I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Mission Complete, Add Points To The Smartphone

Right after Manager Zhang suggested signing a framework agreement, Wang Dong looked a little embarrassed. “Brother Zhang, can you wait for a week or two? My company hasn’t even registered yet…”

Manager Zhang looked at Wang Dong with a poker face. He then cleared his throat to cover up the awkwardness. “Wang, I do this out of trust for you. Don’t you scam me.”

Wang Dong nervously explained, “I won’t, I won’t! The boss is a trustworthy person.”

“Great, I’ll spare you this favor out of my personal tab for now. When your company is registered, we will sign the framework agreement and it must go through the official SOPs.”

“Thank you, Brother Zhang! Thank you!”

Back at home, Su Yang received a call from Wang Dong about the deal made with Junqing Intermediary. Not only did Wang Dong get the job with the property company this Saturday, but he even got a framework agreement to be drawn up, and if the company got registered, he could sign it right away.

Su Yang was quite pleased with Wang Dong’s efficiency. He believed he was correct about Wang Dong’s character. The man might not be a good decision-maker, but he was a good executor.

At this early stage of forming his own company, Su Yang did not need someone else to make the decision with him, so Wang Dong was the most suitable aide in his entrepreneurship.

Since Wang Dong struck a deal with Junqing Intermediary, Su Yang could go on and filter the students who had applied for the job on Saturday. After a whole afternoon, he picked 20 candidates who looked older than their actual age as well as couples who signed up together.

As for those he did not pick, Su Yang told them he would soon get another part-time job with a large volume and the price decent. He informed them that an invitation would be sent out at a later time.

Right after the last interview with the candidate, a beep sounded in Su Yang’s head.

[Advanced Random Mission completed. Calculating rewards…]

The Advanced Random Mission was similar to the Bronze Mission. He had to receive it for the system to calculate his reward.

Su Yang tapped on it and a new window popped up.

[Completed Advanced Random Mission. Mission rating: A. 6 Random Points will be rewarded.]

‘A? Is that the highest rating?’

Su Yang pondered about the rating. If he remembered correctly, the mission description did mention the reward being 1 to 6 Random Points, and since he got 6 Random Points, did that mean he got the highest rating?

However, without other missions as a reference, Su Yang did not know whether his guess was correct or not.

Since he got some Random Points, it would be time for him to add one to his phone.

‘Here I come, phone!’

Su Yang took his phone out. It was actually a second-hand phone he bought in the Jiujiang Province. When he got accepted into Shanghai University, due to the distance, his parents bought a phone for him to lessen their worries so that they could call him whenever they thought about him.

Back then, his parents squeezed out 800 yuan for Su Yang to buy a new phone, but he did not. He bought a second-hand Huawei Honor V8 instead. The camera of the phone came with an automatic bokeh effect, and Su Yang was astonished when he saw the phone for the first time.

However, maybe because it was an old model phone from a few years ago, it could not keep up with the requirement of the apps. After half a year of usage, it started to lag, but he still liked it.

He looked at his phone with an absent-minded expression.

‘Am I really going to add the point to my phone? Is Little Hus lying to me?’

Su Yang looked at Little Hus that was sleeping on the bed with its legs up, or rather, the legs of the husky picture. He started to suspect if Little Hus had the special ability to identify the potential for a [Life Evolution] to take place.

“Hey, wait up. I have something to ask you.” He picked Little Hus up.

The husky picture on the bolster moved and turned its face away, showing Su Yang the back of its head. It continued to snore.

Su Yang turned the bolster around, but it was empty.

‘This b*stard can hide his face?! That’s effing awesome!’

Su Yang filled a pail with water and tossed Little Hus in.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” All four edges of the bolster were struggling in the water. “Where did the water come from?”

“Are you awake?” Su Yang then picked Little Hus up.

Little Hus glared at him as if it was trying to eat him alive. “Su Yang, I haven’t slept for two days. Can’t I have some rest?”

Su Yang smiled. “Right, you tortured me for two days and you want to sleep now? So you can torture me more at night?”

Little Hus gave Su Yang its husky death stare.

Su Yang did not care about the grumpy husky bolster and showed Little Hus his phone. “Does my phone really have the potential for [Life Evolution]? Are you lying to me?”

Little Hus yawned, appearing dispirited. “Of course, it does. Why would I lie to you?”

‘Judging from his looks, it may be real…’ Su Yang started to believe he had been overthinking.

Since Little Hus was this confident, he decided to trust the husky bolster for once. He would add the point to his phone!

He washed his hands with his lucky soap in the bathroom and made his hands as fragrant as possible to expel any bad luck. He then opened the system. Everything in his house had a [+] sign overlaid in the upper left corner.

Su Yang tapped on the plus sign on his phone.

The phone gleamed. A new window popped up.

[Point addition failed. Success rate increased for the next addition.]

‘Point addition failed?!’ Su Yang was dumbstruck. ‘Can the points fail?! Why haven’t I heard about this before?!”

The system really surprised him every day with something new. Why had he not heard of failing the point addition process? It was unbelievable. Nevertheless, the point added did not go to waste. Its success rate was increased for the next round of addition instead.

‘Should I continue to add points to the phone?’ Su Yang glanced over Little Hus who was yawning and dozing off.

‘Let’s just go with it. I have some points to spare!’

With that in mind, Su Yang opened the system again and added the point to his phone again.

[Point addition failed. Success rate increased for the next addition.]


Su Yang’s heart was bleeding after having wasted two Random Points. How high was the success rate for the phone? Would he still fail after pouring all six Random Points in it?

With a bitter look, Su Yang shook Little Hus and woke it up. “Are you sure that [Life Evolution] will happen to the phone?”

Little Hus glanced over at the phone. As if its mind suddenly cleared up, it looked at Su Yang and said, “Of course it will work!”

Su Yang looked at the husky face indifferently. “If you tell the truth now, I’ll leave your body intact.”

Little Hus’ husky face was frozen, but it insisted. “I really have the special ability to identify the potential! I know it is good stuff. You must believe me!”

Su Yang carefully analyzed Little Hus’ words and found a trace of credibility in between the lines. Regardless, he had already invested two Random Points and increased the success rate twice, so he could not back down now.

As his heart continued to bleed, Su Yang picked his phone up again and added more points to it.

‘Please, my dear phone. If nothing good comes out of you, I will lose big time…’

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