I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Old Sixth Liu Who Walks A Dog Leash

With that in mind, Su Yang quickly picked up the remote control and switched the TV off.

Deeny asked with her cute and meek voice beside him, “Master, you are done watching?”

“Yeah, I’m done. And you aren’t allowed to surf the internet without my permission from now on.”

Deeny sulked. “But the internet is fun and colorful! What am I supposed to do if I can’t surf the net?”

When Su Yang saw how sad she was when he forbade her from surfing the net, he could not stand her pitiful and cute expression. Some thoughts later, he said, “Okay, fine, you can surf the net, but you can only use 30 MB per day, nothing more than that.”

“30 MB is only enough for me to see a few pictures!” Deeny argued.

Noticing Deeny starting to pout, he said, “Okay, fine, stop pouting. I’ll install broadband in the next two days, so you’ll be able to use it as much as you want then.”

“Really?!” Deeny was over the moon.

Su Yang nodded. “Send me out first. I have something to take care of.”

Right after he got out of the villa, the first thing Su Yang did was pick up his phone and try to top up the credit.

However, what he was afraid of eventually happened since it was just a matter of time. When Su Yang keyed in his own phone number and wanted to top up 100 yuan, the 4G icon at the upper right corner of his phone had already disappeared. He did not even get to press the Send button.

Su Yang’s payment interface immediately turned into a ‘Not Connected’ display.

At the same time, Deeny’s voice came from the phone, “Master, the phone seems to have gone offline.”

‘You don’t say…’ Su Yang sighed.

He immediately called 10086 Mobile and learned that he owed the telco 50.2 yuan. His telco had stopped his service right after he exceeded the quota. Maybe the telco was not interested in the user’s villa or whatsoever.

However, topping up credit was a troublesome process.

In the age of the internet, convenience was one of the biggest improvements in human life, but its downside was also obvious. Due to its convenience, everything would be brought to a standstill once the user went offline or could not receive a signal.

For example, there were many newspaper stands and grocery stores that provided top-up services a few years back, but now, everyone started topping up their phone via the internet. While it was undoubtedly convenient, nowadays, there were no longer any offline places for topping up phone credit.

Su Yang did not have WiFi or broadband installed in his basement. Furthermore, he did not know his neighbors.

‘This is going to be a problem…’ Su Yang lay on the desk, trying to figure out a way to solve the sticky situation.

Little Hus was still clumsily cleaning the floor with its body. Su Yang looked at the husky bolster. “Little Hus, how many rounds have you cleaned the floor?”

The husky picture on the bolster gave him a rare flattering expression. “This is the third round.”

“Only the third round?”

The flattery on Little Hus’ face immediately faded.

“I see you are getting tired. Why don’t we switch to another place for you, and you just need to clean the place once? How about that?”

Little Hus’ eyes widened and its husky head nodded vigorously. “Sure! Sure! Sure!”

Su Yang took his phone out, tapped on the camera, and scanned Little Hus using the newly added ‘Scan’ feature.

The blue light came out from the back of the phone and started scanning Little Hus whole. A moment later, Little Hus was transformed into a bunch of pixels and was sucked into the phone together with the blue light.

Su Yang tapped the personal space and found Little Hus inside. He smiled and said, “Little Hus, you just need to clean the place once.”

Little Hus looked up at the large villa with three big living spaces and many rooms. There were even doors along the corridors and a flight of stairs leading to the second floor. It screamed, “Su Yang! We aren’t done here”

After he finished bullying Little Hus, Su Yang decided to ask the guard at the entrance of his neighborhood to help him top up his phone credit.

He only knew three people in his own neighborhood: Qu Xiaomeng, Old Sixth Liu, and the guard.

Su Yang did not want to see Qu Xiaomeng, and Old Sixth Liu did not want to see him. Only the guard had a better relationship with him and he could easily locate the guard. With that in mind, he pocketed his phone and got out of his basement.

Su Yang planned it out perfectly. Unfortunately, there were always unexpected matters in the world that went beyond man’s control. The guard, who never left early or late and would always be at his post, was not in the guardhouse.

Su Yang waited at the entrance for ten minutes but did not see the guard anywhere. Defeated, he prepared to return to his basement.

To his surprise, before he reached home, he saw someone walking towards him with an…empty dog leash?

‘Yo, isn’t this Old Sixth Liu? Since I can’t get to the guard, I can just borrow Old Sixth Liu’s phone to top up my own!’

With that in mind, Su Yang waved and greeted the man, “Hey, Brother Six, walking your dog I see?”

Old Sixth Liu’s face turned black when he saw Su Yang. He instinctively wanted to avoid the young man but was afraid that Su Yang would beat him up again, so he was forced to nod in silence.

As a street gangster who was afraid of getting a beating from a university student, even Old Sixth Liu felt pity for himself.

Su Yang did not have much thought about Old Sixth Liu upon seeing him. After all, he was the victor and was mentally stronger, so he asked, “Brother Six, do you have money in your phone?”

Right after the question, Old Sixth Liu instinctively took a step back and said righteously, “Su Yang! Robbing is against the law! The government is starting to eradicate criminal activities all over the country. Don’t cross the line now.”

Su Yang was rendered speechless.’Did we swap identities? Who’s the gangster and who’s the good citizen here?!’

He awkwardly cleared his throat, “Brother Six, don’t overreact, please. I just wanted to borrow your phone to top mine up. I’ll return you the money when I reactivate my phone.”

Old Sixth Liu blushed and did not refuse to help since his instinctive reaction had been too embarrassing. He took his phone out and asked, “What’s your phone number?”

Su Yang uttered his phone number. Old Sixth Liu opened up Alipay and topped up 20 yuan for him.

When Su Yang saw the credit in his phone, he said, “Brother, can you top up more for me? I owe the telco 50 yuan…”

Old Sixth Liu blushed, feeling even more embarrassed than before. “My wife tightened my leash recently, so 20 yuan is all I have as pocket money…”

Su Yang remembered that Old Sixth Liu was a well-known henpecked husband. That fact was even better known than his street gangster identity. He had always been the topic of gossip of the uncles and aunts in the neighborhood.

Su Yang waved and said, “Never mind. You are having a hard time yourself.”

He was a three-star customer of his telco anyway, so as long as the debt did not exceed 50 yuan, he could use this phone normally. He would just have to top up more credits on his own later.

Su Yang took his phone out and habitually wanted to restart it. That was the downside with the mobile data. If it was cut off, the phone must be restarted to be able to receive signals again.

However, when his finger touched the power button, a chat message popped up on his phone: ‘Master, we are back online.’

‘Huh? Is the new phone this magical?’

Su Yang tested out the signal and mobile data. It really worked.

“Show me your QR code. I’ll transfer the money back.” Su Yang was a trustworthy person whenever money was involved.

Old Sixth Liu opened up his Alipay QR code and waited for Su Yang to scan it. The man must have thought that Su Yang was robbing him.

While the two of them were transferring money, a man and a lady were walking side by side in the other corner of the neighborhood.

The lady was less than 160 cm tall. She had a doll-like face and her eyes and her brows resembled the man beside her. On the other hand, the man was over 180 cm tall, and he looked bright and handsome.

“Qu Xiaomeng, I’ve delivered the message from Mom and she’s made herself clear. You must bring back a boyfriend by the year-end. Otherwise, even if you flee to Hangzhou, she will catch you herself.”

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