I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Special Item: A Fruit-Loving Pen


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With that in mind, Su Yang’s eyes started to circle around his room. What could he use to help him?

A pen? A map? The brick? Should he add the points to his smartphone?

After a while, Su Yang was still clueless, but it was normal. The result of Random Points was completely arbitrary after all, so no matter how well he planned ahead, he could not guarantee that the item that he added the points to would be helpful.

Therefore, it did not matter what he added them to. It was all up to his luck!

Maybe the gamble could transform a bicycle into a bike!

Su Yang did not even have a bicycle, so it would be good enough if he could get one by adding points.

With that in mind, he decided to go with the thought he had during class: his bank card and his pen.

He was trying to minimize the risk. Even if he could not get something that could help him against Old Sixth Liu, adding the points to something valuable would also be worth it.

Moreover, he got two Random Points, so he could add them to the two items.

He went to the bathroom to wash his hands and even used some soap for luck.

After that, Su Yang grabbed a bank card that he barely used and opened the Point System. On top of the bank card, a translucent [+} icon appeared.

He took a deep breath before tapping the icon. A soft gleam later, the point was added to the bank card.

A description window appeared on the upper right of the bank card.

[Bank Card +1: Material changed into gold. Remark: It is 999 pure gold. You can try to bite it.]


Su Yang’s eyes gleamed brightly. He picked up the bank card and it felt heavier than before. He sized it up carefully and noticed that the plastic card had turned into gold!

He softly bit the bank card and his teeth left a mark on it! Given his shallow knowledge about identifying gold, it was certainly pure gold!

Without changing the size and volume of the bank card, the gold bank card still weighed over 70 grams due to the heavier density of gold.

Su Yang quickly checked the price of gold. Based on the current price, it was RMB301.20 for a gram, and even if he could not fetch such a high price, a rough calculation later, he expected to get at least RMB20,000!

‘I’m rich! I’m rich!!’

It was the first time adding a single point provided such a substantial return, and it boosted Su Yang’s confidence.

In the past month, he tried adding points to many things and everything practically ended up as a failure. It seemed like his luck was finally improving!

Su Yang wanted to continue the success while he was feeling lucky. He took a ball pen from his drawer and added the point to it.

The moment he tapped on the [+] icon, he prayed hard for it to become something that could help him against Old Sixth Liu! He could then treat Old Sixth Liu as an NPC in a game for him to farm points and Random Missions!

He would just beat the man up and then release him to complete the mission. By rinsing and repeating endless times, he could earn endless points. It would be the perfect outcome!

With that in mind, the pen gleamed and the point was added.

Su Yang felt pleased about the result because the appearance of the pen changed. It became a black steel pen with gold embellishments around it and it looked expensive. It was as exquisite as an art piece.

Beside the steel pen was a translucent window.

[Pen +1: Acquired special ability. Appraise?]

A special ability? Su Yang’s anticipation was over the moon! Would he get some special ability to take care of Old Sixth Liu?

He tapped on [Yes] without a second thought and the description of the pen changed.

[A Fruit-loving Pen]

[Ability: Think of the person’s face and write down his or her name. You will be able to determine the person’s real-time location.]

[Cost: Every time you write a person’s name, you must eat a fruit.]

[Limit: The person you write must be within 20 km of you]

[Remark: Eating is not a sin since eating fruits can make you lose weight.]

Although the whole description sounded strange and ridiculing, when Su Yang went through it, he giggled.

‘You can run Old Sixth Liu, but you can’t hide!’

In the middle of the night, Old Sixth Liu was drunk again outside Su Yang’s neighborhood. He was humming a melody as he staggered forward in a crooked line. As he tried to walk properly, he cursed out loud, “That piece of sh*t! I won’t forget that bastard! If I don’t break him, I’m not Old Sixth Liu! I’ll find him in a day or two, and then I’ll teach him a lesson! I’ll never let this go!”

While he was cursing, the air suddenly whistled and a familiar-looking brick flew out from the dark. Before he could respond, the brick struck his head again.

He clutched his head and squealed in pain as he staggered, but he did not fall to the ground this time.

