I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 714 - Adding Legs For The Dungeon?

Chapter 714: Adding Legs For The Dungeon?

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However, Little Deeny had a different opinion and raised her head as she looked at Su Yang. “Master, I feel that this matter can be resolved. Furthermore, we can deal with these three matters separately instead of using special items to restrict them.”

Su Yang looked at Little Deeny. “Oh? Tell me about it.”

Little Deeny said, “Actually, I feel that Little Softie’s talent isn’t uncontrollable.”

Little Deeny explained, “If it’s just an item, once the talent is confirmed, it can’t be changed, not even by you, Master. However, since Little Softie has transformed, this means that she has actually changed from being an item to a little monster.”

At this point, Little Deeny looked at Su Yang and smiled. “Master, you might not understand what you mean to us. We, the little monsters that were born because of you, cannot harm or go against your wishes.”

Su Yang had a different opinion. “Nope, let’s not go there. She made me fall hard today and I almost damaged my face.”

Little Deeny nodded. “Exactly. You see, you almost got injured.

“Based on what you said, since you fell so hard and got hit in the face by the chair, how could you not be injured?

Su Yang pondered for a moment… ‘She’s actually right.

‘Even though I was in pain at the time, I didn’t bleed or have any bruises. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to deliver the glass phones to so many places.

Little Deeny said, “So, maybe you just need to order her to leave the room temporarily so that she can give you and Miss Chuxia some space. Then, she will have to do as you say.

“Of course. It must be an order, not a discussion.”

Su Yang nodded silently. ‘I should try it…’

He mulled it over for a moment. ‘If Little Deeny’s deduction is true, then Little Softie won’t get in the way of me and Chu Xia. On top of that, she could protect Chu Xia whenever I’m not around and could even… Make Chu Xia even softer.

‘The perfect bodyguard!

‘As expected of Little Deeny, my intelligent little advisor.’

However, since they were talking about such a sensitive topic, Su Yang could not help but ask his own question. “By the way, will the Clown Sea Serpent and Zhao Licheng be affected as well?”

When Little Deeny heard this, the smile on her face disappeared as she whispered to Su Yang, “Master, I don’t think so. Little monsters like the Clown Sea Serpent and Zhao Licheng, who are born from other objects, don’t seem to have this kind of contract with you.”

Speaking of which, Little Deeny couldn’t quite explain clearly as well. However, she tried to make her words as understandable as possible. “How should I put this? It’s like… You’re our mother, and they…”

Before Little Deeny could finish, Su Yang quickly corrected her. “Father, father. I’m a man.”

Little Deeny coughed. “Yes, Father. And to them, you’re just their maternal grandmother.”

Su Yang was shocked once again.

“Maternal grandfather!”

Little Deeny was speechless.

Then, Little Deeny looked at Su Yang with a sad expression. “Master, don’t be bothered by this title. Moreover… This feeling is really more akin to a mother than a father.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Alright, mother it is then. To think that I’ve actually become a mother in this way.’

Little Deeny continued, “Because you are separated from their “blood ties”, the contract seems to have been annulled.”

Hence, Su Yang concluded that the little monsters that he added points to were absolutely loyal to him. However, the little monsters that were born from the other little monsters whom he had added points to, or from special items, were ordinary little monsters who had nothing to do with him.

‘If that’s the case… It seems I will have to be careful of the Clown Sea Serpent. Hmm… I should also be careful of other little monsters of the same nature.’

After understanding Little Softie’s situation and finding a solution, Su Yang looked at Little Deeny and waited for her to explain how he and Gru’s talents were to be handled.

Little Deeny said, “Actually, I don’t have much clue about how to deal with either your talents or Gru’s. However, I feel that although the effects of abilities and talents can’t be superimposed, if this item can be superimposed with other items when it’s born, it should also be effective, right?”

Su Yang continued Little Deeny’s sentence and said, “For example, the Half-Monster Body Lotion.”

Little Deeny nodded. “Yes, but this kind of special item might be rare, so we need to keep a close lookout for it.”

Little Hus rolled its eyes and whispered, “So you’re not the one who’s going to be looking for it then?”

Little Deeny took a glance at Little Hus before turning to Su Yang. “Master, Little Hus doesn’t seem too willing.”

Little Hus was shocked and suddenly raised its head and said, “How’s that even possible? I love going out to look for special items.”

