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Chapter 642 - The Odd Price To Pay For [Advanced Verbal Cannon]

Chapter 642: The Odd Price To Pay For [Advanced Verbal Cannon]

There weren’t many people in Tang Jing’s company, about seven or eight of them. Plus, all of them were girls who were on fairly good terms with each other. If there was a project, everyone would discuss and help each other.

Therefore, they were very familiar with the Juduoduo project that the big boss had personally decided on not long ago.

In fact, the word “familiar” might not be accurate, unforgettable would be more appropriate.

They had been in the industry for so many years, but they had never seen such a cool founder.

When other founders saw venture capital companies, they would behave as if they were meeting their father. However, when Juduoduo’s founders met up with other venture capital companies, they behaved as though they were meeting their son.

In fact, when they were chatting with Juduoduo’s people, these companies had a strange feeling that they were playing an online game where even if they paid money, they would still be blocked by a huge paywall.

This was especially true since the conditions they were offered were scarce and the shares they would obtain was miniscule. In fact, the companies even thought that Juduoduo was a scam company

The girls in the company had actually talked about it many times in private, and they all agreed to throw Juduoduo’s people into the mental hospital because they were crazy about money.

Therefore, the CEO of Juduoduo was also jokingly labelled as the director of a psychiatric institute.

A girl asked, “Who do you think will win between the director and our big boss?”

The other girl hesitated before answering, “I think the director would show our big boss some respect, wouldn’t he?”

As for the other girls…



“I’m betting a pack of spicy strips that the director wins.”

As for the girl who said that Juduoduo’s founder would show Su Yang some respect just now…

“Then… I’ll bet on our big boss.”

This was almost a reflection of the Tang Jing’s employees’ inner thoughts

Everyone knew that Ju Duoduo’s boss was difficult to deal with, but they did not know much about their big boss. Therefore, when they heard that the two were going to meet face to face, they all moved their “benches” at the ready, waiting to munch on some melon seeds.

Soon, after all the employees arrived, the news that the big boss was coming to the company spreaded.

Actually, Tang Jing did not hide it from everyone. Last night, when she was about to get off work, she talked to a few of her subordinates and told them that Su Yang might be coming. Thus explaining was how those people found out about this.

Shortly after, Tang Jing and Su Yang arrived at the office at 10 am.

All the girls were sitting at their desks, looking very serious. However, they were secretly looking at Su Yang and Tang Jing.

After all, Su Yang had [Space Traversing Eyes].

However, because of his growing popularity, he had raised the threshold of [Descend] (As long as his name was mentioned, he would be able to hear it). If it was someone that he did not know, or if it was someone who harbored evil intentions had mentioned his name, a notification would not pop up.

However, he did not turn off his [Sense] ability. He had always kept this ability that could effectively increase his safety awareness activated. Therefore, when the people in the company sized him up, he immediately reacted.

Su Yang scanned the entire company and said to Tang Jing, “Our company looks pretty good. The environment is good and the people are serious.”

Of course, Tang Jing was happy to be praised by Su Yang. She smiled gently. “It’s good that you’re satisfied. I was just afraid that you’d be unhappy with me for spending so much money and renting such a good place.”

Su Yang replied, “Why would I? If a venture capital company can’t showcase its capabilities, the collaborating companies will be worried.”

Tang Jing smiled.

The two of them arrived at Tang Jing’s office. Tang Jing pushed the door open and let Su Yang enter first while she went to the pantry to get Su Yang a glass of water.

When he arrived at the office, a few girls who were on good terms with Tang Jing ran over and asked, “Sister Jing, is that the big boss?”

Tang Jing nodded. “That’s right. He’s our company’s big boss. Make sure you recognize him properly so that no misunderstandings happen.”

After Tang Jing finished speaking, a round-faced girl said in surprise, “But he looks so young. It’s like… he’s about our age.”

The girls nodded.

Another girl asked, “Has he inherited a lot of wealth from his family?”

Tang Jing gave them a reproachful look and said, “You are not allowed to be so rude when you’re outside, nor are you allowed to ask around.”

After saying that, she explained, “Mr. Su isn’t a rich person who has inherited his wealth from his family. Instead, he started it from the ground up. He has received praise from the country and has lands in Shanghai. He is currently building his group’s headquarters. If it is completed, we might move over to work with other people from his other companies.”

After hearing that, the employees stopped talking. They could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

‘Our company’s big boss is actually such an awesome person?

‘Seriously… I couldn’t tell.’

After Tang Jing returned to the office, the girls started another round of voting.

This time, all the employees were present, so there were more people voting for Su Yang. In the end, they voted for Su Yang at 5:2.

Even though Tang Jing said that Su Yang was very powerful and there was some information scattered across the internet to support her claims…

But… A young man who looked like he was only 18 or 19 years old and was not as old as them really rendered them to be unable to trust him.

