I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: New Random Mission

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Right after the guard’s explanation, Su Yang immediately connected the dots. The person he had smashed with the brick last night was Old Sixth Liu.

As a matter of fact, Old Sixth Liu was quite famous in the neighborhood. He was not famous because of him being a drunkard but because he was afraid of his wife.

According to the old Sichuan saying, he would be the proverbial ‘wife’s slave’.

Old Sixth Liu was a gangster. Whenever he was drunk, he would cause problems around the neighborhood, but he had a wife that could control him.

She was in her early 30s. She was quite beautiful and mature but always very fierce. As an after-meal exercise, she would beat Old Sixth Liu up.

Old Sixth Liu acted like a tyrant outside, but whenever he was home, especially in front of his wife, he was like a mouse in front of a cat. He gave in quickly and dared not even talk loudly to her.

People once joked that he loved his wife, but he shook his head with a sigh. “That’s not love. It’s just that I can’t overcome that lioness…”

No matter how cowardly he was at home, no one messed with him outside. He had many men around the area and none of them had to work, so they usually wandered around all day doing nothing.

Despite Old Sixth Liu’s notoriety, Su Yang did not even feel anything in his heart.

The badlands gave birth to unruly people. He had grown up in a village surrounded by mountains, so he had seen quite a lot in that rural area. It was not someplace where the people of a modernized city could imagine, so Old Sixth Liu did not frighten him at all.

Nevertheless, no matter how calm he was, he might still have to go up against three of them at once. However, it was impossible, even more so since they were adults.

With that in mind, Su Yang clenched his fists.

‘Maybe…I have to rely on that close combat ability that the system gave me today. Let’s hope it’s useful since it’s just an elementary ability.’

He thanked the guard for the heads-up and headed into the neighborhood whilst the guard’s reminder echoed in the air.

As the guard expected, before Su Yang even reached his unit, Old Sixth Liu intercepted him on a little path.

Old Sixth Liu had bandages on his head, making him look like a mummy. He had a cigarette hanging from his mouth, and a fat and a slim man flanked him on both sides. They seemed to be discussing something.

After Su Yang appeared, Old Sixth Liu stopped talking and strutted forward. He sized Su Yang up from top to bottom and then raised a curious brow, he was everything but friendly when he asked, “Are you the one who ruined my date last night?”

Then, before Su Yang could answer, Old Sixth Liu’s gaze became ferocious. He pointed at Su Yang’s forehead with his hand after he removed the cigarette from his mouth, “Don’t you f*cking deny it! I knew it was you, you little punk! You f*cking brick almost killed me! Quite the balls you have there! Which gang are you from?”

“Campus gang,” said Su Yang.

“I knew it! My source was right!” Old Sixth Liu leered at him and arrogantly tapped his face. “A student trying to become a hero and saving a damsel in distress? You have no idea who you’ve crossed!”

Right after that, his tone switched from delight to ferocity. His gaze was sharp as he glared at Su Yang. “I’ll break you!”

The tap on Su Yang’s face made him tilt his head instinctively. A tinge of burning rage was apparent in his gaze, but he replied with a smile, “Yes, yes, I know you will, Brother Six. Of course, you would, but…”

He further gazed into Old Sixth Liu’s eyes and the insulting smile on his face was overflowing. “I’ll smash your face with the brick again!”

Old Sixth Liu was caught off guard by the reply, and he was infuriated.

‘How dare this punk a** student threaten me? Is he trying to defy me?’

“You f*cking piece of sh*t!” As he bellowed, he threw a punch at Su Yang.

Su Yang was waiting for this moment. He was always good at one-on-one fights back in the village. If all Old Sixth Liu and his men ganged up on him together, he might have too much to handle, so he decided to provoke the boss and take him down first.

He was not afraid if it was a one-on-one fight. With Old Sixth Liu gone, he would be able to settle the other two without any problem.

With that in mind, Su Yang concentrated his gaze. He wanted to counterattack with his usual moves that he used back in the village, but at that moment, his body responded with another type of reaction as if it was a conditional reflex. Before Su Yang could reflect on it clearly, he followed his feelings and let his body move.

He dodged the punch by moving his body aside. His left hand then grabbed Old Sixth Liu’s wrist while his right hand grabbed the forearm. He turned his body around and together with the motion, he hauled Old Sixth Liu’s right arm over his shoulder. All Old Sixth Liu could do was squeal in shock before Su Yang flung him away.

Su Yang finally reacted to the situation after his conditional reflexes subsided. It was the overthrow technique from the [Close Combat] ability!

‘Holy sh*t! The [Close Combat] ability is f*cking great!’

Before Su Yang could celebrate, Old Sixth Liu’s men saw their boss being tossed out, so they shouted and jumped into the fight.