After that, it looked at Su Yang cautiously. After confirming that Su Yang was not “bewitched” by Little Deeny, it heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, it took the chance when Su Yang wasn’t going to do anything to scare Little Deeny.

However, Little Deeny was not threatened at all. In fact, she even raised her eyebrows and revealed a smug expression.

Knowing that it was no match for Little Deeny, Little Hus stopped its futile efforts and lowered its head. However, after lowering its head, it did not forget to complain silently in its heart, ‘Although I’m not human, you’re a real dog…

‘Little Deeny! You’re becoming more and more like Su Yang!’

“Achoo!” Su Yang sneezed. He was confused as he did not know who was talking about him.

After sneezing, Su Yang said to Little Deeny and Little Hus, “Actually, I have some thoughts about this ability that can restrict talents.

“Do you still remember the dungeon under our castle?”

Speaking of serious business, Little Deeny and Little Hus became more serious as well as they nodded.

Su Yang continued, “Say… If we add some points to this dungeon, would it make the dungeon more effective? For example, any abilities within a 10-meter radius of the dungeon will be rendered useless, plus it can even move?”

When Little Hus heard that, the image of a squarish dungeon with two legs underneath it as it ran around everywhere appeared in the dog’s mind…

‘Honestly, it’s as weird as it could get.’

Hence, it quickly said, “I think… You’d better not.”

The husky rolled its eyes and said, “Why don’t we dig out a stone from the dungeon and try adding a point onto it instead?”

Little Deeny pondered for a while and said, “If only we could extract the ability of the dungeon. For example, some kind of harvesting technique.”

Little Hus seemed to be especially fond of ruining Little Deeny’s show today. It said unhappily, “Then, it would be best if you have a godly harvesting skill. Then, you could directly extract Su Yang and Gru’s talents without even having the need to add points.”

Little Deeny was speechless and then angered by Little Hus’s words. Then, she looked at Su Yang. “Master, why aren’t you taking care of it?”

Su Yang merely coughed. ‘I actually feel that what Little Hus said made sense.’

Of course, Little Deeny was the darling of the family, so Su Yang would definitely side with her. Hence, Su Yang pretended to criticize Little Hus, which made Little Deeny feel better.

Of course, Little Hus was still the same as before and did not get angry when he was criticized. Instead, it kept rolling his eyes.

At home, it had always been the perfect example of how a dead pig would not be afraid of boiling water. As long as it did not get thrown into the washing machine, or had Janet to ignore it, Little Hus did not feel anything when it was scolded. In fact, it sometimes felt that being scolded was quite comforting.

‘You see, Pool’s running the milk tea shop everyday and doesn’t even have the chance to be scolded by Su Yang?

‘So, if this were a documentary or a movie, Pool would just be a passerby without much screen time.’

In the end, the three of them discussed for a while and came up with a rough plan, which was to carry out both plans parallely.

Hence, Little Hus would head out to check if there were any special items that could restrict one’s talent. On the other hand, Su Yang would try to add some points to the dungeon. If necessary, he could take out an individual dungeon and [Fuse] it with other special items.

After the plan was set, the three of them went on to do their own things. Su Yang returned to his room and used the [Unknown Sticky Note] to transform into “The Law Of Being Rewarded By Blood” to read it. Now that “Wandering Planet” was progressing according to the procedure, the pressure on post-production was increasing. Hence, Su Yang needed to make use of every moment to increase the amount of virtual servers he had.

At the same time, in a high-end hotel in Shanghai, the director of Shanghai TV Station and the woman Su Yang met in the dressing room last time, Liao Duoduo, were having s*x.

After a moment of excitement, the station head got up from Liao Duoduo in a dull manner.

He was already in his fifties and there were obvious signs of aging on his body. However, every time he was with this woman who was about the same age as his son, he would regain the passion that he had not felt in a long time.

Sometimes, he could not help but sigh and lament how he would only feel younger when he was spending more time with young people.

This was also the reason why he liked Liao Duoduo so much.

Just as he wanted to get up, Liao Duoduo did not “let him go”. Instead, Liao Duoduo’s snow-white arms stretched out slightly and hooked onto the director’s neck. Then, she pressed him back onto her soft breasts and said, “Uncle Yang… let’s reminisce for a while.”

Mr. Yang laughed and said, “Alright, sure.” Then, he stuck close to the woman again.

In the quiet moments after their excitement, the two of them looked like a couple.

