I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Advanced Mathematics Is Simple

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“For real?” When Su Yang saw the sincerity in Little Hus’ eyes, he started to believe the husky bolster.

‘Maybe I should add a point to my phone…but what if I break it in the process? I need to earn money, not waste more.’

Su Yang hesitated for more than ten seconds before he finally made up his mind.

‘Argh! F*ck it! I’m going to earn a million anyway. A phone only costs a few thousand yuan! I’m going to be a millionaire in the future, I can’t be this stingy!”

With that in mind, Su Yang started to come up with a plan to get a Random Point for his phone.

‘If I get some powerful little monster, I might be rich! If not, I’ll skin Little Hus and make him into dog stew…Wait, Little Hus is a bolster. A bolster doesn’t have meat…’

Su Yang stared at Little Hus who was still grinning at his phone. It really felt like there was a real husky inside the bolster.

‘Maybe there really is a husky inside the bolster…’

Su Yang shook his head and suppressed his urge to rip Little Hus apart. He grabbed his phone. After not checking his phone for a whole night, his WeChat and QQ Messenger had been spammed with messages. There were a dozen notifications from the two messaging apps combined.

‘Are they all about my singing performance last night?’

Su Yang tapped on the notifications and checked them one by one. They were all indeed about his performance last night.

‘Was my singing that good?’ Su Yang was a little suspicious since the system did describe the ability as an elementary one.

He tapped on a clip that someone sent him and listened for himself. After he listened to his own voice, he realized that his singing was really good!

‘Did I sing this well last night?!’

Su Yang actually tried to sing and play the guitar in the past few days, but he did not reach the level of talent in the clip. Last night, due to various reasons like the resonance of his emotions and his voice that matched the mood of the song combined with the fact that the guitar from the busker was actually a decent one, his ability erupted.

If he had to perform again, he might not be able to sing as well as he had last night.

After all, singing required emotions, and if his emotions hit the right spot, even if his note was a little off, he could easily move people’s hearts.

He gave himself a big thumbs-up in his heart and replied to all the messages that mentioned him. He thanked everyone’s praises one by one since it was basic manners to him.

After the replies, Su Yang replied to the part-time chat group in QQ Messenger: ‘Second registration for the 20 part-timers this weekend. The job is about pretending to be clients who are interested in buying properties, so I need someone who looks a little older. If you look like an underaged kid, please don’t PM me.

‘Those who are interested, please PM me with your picture and details. Those who have registered in the first round can send me your pictures for consideration purposes. I’ll do a video call with each of you either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If your looks pass, you will get the job.’

A while later, Su Yang received pictures and information from a dozen of his classmates. A part-time job that paid 100 yuan for half a day of work was quite a good offer to a university student. The students were usually paid 70 to 80 yuan for other jobs that they received on campus.

Su Yang filtered through the candidates and came up with the first name list. There were almost 40 students, but some of them were duplicates.

He saved the name list for the video calls. Once he made sure the candidate’s face fit the criteria, he would give them the green light.

All these students were from average or below average families, so it more or less guaranteed their characters and attitudes towards a job. The poorer a person was, the more a person would cherish every opportunity. Su Yang was also the same.

After everything was settled, he laid back on his bed and sent a message to Wang Dong via WeChat. Regardless of work or private matters, after Wang Dong got drunk at dinner with him, he should show some concern for the man.

Five minutes later, Wang Dong had yet to reply. Su Yang did not wait for him. Instead, he tapped on his Friend Circle while thinking about other ways to earn more money.

However, when he noticed that many of his contacts were sharing the clip of him singing last night, he was somewhat embarrassed by it.

It also gave him the idea of becoming an online singer whereby he could ask people for donations per performance.

Unfortunately, he knew his own standards. Last night’s performance was unusual, and he could not sing this well during other days. Otherwise, he would have started streaming his performance online.

Just as he continued to plan his future, he suddenly saw the straight-A student, from whom he had borrowed the notes for Modern History Essentials of Huaxia, post a status in the Friend Circle.

The straight-A student’s name was Li Runze. He was a first-year student in the Communication and Information Engineering course of the Faculty of Information.

Under normal circumstances, the Faculty of Art should not have any connections with the Faculty of Information, but maybe the deans of the two faculties woke up on the wrong side of their beds one day and decided to combine the common classes together, so both courses shared the same lecturer and course structure.

For example, Old Zhou would teach the other faculty Modern History while Ms. Yuan from the other faculty would teach the students in the Faculty of Arts Advanced Mathematics.

Su Yang had a good impression of Li Runze. Other than his slightly old fashion way of thinking and doing things, the guy was quite a decent person to be around. Otherwise, he would not have lent Su Yang his notes without having met him more than twice.

Su Yang’s expression somehow grew serious upon reading the status that Li Runze posted in the Friend Circle.

‘I met a beautiful girl after Adv Maths today. I noticed she was a little down, so I went up to console her. After a little chat, she opened up to me and said she believed she was wasting time in this class.

‘I instantly felt like I met someone who knows me, so I agreed. I said that I also felt the same way. The Maths classes at university are too simple. Learning Maths again is like an insult to my intellect.

‘All of a sudden, she cried out loud, literally. I knew at first glance that this girl had barely experienced anything in life to have been moved by a stranger’s goodwill this easily. However, finding another person who thinks Adv Maths is simple is quite a challenge. I really hope I can talk more with her.’

Su Yang did not know how to react at first.

Was Advanced Mathematics that simple?

Su Yang started to search his memories and he realized that the subject was quite alright. To be honest, it was a little easy. His score in Advanced Mathematics was also nearly perfect after all.

With that in mind, he gave Li Runze’s status a “like”, acknowledging his thoughts.

Right after he tapped on the “like” button, he realized that Ms. Yuan, who taught Advanced Mathematics, had commented on the status: ‘Hehe.’

On second thought, Su Yang removed the like. Ms. Yuan was a little narrow-minded, thus it would be best for him to stay off her radar.

After he removed the like, Li Runze messaged him via WeChat: ‘When are you going to return my notes?’

‘Tomorrow morning.’

‘I’m busy tomorrow morning as I have to study. I have a class in second period today. You can deliver my notes to me before that.’

Li Runze then sent Su Yang a picture of his timetable. He was going to Advanced Mathematics in Room 302 of his faculty building.

However, Su Yang had a bad feeling about this.

‘Okay, see you.’

A timely return made it easier for a second loan.

After all, he did borrow people’s notes and had not returned it in time, so it was better for him to take the initiative this time. He got up and tidied up. He tossed Little Hus into the bathroom and told Gru to take care of the house before he headed to campus.

On the way to campus, Su Yang realized that he had become popular overnight. Students pointed at him and discussed in whispers along the way as if they recognized him.

Su Yang looked at his clothes and recognized that he wore the same one from yesterday. No wonder the others could recognize him.

When he arrived at the Faculty of Information, a familiar girl appeared in his sight. It was Chu Xia.

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