Then, he saw a young man stride out from the dark corner. He tried to open his eyes wide and when he saw the face of the young man, he looked utterly ferocious, “You again! Su Yang”

Even after his name was called out, Su Yang did not stop what he was doing. He strode up to Old Sixth Liu and grabbed the man by the hair mercilessly. He pressed the man’s head down while he lifted his knee to his face.


A heavy thud later, Old Sixth Liu was kneed in the face. His nose broke and started to bleed like a river. He felt dizzy and could barely stand still.

Su Yang had the upper hand, so he did not plan to spare the man. After a successful hit, he tossed Old Sixth Liu on the ground like a ragdoll and jumped on him to continue punching and kicking him.

He beat the man for five whole minutes, yet nothing happened.

Su Yang felt strange. Why did the system not provide him with a Random Mission this time?

Could the Random Mission only appear once a day for a single person?

With that in mind, Su Yang stood up and wiped the blood off his hands with a piece of tissue. He picked up his brick and said leisurely, “We will continue this tomorrow.”

After that, he left.

Looking at Su Yang’s back, Old Sixth Liu’s bloody face looked sour while his eyes burned with rage.

‘Is this little b*stard trying to get on my bad side? He is too arrogant! We will continue this tomorrow. If I can’t win him in a fight, I can just hide! Just you wait, you little piece of sh*t. After these two days, I’ll get seven to eight more men with me. No matter how good you are in a fight, you will be crushed by our sheer numbers!’

On the second day, when Old Sixth Liu came out from a regular sauna place, Su Yang pounced on him and bagged him with a black rucksack. He dragged the man into an alley and started beating him up.

Old Sixth Liu was on the brink of losing his patience. He clenched his teeth and swore to break Su Yang the next day.

Su Yang, on the other hand, felt strange.

‘Hmm? Where is the Random Mission? Am I doing it in the wrong stance?’

On the third day, Old Sixth Liu camped outside the entrance of the campus with his men to wait for Su Yang for a whole day, but they failed to catch him. In the end, after he split up with his men, Su Yang caught him and started the third round of beating.

‘He caught me again! Is this a coincidence?!’ Old Sixth Liu was dumbstruck by Su Yang’s attack.

Su Yang felt puzzled once more.

‘Why am I doing wrong? Where didn’t I trigger the mission?’

On the fourth day, Old Sixth Liu and his men waited in front of Su Yang’s house for the whole morning. They failed to capture Su Yang again, so Old Sixth Liu went fishing with three of his friends after that. In the end, jumped out and kicked him from behind before starting the fourth round of beating.

The three friends wanted to help, but Su Yang tossed all of them into the river.

Old Sixth Liu lost it this time!

‘How the hell did he find me? I didn’t go home, I didn’t wander around the neighborhood and I spent my day outside! Yet he found me!?’ 

‘Why can’t I catch him with my men? At the campus and at his house, he just did not show up! But whenever I am alone, he will come out and beat me! Did this little f*cker installed a GPS on me?!’

Su Yang also lost it this time. He wondered if the system had broken down. Why could he not trigger a mission?

He was having a difficult time. The [Fruit-loving Pen] was useful since he was able to know where Old Sixth Liu was hiding, but he had to eat a piece of fruit every time he used it!

On top of that, Old Sixth Liu was always on the move. Whenever Su Yang got to the place, the man was already gone, so he had to eat a piece of fruit and write down the address to locate the man again.

Besides that, Old Sixth Liu had men with him at times, so Su Yang could only wait it out and ambush the man while he was alone.

Therefore, Su Yang had to carry a lot of fruit with him just to carry out a single beating.

At first, he tried eating an apple, but he realized that it was too big to eat on the move and he would get full by consuming that single fruit.

Then, he went to the supermarket and tried to search for a better replacement. After some serious selection, he decided to go with fresh prunes. It was the smallest and cheapest fruit he could get.

After all, after he moved out of the dorm, his savings had been running low in the past month and he did not want to ask money from his parents. Money had been slipping through his fingers like water, hence every single cent saved was a lifesaver.

As he continued his experiment, he spent almost 2,300 yuan on fresh prunes and almost emptied his pockets.

If he had not gotten the golden bank card from the addition of the point, he really would not have the support to take it this far.

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