After a while, Director Yang took the initiative to say, “Duoduo, I’m sorry about this. I really can’t help you.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Liao Duoduo’s eyes, but she still said considerately, “It’s alright, Uncle Yang. I don’t mind.”

Although she said that she did not mind, only Liao Duoduo herself knew that she actually did.

After all, this was one million yuan!

In fact, she was not someone who liked charity in the first place. Hence, the reason she participated in the competition was because she had heard that the prize money was one million yuan, so she spent more than 100 thousand yuan to shoot her public service video.

Although she was not interested in public service, she had some knowledge about film and television production, so the public service videos she produced were of excellent quality. In her opinion, with her professional standards and Director Yang’s status, the prize money was almost guaranteed to be hers.

That way, she could earn 8 to 900 thousand yuan.

Unexpectedly, Su Yang appeared out of nowhere and forced her out of the competition.

‘Based on what Director Yang said, Su Yang has a lot of influence within the entire Shanghai and is very famous. Furthermore, he has a good relationship with Young Master Ying. Young Master Ying might have been there to support him that day, that’s why they could only prioritize him.’

Even though Director. Yang had said that, Liao Duoduo had always been suspicious of Su Yang’s identity. ‘If he really comes from such a powerful background, why would he participate in this public service competition then?

‘If he wants to do charity, he could just spend money to do it.

‘If he wants to shoot a public service advertisement, he could very well use his connections or spend money to broadcast it on television.

‘So, why would he participate in such a competition? For the money, of course!

‘After all, what’s out there that’s not a business right now?

‘A competition is a business, public service is also a business. Heck, even donations could become a business.’

At the thought of this, Liao Duoduo could not help but recall how Su Yang had put on airs in front of her back then, saying that he would donate all his money if he won the award.

Naturally, Liao Duoduo did not believe a single word of this.

‘Nowadays, all celebrities and rich people talk about donations and charity, but how many of them have actually done it?

‘Putting aside the fact that Su Yang won the award and did not donate, I feel that even if Su Yang really does donate it, he’s probably going to put it into his charity fund. Then, it would be up to him to decide how he’s going to spend it…

‘I refuse to believe that he’s actually going to donate it.’

The night had passed uneventfully.

Then, the next day, Su Yang woke up and arranged for Pan Zhaodi to drive the car. He brought Janet and Little Hus to Shanghai to search for items that could be added.

On the other hand, Su Yang started to study the castle’s dungeon. He wanted to see if he could [Fuse] it with other special items or add a point to have it gain two legs…

However, before he could start his research, he received a WeChat message from Shasha’s mother. She said that the TV station had passed on his request and have agreed to donate the prize money to a charity event. However, she hoped that Su Yang could attend the event and receive the prize.

Although Shasha’s mother’s intentions were good, how could Su Yang possibly have the time at that moment?

He still wanted to settle the issue with his talents. After that, he still had to film “Wandering Planet”, empty out Xinli Education and distribute the glass phones. Hence, he did not have that much time to spare.

Thus, Su Yang gave it some thought and decided to give Shasha’s mother a call to explain the situation. After that, he said that he could arrange for the director of the public service video to receive the award.

In the meantime… He wanted the TV station to donate the money for him. However, they are not allowed to donate the money to the Red Cross. Instead, they had to find a reliable fund, or even the TV station itself. However, all expenses from the 100 million yuan must be announced to the public.

After pondering for a while, Shasha’s mother agreed. She said that Su Yang’s idea was not bad and suited the theme of the Public Service Announcement. Hence, she decided to go back to the station to plan and see if she could create a commotion.

Su Yang did not really care about creating a ruckus, so he only said that he would allow the TV station to make the arrangements.

After hanging up, Su Yang arrived at the dungeon, where a few of the dungeon cells had been modified many times, so they were already different.

There were 72 dungeon cells in the six tunnels, where 36 of them were +1, 24 of them +2 and 12 of them +3.

A +1 dungeon cell was an ordinary dungeon that could hold ordinary prisoners.

The description of the +2 dungeon cell only said that it could imprison weak little monsters and special items, plus it could prevent them from escaping.

The +3 dungeon cell was the most useful one, the [God Confining Prison]. The hardness of this prison door and walls was at level 10 on the Mohs hardness scale and it could make all abilities and talents below B-Ranked ineffective.

This was the exact dungeon cell that Su Yang had his eyes on. ‘I’m going to add legs onto it… Pui, add points!’

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