Su Yang allowed his conditional reflexes to take over once more. The combination of a straight punch from his left fist and a jab from his right fist easily took down one of the men.

He then turned around and landed a kick on the other men’s abdomen, sending the man staggering backward.

Su Yang knocked out one of them and defeated the other two in the blink of an eye, yet he was not even hurt! His fighting had surpassed what he displayed in the village squabble by a whole lot!

‘So, this is the [Close Combat] ability the system has provided? And it’s just an elementary ability? It’s so powerful!’

Su Yang suppressed the excitement in his heart and put his foot over Old Sixth Liu’s chest. He looked at the two men, taunting them with a wave of his hand and saying arrogantly, “Come on. I’ve always liked three versus one fights!”

Su Yang’s techniques and his intimidating words frightened the two men instantly.

Those two dared not continue the fight and Su Yang immediately understood that they were just some punks who bullied the weak but feared the strong.

He spat on the ground in disdain and turned away from the two men. With his foot on Old Sixth Liu, he bent over and grabbed the man by the neck so that his head was slightly lifted up. Then, he slapped Old Sixth Liu repeatedly.

“Look who’s talking right now? How dare you tap my face? Do you know how much my face is worth? What if you break it? Can you compensate me? And you said you want to break me? Can you?”

Lifting Old Sixth Liu’s head might have seemed easy, but it caused torture to the man. Old Sixth Liu felt like his neck was being torn apart while his skin was burning.

However, since he was able to roam the neighborhood for so long, he was also a tough guy. He clenched his teeth due to the pain and almost grind them into powder while his eyes stared straight at Su Yang as if he wanted to brand the young man’s face into his brain for revenge.

On the other hand, Old Sixth Liu’s tough expression was like the fuel that fanned Su Yang’s raging fire.

‘This Old Sixth Liu hit on Qu Xiaomeng yesterday and even tried to beat me up today! Does he think he’s the law around here? More importantly, he didn’t even submit after I beat him up! Is he trying to take revenge? I can’t let him go like this!’

With that in mind, Su Yang’s rage was burning brightly through his eyes and he planned to go all out with the beating.

Right when the thought popped in his mind, he heard a voice in his head.

[Ding! New Random Mission has appeared.]

Su Yang was surprised. A new Random Mission at this time? He had a bad feeling about it.

With a single thought, he tapped on the Random Mission, and as expected, the mission was to save Old Sixth Liu and guarantee his safety.

The mission was basically similar to saving a damsel in distress. The description for last night’s mission had been ‘save your neighbor from the drunkard and guarantee her safety’.

Su Yang did not know whether to laugh or to be angry. He never thought that he would be part of the mission as an antagonist. What was this about? The hero saving the villain in distress?

At that moment, he realized that the system did not have self-consciousness. It could only sense danger among people around him, and if the people around him might get hurt, he would get a mission to save that particular target.

However, it could not differentiate the bad from the good.

It seemed like this would be a problem that he had to pay attention to. He did not want to save a villain with his hard work.

Of course, it would be a matter for the future. Now, the problem at hand would be whether to accept the mission or not.

Su Yang looked at Old Sixth Liu with a gloomy expression. He then took a deep breath to suppress the raging fire in his heart.

‘Taking care of Old Sixth Liu might be a rare chance, but the mission isn’t a chance that will come by easily! I’ll accept it first and come back to finish him!’

With that in mind, Su Yang got up from Old Sixth Liu and coldly grunted, “You are lucky today.”

Old Sixth Liu glared at him from the ground, the ferocity in his eyes brazen. “You f*cking cheater, we aren’t done yet!”

Su Yang gawked as he pointed at Old Sixth Liu and said without any courtesy, “Me neither.”

After that, he turned away without a second thought. Once the decision was made, he ought not to be hesitant about it. It was one of his mottos in life.

After he reached his home, he got a notification in his mind.

[Random Mission completed. Random Point: +1]

‘The mission is complete. I can take revenge now!’

Su Yang grabbed the brick from his desk and strode out of the door.

He sprinted back to where the fight happened, but Old Sixth Liu was nowhere to be found.

As he pondered, his expression looked heavy. He tossed the brick away. Rubbing his face, he put on a harmless appearance before he headed to the security book. “Uncle, where’s Old Sixth Liu?”

The guard heard Su Yang’s voice and stuck his head out of the window. “I saw him and his men wandering away. I have no idea where they were heading.”

‘They went out of the neighborhood…’

Su Yang was not surprised. This was not a game, and Old Sixth Liu was not a Boss character who would wait for him for round 2.

With that in mind, he thanked the guard before picking up his brick and returning home.

He might not be able to find Old Sixth Liu now, but he believed the only thing that could help him in this situation was the Points System. He hoped to add points into something useful!

Su Yang did not plan to let the man go from the start, and he did not plan to in the future.

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