I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Settling The Framework Agreement

As for the possibility of failure, Su Yang had also thought of it before.

Three months would be enough to know whether his plan was workable or not.

He had 28,000 yuan with him which would be enough to pay Wang Dong’s salary for two months. If he could not even earn 5,000 yuan in the next two months and failed to pay Wang Dong for the third month, Su Yang would give it up right away in order to cut his losses.

He would only lose 15,000 yuan at most in this plan, which made up the salary for Wang Dong. As for Wang Dong, it would be like working part-time while searching for the next job. The plan would barely affect his future.

If the plan worked, this would be his actual career. Su Yang would not only complete the Silver Mission but would have a career of his own.

The thought of starting his career with basically nothing, having a startup company during his first year of university, and becoming a millionaire sounded great.

After he parted ways with Wang Dong, Su Yang headed to the administration bureau to register his company.

Since he was doing it by himself, Su Yang found out that registering a company was not an easy task. The name of the company must be approved first before determining the operation range of the company. Then, the proof of rental or the deed of the office must be provided, followed by the list of shareholders’ names as well as their contact numbers and addresses. A company stamp was also needed to verify the documents.

Su Yang did not mind all the trivial procedures, but he did not have some of the required documents such as the proof of rental or the deed to the office.

He was just a briefcase company, so where would he find an office? Even if he rented one right away regardless of the rental, he might not make it in time.

In the end, he got an intermediary agent for the registration.

The intermediary agents outside the administration bureau or even in the lobby were closely connected to the internal officers and were very familiar with the steps and necessary documents for the registration.

Be it opening a bank account or registering a location, they would settle everything at a price. The price of their services was not cheap either. It was a total of 800 yuan.

Su Yang suppressed the pain in his heart and paid for the service. He left three name choices for his company, all kinds of details, and his contact number with the intermediary agent.

The country had already lowered the requirements for a sole proprietor private limited company to RMB 10,000, and the company had the choice to put in paid-up capital or a subscribed capital plan. Therefore, the owner of the company could decide whether to deposit the money to the company’s bank account during registration or not. Otherwise, the owner could deposit the money at a later date or pay the money through an installment over a fixed period of time.

At the same time, Wang Dong returned to Junqing Intermediary and met Manager Zhang.

Manager Zhang was much friendlier when he saw Wang Dong. He poured a cup of water for him and asked with a smile, “Wang, what brings you here today?”

Wang Dong sat on only a third of the chair which made his sitting posture look straighter. He said, “Brother Zhang, I’m here to ask for a favor.”

“I’ve just gotten into a new company which mostly provides part-time jobs to university students. Since Junqing had a lot of part-time cases the last time, I’m thinking that we might be able to work together.”

Initially, Manager Zhang was surprised by Wang Dong’s words before he plunged into thought. He said, “How many university students can your company pool together for a job?”

Wang Dong went through the data Su Yang had provided him in his mind. “We can get around 70 to 100 right away, and we can even get 100 to 200 with some preparation. This is only our initial stage, so we will be able to provide a better number in the future.”

As the department manager of a large intermediary company, Manager Zhang was obviously a smart person. He was able to pinpoint some details from Wang Dong’s words.

He leisurely lit a cigarette and took a puff with squinted eyes. As the cloud of smoke floated out of his mouth, he said, “A startup?”

Wang Dong was slightly stunned before he nodded.

Manager Zhang continued smoking in silence as if he was pondering something. A moment later, he looked at Wang Dong and said, “If I’m correct, your company only has a few people and your boss is the business source. Your boss has connections with the university students and related resources while you’ve been hired to make connections to part-time jobs.”

Wang Dong nodded again.

“If you have the idea and are able to get our company’s resources, why don’t you become your own boss?” Manager Zhang suggested.

The office fell into silence whilst the cigarette burned. Wang Dong lowered his head in silence for a long while.

Then, he sighed and said to Manager Zhang, “Brother Zhang, I’ve been following you since I came into this company, so you should know a great deal about me. I actually don’t like being an intermediary. I actually still wanted to be an interior designer. I come to work in the office and the supervisor will tell me what to do and what not to do, so I just have to follow orders and things will work out.

“If I do this on my own, I will be completely lost and I don’t have the necessary motivation. Besides…I’m looking for stability now. I don’t want to invest my hard-earned savings into a risky project,” said Wang Dong with a bitter smile, “If I had the ambition, I wouldn’t have waited until now.”

“Sigh…You…you really work hard and are passionate about the job, but you lack the impulse and motivation.” Manager Zhang sighed heavily and extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray. His words to Wang Dong sounded very sincere.

“But I still like you the most in our department. You are honest and hardworking. I never had to worry about the task I gave you. Too bad…”

The two of them knew what happened after that.

Manager Zhang stood up and took two steps forward. “Maybe it’s true that you don’t want to do this project yourself. There are people who have tried this before, but regardless of how hard they worked on it, they could not succeed because there were a lot of problems.

“For example, the turnover rate of part-time university students is too high or the university itself has its own part-time job circle which you won’t be able to get in easily. Or another example is that it will attract social problems. If the school finds out, the teachers will voice their rejection or whatnot.

“Most importantly, this kind of working pattern requires a huge amount of manpower and resources, and the threshold for the job is low. If your company can’t switch properly, the best you can do is not starve to death. You might not even find an investor or people to buy out the company.

“Those who tried to be entrepreneurs never just wanted to fill their stomachs, thus many of them failed in this project. You have your reasons for not doing this on your own. You are the founding employee of your current company anyway. If it works, you will be the right-hand man of your boss, and if it doesn’t, just find another job.”

Wang Dong smiled and nodded. “That’s what I thought.”

The two of them combed the details of Su Yang’s company and talked about potential future plans. Manager Zhang’s face had a wide smile on it. “Okay then. Since you’ve already come to me, of course, I’ll take care of you. I’ll give you a list of our company’s cases every week and you will get the priority to choose from them. As for the price, it will be our company’s best price. You should know all of that.”

Surprised, Wang Dong gushed, “Thank you, Brother Zhang. Thank you!”

Manager Zhang patted his shoulder. “It’s nothing. I felt guilty for your departure as well. If I can help, I’ll feel better. Now, should we draw up a year’s framework agreement first?”

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