘Forget about what their functions would be! They’re special!

‘Other than the first talent, the other two talents are also very useful. The second talent could be used on disobedient little monsters to punish them. On the other hand, the third talent would be my goal this time, to deem mine and Gru’s talent ineffective!’

At that thought, Su Yang thought that he might as well select all three talents.

After looking at all three options being selected, Su Yang received a new notification.

[Please choose whether to decompose it into an Ability Core, or decompose it into two special items.]

‘Decompose into two special items my *ss! Wouldn’t it still be a dungeon cell after I decompose it?!’

Hence, Su Yang chose the first option without hesitation.

Next, he confirmed his choice, had his coins deducted and everything was done in one go.

A moment later, Su Yang felt a glimmer of light and three Ability Cores appearing in his hands. Or rather, Talent Cores.

After the Talent Cores were produced, Su Yang looked at the dungeon that he had decomposed and realized that it was no different from before.

While Su Yang was lost in thought as he looked at the dungeon. Suddenly, a bold idea popped up in his head…

A moment later, he turned on the system again. As expected, a semi-transparent [+] symbol appeared on the dungeon where all of its Ability Cores had been removed.

Then, Su Yang clicked on the [+] symbol in the dungeon.

With a flash of light, the point was added successfully and Su Yang received a notification.

[Dungeon +1: A place where prisoners are imprisoned, has weak protection. If you want to imprison little monsters or special items, please upgrade as much as possible.]

Su Yang’s face lit up as he felt that this might have verified his thoughts.

With that thought in mind, he took out a Guardian Talisman and pasted it on the door rail of the dungeon. Then, he clicked on the [+] symbol again.

Soon, the introduction for [Dungeon +2] appeared again.

[Dungeon +2: Able to imprison weak little monsters and special items, plus prevent them from escaping.]

‘As expected!’

Su Yang confidently pasted two more Guardian Talismans and added more points.

This time, the time for the point to be added was much longer, which took a full hour.

Su Yang did not stay where he was. Instead, he went out of the dungeon and gave Janet a call, telling him that he could return with Little Hus. However, before he returned, Su Yang asked him to buy three rings from a jewelry store.

After that, Su Yang picked up his book and started reading.

Very quickly, an hour passed and Su Yang returned to the dungeon to look at the dungeon that was once again +3!

Su Yang did not expect that the dungeon would become the [God Confining Prison] again! It had once again gained the ability to restrict abilities and talents below B-Ranked!

Hence, Su Yang was relieved because he knew that his guess was right.

‘These 72 dungeon cells are no different from the Quickgold Monsters and Snow Monsters that I’ve encountered before. They are all little monsters or items with a “standard” attribute. With this attribute, the abilities they would gain whenever they received a point would be consistent, unlike other special items that could give birth to strange abilities.

‘In that case, I’ll be able to “harvest” their products endlessly. For example, the snow monster’s hair, the Quickgold Monsters’ metal balls and the imprisonment effects of this dungeon!’

On top of that, this revelation also helped Su Yang, who had a certain degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder, to a certain extent since Su Yang would definitely be frustrated to no end if two of the 72 dungeons were ineffective…

As he complained, Su Yang used the [Decomposition] function again to retrieve the three Ability Cores from the dungeon. Then, he added points to the dungeon once again to have it return +3 before repeating the process again.

At this point, Su Yang had received three Ability Cores for hardness, three Ability Cores for confining abilities and three Ability Cores to confine Talent.

However, the price he had to pay was not small either… Nine Random Points, 9,000 coins, and nine Guardian Talismans.

The reason why he extracted it three times was because Su Yang suddenly remembered that besides him and Gru needing the Ability Core to confine Talent, Dagger Girl needed it as well.

This was because Dagger Girl could open her eyes after she became +4, but because of her [World Destroyer Dagger Lady] ability, she could obliterate everything once she opened her eyes.

Therefore, if Su Yang could seal this talent, she would be able to open her eyes from then on!

Even though he had spent a lot of coins that day, he felt that it was worth it since he could solve the problems that he had with Gru and Dagger Girl.

After Su Yang finished adding the points, Janet and the rest returned to the villa, where Su Yang took the ring from Janet.

The so-called ring was a ring without any patterns or ornaments on it. It could even be called a circular band.

Then, Su Yang took out the three Ability Cores for “confining B-Ranked Talent” that he had just obtained and activated the [Fusion] system.

After that, Su Yang first placed the Ability Core on it before placing the ring and clicked [Fusion].

A moment later, a notification popped up in front of him.

[Fusion complete. Gold Ring +1]

Following the notification, the golden ring appeared out of thin air and fell to the ground. Su Yang quickly caught the ring and checked its description.

[Soul Confining Ring]

Talent: After wearing this ring, it can confine talents below B-Ranked (including B-Ranked). All talents below B-Ranked (including B-Ranked) will temporarily lose their effect.

