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Chapter 643 - Win Or Lose, It’s All In One Card

Chapter 643: Win Or Lose, It’s All In One Card

‘The big boss has heard us talking bad things about him behind his back. Yet, after that… He wants all of us to play cards with him.

‘This is so magical that no one could have possibly ever imagined.’

In the end, Su Yang dragged the girls to their desks to play cards…

Actually, they really could not come up with an excuse to refuse him.

Firstly, Su Yang was their boss, meaning he was the one who paid everyone their salaries, effectively controlling their lives.

Secondly… they had just badmouthed Su Yang. So, even if they would be right to decline his invitation, nobody dared to reject him.

Soon, a very strange game was soon born.

“Haha, I’m the Emperor.” Su Yang was lucky enough to get the Emperor card on his first round. He looked at the four girls excitedly and asked, “Which one of you is the lackey? Who is it? I’ve got a good hand, so I can show you girls my entire hand.”

A moment later, the round-faced girl who called Su Yang her little brother raised her hand weakly. “Mr… Mr. Su, it’s me…”

Su Yang nodded happily. “Do your best. If you lose, I’ll deduct your salary.”

The girl with the round face was almost frightened to tears.

It was not that Su Yang’s threat was scary, but she just had no idea what was going on.

Neither she nor the other three girls could not figure it out. Hence, Su Yang easily won the first game.

In the second round, Su Yang was a farmer. Hence, he looked around excitedly. “Who’s the lackey? Who’s the lackey?”

It was still the round-faced girl. She weakly raised her hand again. “Me… Mr. Su, it’s still me.”

Su Yang’s face turned serious. “I was just trying to scare you all, yet how could you just admit it? I’m not even the Emperor! You’re not focused in the game at all!”

The round faced girl was speechless and really wanted to cry that time.

‘Is this even played like this?

‘You’re the boss and you’ve just caught us red-handed. So, even if you asked, we wouldn’t dare not say anything, would we?’

Soon, Su Yang won the second round.

Just like that, the five of them played five rounds before Su Yang let them off to continue with their work while he walked to the conference room…

Looking at Su Yang’s back view as he walked towards the conference room, the four girls felt as if they were in a different world. ‘Did all of that just now really happen?

‘Did we just play a few rounds of poker with the big boss?

‘What… What’s going on!’

Actually, there’s a very simple explanation to what had just happened. The requirement for Su Yang to use his [Advanced Verbal Cannon] was to play six rounds of cards with the people in the company. Furthermore, everyone had to play at least once.

At that moment, there were only two places in the company. One was the office lobby, while the other was the conference room.

Since they were in the conference room, there was no way Su Yang would rush in to play a few rounds of poker with them. Hence, he could only play five rounds with the four people outside, leaving the last round in the conference room.

A moment later, Su Yang came to the conference room and he knocked on the door. Tang Jing turned around and saw Su Yang through the glass door. She stood up immediately and opened the door for Su Yang.

As she let Su Yang in, she introduced him to Huang Zheng and the rest. “This is our company’s President, Su Yang. He is our company’s big boss.”

Hearing Tang Jing’s introduction, Huang Zheng instantly knew that the person in front of him was the real deal. He stood up, walked over and confidently extended his hand. “Hello, Mr. Su. I’m Huang Zheng.”

Su Yang shook Huang Zheng’s hand. “I know who you are, Mr. Huang. Come, let’s have a seat.”

Su Yang gestured for Huang Zheng to sit down while he went to the main seat.

Tang Jing sat beside Su Yang and whispered into his ear, “The other party is still refusing to budge.”

Su Yang nodded and said, “You guys go ahead and continue.”

After that, Su Yang finally saw how difficult Huang Zheng was to deal with. ‘This man is as young as I am, but he always has a confident smile on his face.

‘It’s like he’s the best shooter. No matter what Tang Jing does to go on the offense, he would be able to shoot her down right back.

‘So, Tang Jing and the rest of the company have been completely defeated by him. They’re no match for him at all.

‘That eloquent manner of his reminds me of “Teacher Ma” that I had seen in videos.

‘I’m pretty sure that this person’s rating by the system would definitely not be low. Judging from his aura and actions, he should be at least a five-star talent and on the same level as Zhao Licheng.

‘In fact, he might even be one of the strongest five stars.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang stopped watching Tang Jing and the rest make a fool of themselves. He cleared his throat, attracting the attention of the people around him and was about to speak.

However, Huang Zheng kept the topic under his control. He smiled at Su Yang and said, “Mr. Su, do you have something to say?”

Su Yang looked at him and said bluntly, “To be honest, before I met you, Mr. Huang, I’ve heard many people in the industry say that you have a strong aura and are difficult to deal with, but I never believed them. However, now that I’m meeting you, I realized that I’ve underestimated the heroes in the world.

“But… Mr. Huang, you’re here to ask us for funding. We should be partners, not enemies, isn’t that right?”