At noon, Su Yang and Tang Jing had lunch together but did not join the other employees.

It was not because he thought too highly of himself and thought of his employees as lowly labour workers.

Instead, it was because in his heart, the company belonged to Tang Jing. Hence, he did not want to have any influence in the company. This would not help Tang Jing in her attempts to control the whole company.

History has proven that for most of the time, it would be more beneficial for there to only be one voice leading the company.

After dinner, at 2:30 pm, half an hour before Tang Jing and Juduoduo’s founder had agreed to meet, a few people in suits walked into the office.

There were three people in their group, two men and one woman. The man leading them looked to be in his 20s’ and his face was filled with confidence.

As he walked into the office, he knocked on the glass door and asked, “Hello, is this Sutang Venture Capital Company?”

Tang Jing’s company was relatively small and did not have a receptionist, so the girl sitting closest to the door looked up and said, “Yes, that’s right. May I know who you are looking for?”

Their conversation attracted the attention of the rest of the company.

Everyone raised their heads and the expressions of a few of the girls changed. They looked at each other and two of them stood up and walked over. “Hello, Mr. Huang. I’m Xiao Pei.”

The man in his twenties looked at the woman before him and nodded. “Yes, Ms. Pei. I do have an impression of you. I have an appointment with our Ms. Tang to discuss some business matters today.”

At that moment, another girl who had participated in the negotiation also sneaked into Tang Jing’s office to report the situation to her.

Hearing that Ju Duoduo’s founder had arrived, Tang Jing stood up nervously and adjusted her clothes.

Su Yang was sitting on Tang Jing’s chair. When he saw how nervous she was, he patted her hand gently.

Tang Jing lowered her head and looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang gave her a confident smile.

Seeing that smile, for some reason, Tang Jing felt relieved…

The anxiety on her face disappeared, and it was replaced by a sense of relaxation and peace. It added to her womanly charm.

Tang Jing said to her staff, “Let’s go. I’ll go to the meeting room and have a good chat with Mr. Huang.”

With that, she walked out.

After she left, Su Yang came to the office door. Through the glass window, he saw the man with a square face.

Su Yang recalled the information about this man in his mind. ‘Huang Zheng, male, 35 years old. He’s a typical person born from the 1980s. He’s arrogant and confident, plus he has a strong desire to possess and control.

‘He’s not going to be an easy opponent to deal with…

‘Looks like I’m actually going to need to use [Advanced Verbal Cannon]…’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang looked at Huang Zheng and silently recited, “Advanced Verbal Cannon”. Instantly, the trigger conditions for [Advanced Verbal Cannon] appeared.

When Su Yang saw the trigger condition, his expression turned amused…

At Sutang Venture Capital Company, Huang Zheng had brought two people with him to discuss the collaboration. Obviously, Tang Jing could not lose her composure, so she called the three people who had been in charge of this project to the meeting room.

At that moment, there were only four people left in the company.

Now that the company was in the midst of receiving a big business, they were not in the mood to chat, so they gathered together. They looked at the meeting room while discussing.

“Eh? Actually, based on what I saw just now, the legendary director who could practically eat others isn’t that old.”

“Yeah, I think he’s around 30.”

“That’s normal. After all, he just started his business.”

“Of course. He has been successful in his prior startups several times already.”

“Then do you think our big boss can win him?”

“If we’re talking about who’s younger… our big boss will definitely win.”

“By the way, our big boss is really young. I even feel that he can be my younger brother.”

As the group chatted, suddenly, the light seemed to dim.

They could not help but raise their heads, and then they saw the big boss who had just appeared that morning. They had no idea when he had appeared behind them and was listening to their conversation with his hands behind his back.

The girls were shocked and quickly stood up. “B… Boss.”

The girl with the round face was the one who said that Su Yang could be her little brother. At that moment, she was scared out of her wits. Her face went pale. “M… Mr. Su. I… I didn’t mean that.”

Everyone else kept quiet out of fear as they looked at Su Yang.

The four of them panicked.

If not for the fact that Su Yang was standing right in front of them right now, they would have taken out their phones to ask a question. ‘I’ve talked behind my boss’s back and he’s heard it. What should I do now?’

At that moment, Su Yang reached out with his hands that were behind his back. He held four boxes of poker cards and asked, “Would you like to play cards with me?”

The four girls were stunned…

“Play? Play cards?”

Their minds were blank, and they had no idea what was happening.

At that moment, Su Yang spoke again. He counted the four people present and said, “One, two, three, four. Including me, there are exactly five of us. Let’s play Emperor. Come accompany me and play two rounds with me, my hands are itching for a few games.”

The girls were all speechless.

‘Who am I? Where am I? What have I just encountered?

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