It was an extremely simple explanation with no other instructions.

However, Su Yang felt that it was enough!

However, he did not use the first ring himself. Instead, he gave it to the Little Monster Bean to pass it to Gru.

After a while, the cute head of a tiny treant popped out from the castle gate. “Gru gru?”

It widened its eyes and looked at Su Yang pitifully.

Su Yang looked at it. ‘It’s not wearing the Soul Confining Ring on its hand, but on its neck.

‘Perhaps because of its small size, the ring that is as thick as my index finger looks like a necklace on its neck. It actually looks really pretty.’

Then, Su Yang squatted down and waved at it with a smile on his face, whose huge eyes were leaning on the door before it started to move. After a while, Gru ran over while crying and threw itself into Su Yang’s arms!

As expected, with the Soul Confining Ring, its talent was sealed. Su Yang did not feel that he was being slowed down. ‘Gru has finally returned to normal!’

At that moment, Gru was lying on Su Yang’s body. It was crying as if it was complaining about its grievances.

Even though Su Yang could not understand Gru’s language, he could understand Gru’s pain. ‘Although everyone still likes it, ever since it had the talent of slowing down others, no one could get close to it, which made it feel very lonely.

‘Even if they occasionally come to the dungeon to play with it, even if there was a hole in the dungeon that was wide and bright, it’s still a dungeon and no one likes to live here.

‘Gru did not show its sadness before because it did not want everyone to worry about it. Now, it can finally return to its big family!’

After appeasing Gru, Su Yang fused another Soul Confining Ring and called Dagger Girl over to give the ring to her.

Dagger Girl was rather small, so she eventually used the Soul Confining Ring as a bracelet. Fortunately, these rings were all open-ended and could be extended. Otherwise, there was really no way for the two little monsters to fit it on them.

Hence, Dagger Girl, who was wearing the Soul Confining Ring, could finally open her eyes freely.

This was also the first time Su Yang saw her eyes. When he first saw her eyes, they were so bright that he could not see her eyes clearly.

Now that he looked into Dagger Girl’s eyes, Su Yang realized that they were very beautiful. They were big and shiny, like black pearls from the bottom of the seam giving off a faint glow, like an abyss that could make people sink into it.

‘Hmm… Actually, her eyes really don’t quite match her style.

‘If I don’t look at Dagger Girl’s cute little face and her innocent smile, just by looking at her eyes alone would actually make me feel like I’m looking at the Dagger Girl who could destroy worlds.

‘But now, I still feel that she’s the cute little girl I know.’

After controlling the talents of these two little guys, Su Yang naturally made the last Soul Confining Ring belonging to him. However, he did not wear it because his talent was different from Dagger Girl and Gru and had to think about it…

The news that Gru and Dagger Girl’s talents were perfectly solved quickly spread to the ears of all the little monsters.

Fine… Actually, the reason why news of it spread so quickly was because after distributing the glass phone, everyone had a common WeChat group…

The members of this group were Su Yang’s little monsters.

What was being discussed in the group was more or less as follows…

Little Deeny had texted. ‘Today is another happy day! Everyone, do your best! Also, love our Master as much as we can!’

Little Hus replied. ‘Hehe, love my head. He sends Janet out to work everyday, I’d rather curse him.’

“Your friend “Little Hus” has been kicked out of the group chat.”

Little Deeny then texted. ‘Today is another happy day! Everyone, do your best! Also, love our Master as much as we can!’

Dagger Girl replied. ‘Okay, okay. Brother Su Yang is the best.’

The Clown Sea Snake replied.’Of course I love my Master. Master is my God!’

Qing Zhu texted. ‘Loving my husband is something I have to do everyday.’

Sanque then texted. ‘… Boring.’

Pool texted. ‘The milk tea shop is so busy today. Do you have time to help me?’

Then, there was a picture of customers queuing up at the milk tea shop.

Satantan texted. ‘I’ll help. Yabi.’

Pool replied. ‘Forget it, Tantan. When you came to help last time, you almost drank all my watermelon juice.’

Satantan. ‘It looked a little like blood though.’

At that moment…

Janet texted. ‘My Lord’s business is my business.’

“Janet “invited” Little Hus to join the group chat.”

Janet then texted. ‘Sorry to trouble everyone.’

Little Hus sent an emoji of a husky’s head.

Gru texted. ‘Gru, Gru?’

That’s right. Even in WeChat, Gru would only reply with “Gru”.

Su Yang suspected that the word “Gru” might have been defined by some sort of “talent”, hence all it knew to say and write was “Gru”.

No matter what, Little Deeny @ everyone in the WeChat group and all the little monsters immediately knew that Gru and Dagger Girl’s issues with their talents had been resolved.

Hence, everyone cheered and planned to hold a party tonight to celebrate.

Just as everyone was making a ruckus, Spirit Building suddenly texted in the WeChat group. ‘@SuYang, I saw Earth flashing. Hurry up and come here.’

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