Huang Zheng replied without hesitation, “That’s right, that’s indeed the case. However, because we’re partners, I should show my true self and let my partners believe that I have the ability to lead our company.”

Su Yang gave Huang Zheng a thumbs up in his heart. ‘Huang Zheng has a very steady approach in his responses and is neither humble nor arrogant. Furthermore, he’s maintaining his usual dominance and even subtly pressuring me.

‘As expected of someone who’s been able to lead his company to be the top 30 within the country.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang did not beat around the bush. He took out a deck of poker cards from his pocket and placed it on the table.

Everyone present was attracted by his actions and did not know what Su Yang was doing. ‘This is a perfectly normal occasion, so why has he taken out poker cards?’

Even Huang Zheng was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Su Yang to do something like that.

Just then, Su Yang explained, “You see, I actually think very highly of Mr. Huang’s company. Also… I’m not interested in bargaining at all.

“If you ask me, to open a company would mean that a person was trying to start a career. Hence, to start up a career, one must be magnanimous and it needs to be structured. We can’t be like things that usually go in the wet market where we just can’t stop arguing.”

“So, how about this? Mr. Huang, everyone in your company will draw a card. As long as there is someone who has a bigger card than I do, we will follow the price that you’re offering. On the contrary, if no one has a bigger card than me, I will be the one who decides what price it is.

“What do you think?”

Huang Zheng was stunned by Su Yang’s suggestion.

After a while, he said, “Mr. Su, you may not know this, but my condition is 2.1 million yuan for 3% shares, which is equivalent to 700 thousand yuan for 1% share!”

Su Yang nodded. “I know. Not only do I know about this, but I also know that your company doesn’t even have an app or website, yet you’ve evaluated yourself to be worth 70 million yuan.”

Then, Su Yang opened his cards and gestured. “How about it? Would you like to play a round?”

Huang Zheng looked at Su Yang and his expression changed. After a while, he laughed out loud. “Sure! No problem! I’ll humor you then!”

As he said that, Huang Zheng reached out to pick a card.

However, Su Yang stopped him.

Just when Huang Zheng thought that Su Yang was going to go back on his word, Su Yang laid down the cards and pushed them to Huang Zheng. “Shuffle the cards and draw your own. That’s so you won’t think that I’m cheating.”

Huang Zheng smiled and took the cards. He placed them on the table and said, “I trust your character, Mr. Su.”

As he said that, he took out a card. When it lit up, it was Queen of Hearts, which was not a small card within the deck.

Then, the others in the office drew their cards.

Huang Zheng may have been generous, but the people around him were more cautious. They even shuffled the cards before drawing one.

Moments later, the three of them had drawn their cards. A Queen of Hearts, a Three of Hearts and an Eight of Clubs.

The biggest card was Huang Zheng’s.

While they were having fun, everyone in Tang Jing’s company, including Tang Jing, was shocked. They did not expect Su Yang to come to the conference room and play such a trick. ‘Isn’t this too… Casual?

‘Each percent of their share is worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. Is he really going to play such a simple game of High and Low to make such an important decision?

‘He’s…So domineering and so cool.’

The girls from Tang Jing’s company felt like their eyes were sparkling.

This was the first time they had raised their heads before Huang Zheng and his company of people.

Previously, they felt that they were more like a startup company that was trying to pull in investments than being a sugar daddy…

‘Who’s the father now, huh!

‘These kind of card games to decide a business worth millions of yuan is the real father!’

After the three of them drew their cards, Su Yang gestured to Tang Jing and the rest. “Let’s draw a card together and play together for fun.”

Tang Jing obeyed Su Yang’s every word, so she drew a card which was Ten of Spades.

With her taking the lead, the other girls started to draw as well, but their cards were not big either, revealing to be Two of Diamonds, Eight of Spades and Jack of Hearts.

None of them were bigger than Huang Zheng’s.

However, they were just playing along, so the bet had nothing to do with them.

After everyone had drawn their cards, all eyes in the office were on Su Yang, waiting for him to draw.

Su Yang, on the other hand, did not even touch the cards on the table. Instead, he said to Tang Jing, “Sister Tang, please pick out one card for me at random.”

Tang Jing was stunned for a moment. She said in disbelief, “You want me to pick a card for you at random, just like that?”

Su Yang nodded. “Yes.”

Tang Jing’s gentle face broke out in a rare sweat. It was obvious that she was under a lot of pressure to draw a card on his behalf.

Under Su Yang’s encouraging gaze, Tang Jing took out a card from the pile of cards.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the card in her hand.

Her hand trembled as she slowly flipped the cards open.

Then, it was revealed to be… an Ace of Spades…

The office instantly fell silent.

After a while, everyone looked at Su Yang in shock. However, Su Yang just sat there casually as if he was not the one who had just drawn the card.

Or rather… He wasn’t the one who had drawn the card in the first place.

However, everyone felt that Su Yang’s body was glowing like a king who could control everything.

‘How did he do it?’

Even Huang Zheng looked at Su Yang in shock.

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