I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Can Your Dog Become Invisible?

Qu Xiaomeng sulked. “Can you stop nagging?! You nag even more than our aunt.”

“If you weren’t my big sister, I wouldn’t have cared about you.” The man grunted coldly.

Qu Xiaomeng glared at him. “When we were young, you said I’m not your sister. You insisted I was adopted.”

He pouted. “That’s because you are dumb. You were 7 years old then, so why would you believe a 3-year-old’s lies and live with it?”

Qu Xiaomeng remembered how she had cried badly when her brother told her that she was adopted. She blushed and squealed, “Qu Xiaoming!”

The man was shocked. He quickly covered Qu Xiaomeng’s mouth and looked around cautiously. “How many times did I tell you not to call me by my real name outside?! I’ve changed my name and I’m Qu Xuan now!”

Qu Xiaomeng pulled Qu Xuan’s hand away and screamed, “I like to call you by your name! Qu Xiaoming! Qu Xiaoming!”

Qu Xuan looked at his sister helplessly, he kept looking around cautiously, as though he was afraid others might hear his real name. Then, he saw Su Yang and Old Sixth Liu.

He pointed at them and said, “Look! What are they doing? It seems like some shady deal is going on!”

Immediately distracted, Qu Xiaomeng looked at where her little brother pointed and saw Su Yang and Old Sixth Liu together.

‘Huh? Isn’t that Su Yang? Huh?! Isn’t that the drunkard that held me back that day? Why are they together?’

Qu Xuan actually just wanted to divert the topic, but he realized that his sister kept looking at the two. Curious, he started to ask, “You…”

“Shut up!” Qu Xiaomeng tugged her brother’s arm and signed him to keep quiet with her finger. She forced him to bend over and walk closer quietly.

She watched Su Yang talking to Old Sixth Liu. Old Sixth Liu then took his phone out before Su Yang used his to scan Old Sixth Liu’s phone. It really looked like they were performing some secret deal.

Qu Xiaomeng’s brows were tightly furrowed as she spied on them.

‘Su Yang knows that drunkard? Judging from how they are interacting, they seem to know each other quite well. Was that damsel in distress the other night just a show?’

Qu Xiaomeng recalled how the brick had flown out from the darkness accurately.

‘Hmm, can it be? If he killed his partner in the show, how many partners must he go through within a year? Or did Su Yang go down the wrong path and started to mix around with the drunkard? Or was it because of me?’

Her brows were locked tightly. No matter which it was, Su Yang seemed to have gone down the wrong path.

‘No, I must save him!’

Qu Xuan glanced at his sister from the side and then looked over at the two who were performing a trade. He automatically turned a blind eye to the middle-aged man who was walking a dog leash instead of a dog. He might be a crazy person. As for the other young man, he was quite tall, and his sister was staring at him.

‘Could it be…? Dear Mother, I might be able to complete the mission you gave me after all.’

After the transfer, Su Yang thanked Old Sixth Liu whose face was as black as charcoal. Even though he had just helped Su Yang, he did not want to get close to the young man. He nodded and dragged his dog leash away.

Su Yang noticed the leash. A quick thought later, he asked, “Brother Six, isn’t your dog a little too small?’

“It’s not. It’s a Labrador,” Old Sixth Liu answered without looking back.

“Can it turn invisible?” Su Yang asked.

If Old Sixth Liu did not know what Su Yang was asking about, he might really have been an idiot. He turned around and screamed, “Holy sh*t! Where’s my wife’s dog?!”

His face turned red. “Did you see my dog?!”

Su Yang shook his head. “When I saw you, you were already walking with the leash.”

“Then, why did you ask me whether I was walking my dog or not?!”

“What else can you do with a dog leash in the middle of the night if not walking your dog? Hang yourself with it?”

Old Sixth Liu angrily stomped his foot. He believed that Su Yang was the bane to his life. He did not have the mood to fool around with Su Yang anymore. The dog was his wife’s and it held a higher status than him in the house. If he really lost the dog, his wife might really punch him to death.

With that in mind, Old Sixth Liu dragged the leash and ran towards where he came from. He screamed his dog’s name as he searched for it, “Siwan! Siwan! Where are you?!”

Su Yang’s face twitched. Old Sixth Liu really loved money so much that he even named his dog Siwan.

Su Yang headed home while humming a melody. After topping up his phone credit and ensuring that it was sufficient, he then called Deeny out for a good talk.

He told her that if it was on mobile data, she was not allowed to surf the internet. Only after the phone was connected to a WiFi source was she allowed to surf as much as she wanted.

As Deeny agreed, she realized that a new ability had been unlocked. After Su Yang typed his Alipay password for the top-up, she was also granted access, so she offered to top up the phone credit on behalf of Su Yang and she could even pay for other stuff.

Su Yang immediately stopped her dangerous offer. Who knew what would happen if Deeny was granted access to pay with his money? Would she spend all his fortune on topping up credit?

Deeny gave in to him with a sulky expression.

In the next few days, Su Yang drowned himself in work. He had just formed his company, and there was a lot of work that he needed to settle and coordinate. Even if he engaged an agent for the registration, he still had to confirm his company’s range of operations.

Su Yang also met Wang Dong and filtered the tasks they got from Junqing Intermediary. In the end, they took five jobs, all of which were simple event jobs with great profits.

The first one was the property event on Saturday. Su Yang and Wang Dong themselves would lead the students to get a grasp of the procedures.

The second one was being Han Yi’s fake fans on the next Saturday. That event required more people, so the price was higher and the profit better.

As for the remaining three, they were more or less similar jobs and they were all happening in the upcoming weeks.

Wang Dong’s experience and network were also slowly showing.

Originally, the property job on Saturday needed 20 people and 100 yuan would be paid to each of them. Plus the company’s 20% commission, that would be 120 yuan each, but because of Wang Dong’s connection, he got a long-term working rate of 130 yuan.

As for Han Yi’s event, the rate also rose from 150 yuan to 175 yuan.

The rest of the jobs also had lucrative rates.

Even if they paid each student 90 to 100 yuan, the company would still earn a lot.

If all five jobs were completed, Han Yi’s event alone would earn them 7,500 yuan in commission, and the rest of the jobs combined could earn them 3,000 yuan. The company was only half a month old, but their profit would easily reach five figures.

A quick calculation later, Wang Dong even felt a little jealous. He did not expect that forming a private company would earn them this much.

Su Yang consoled him, “Han Yi’s event is a rare one. The other jobs are much more normal. 3,000 a week, 12K a month. Your salary is 6,200 a month plus commission. The company doesn’t even earn as much as you. Furthermore, I still have to pay tax.”

Wang Dong felt a lot better when he heard Su Yang’s explanation. The numbers added up as well. Wang Dong’s job barely held any risk while Su Yang, who ran the company, had to bear all the risks.

Su Yang did not lie to Wang Dong. The company was still fresh and they were able to make over five figures in sales a month with a few thousand yuan in clean profit which was almost a 40% increase in their profit margin. It was a great start and the figure was better than what a lot of the startups out there would make.

Next, they would have to grow the scale of their business step by step, recruit new members, and slowly progress to the next stage.

Developing the company was never a one- or two-men job. The company’s true asset was its employees!

Personal development might present a rising curve in growth, but the development of a company had to rely on countless employees’ hard work to reach exponential growth!

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