I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Little Hus’ Special Ability

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“Gru!” Su Yang shouted.

His voice was effective and Gru was stunned on the spot. The black twig turned around to Su Yang and whimpered in grievance, “Gru…Gru…”

However, Su Yang could not understand it.

Every time he communicated with Gru by observing its emotions, he was not capable of understanding the difference between ‘gru’ and ‘gru gru’. Language was his weakness after all.

Su Yang rubbed his temples as he closed the door and tried to pacify Gru, “Calm down, Gru. Let’s talk it out.”

Right after Su Yang said that, Gru calmed down and shrunk back into his little twig form like a deflated balloon, but it made even more noise as if it was eager to tell Su Yang something, “Gru gru, gru gru gru, gru gru.”

Su Yang sighed. If he could not understand two ‘grus’, there was no way he could understand a string of ‘grus’.

Why not ask Gru to write it down? As a matter of fact, it could not write or read. It could only copy Su Yang’s words and not understand the meaning of writings.

Therefore, the two of them could not communicate properly.

Just as Su Yang’s headache struck him, a lump of white and soft blob came out from under the bed. It jumped towards Su Yang as it squealed, “Su Yang! Su Yang! You are finally back!”

The owner of the sharp voice was obviously Su Yang’s second little monster, the husky bolster, also known as Little Hus.

The bolster turned around and revealed its husky picture. Little Hus’ eyes were wide, making it an infuriating face to look at. “Su Yang! Su Yang! Take care of that dumb stick! It’s trying to tear the house down!”

Gru got grumpy again when it saw Little Hus. It growled cautiously though it still sounded like ‘Gru, gru’.

Su Yang signed at Gru, telling it to calm down. He then looked at Little Hus and asked, “What did you do to him?”

Little Hus showed an inconceivable face. “Me? Did something to him?! He’s bullying me!”

“Gru gru!” Gru wanted to argue.

Little Hus jumped around Su Yang, and when the latter did not notice, Little Hus made a funny face at Gru as if it was saying, ‘What can you do, you dumb stick!’

Su Yang kicked the bolster and said, “Tell me what happened.”

Little Hus glared at Su Yang and reluctantly explained, “After you left, I stayed at home obediently and didn’t do anything bad. Then, that dumb Gru started to go mad. He threw things around and tried to turn the place upside down. I tried to stop him, but he beat me up.

“I gave my life to protect your property! But the fight ended with my failure. My powers are no match for his ferocity. This is the outcome.”

The husky picture on the bolster sized up the messy room and pouted with its doggy mouth.

After the explanation, Little Hus showed Su Yang its sincerest expression, but with that husky face, it felt more threatening. It seemed as if Little Hus was saying, ‘If you don’t believe me, I’ll kill myself in front of you!’

‘Why must the husky face be this infuriating? I really want to punch it…’

Even after Little Hus explained everything, Su Yang did not punish or lecture Gru at all. Instead, he really wanted to beat Little Hus up.

Su Yang tried to hold his urge back. He really tried, but he ultimately failed and punched Little Hus. It felt soft as if he was punching the air.

Little Hus squealed and gave Su Yang a husky death stare. “Why did you beat me?!”

“Nothing in particular. Maybe my hand is itchy,” he replied.

Truth be told, maybe because Little Hus looked a lot like the villain in this situation, Su Yang did not believe a single word that it said.

The situation might have been a typical trope in a palace drama whereby the concubines tried to kill each other with schemes and plots or Gru’s hidden ferocity and cruelty had been exposed. When it was alone, Gru was quiet and obedient, but when Little Hus came, it started to tear the place down!

Compared to the mystical and dramatic story, Su Yang tended to believe that Little Hus was behind everything because in its explanation, Little Hus felt a little too innocent. It was like a loyal follower who would protect its master regardless of the circumstances. ‘I wonder why I didn’t notice all these traits yesterday…’

Therefore, after Su Yang told Gru to clean the place up, he lifted Little Hus up and headed to the bathroom. He tossed the bolster into the pail of water, and this time, he even covered it with a lid to prevent it from escaping.

Little Hus refused to admit that he was the mastermind behind the mess as it fought back furiously and kicked a fuss. “It’s not fair! You are killing your loyal official! Ahhh! The kingdom will be ruined in your hands! You will never be able to face your ancestors with glory and pride!”

‘For a bolster with a husky face, this fella really knows how to cause a scene…’ Su Yang did not know how to argue anymore. He was not bothered by Little Hus’ nonsense. ‘Make all the noise you want. I’m the only one here. Even if you scream your lungs out, no one will save you.’

After he came out from the bathroom, he saw Gru tidying up the place swiftly. Gru also extended one of its sprouts to Su Yang and nuzzled his hand while gru-ing in grievance.

Su Yang caressed its sprout and offered some consolation, “Everything is fine now. I believe you. That b*stard is an evil one, so don’t feel bad about it.”

Cheered up, Gru cleared up the room even quicker.

After the place was tidied up, Su Yang went to bed. A lot had happened today and he was exhausted. His phone was blinking and buzzing with notifications from WeChat and QQ Messenger, but he did not have the mood to check them.

Before this, he did not believe that singing could be tiring but now he did. After venting all his emotions out in a single song, he might have felt a lot lighter mentally, but he was also exhausted at the same time.

The next day, Su Yang woke up very late. The sun was already hanging in the sky and Little Hus had somehow gotten out from the bathroom, but this time, it did not make any noise. Instead, it jumped on Su Yang’s back although it was soaked.

The bed was already wet when Su Yang opened his eyes. His first reaction was ‘Sh*t, did I pee on the bed?!’

Right after his initial shock, he realized that the wet Little Hus was lying on his back with a silly grin. It opened its mouth wide and its tongue was sticking out. Its big eyes were looking at Su Yang’s phone while it giggled as if it was a pervert.

Su Yang switched his gaze from Little Hus to his phone. His phone was locked and the screen was black, but Little Hus’ perverted face was reflected on the glass.

‘Is this talking bolster also a narcissist?’

Su Yang kicked the bolster off the bed. “Who allowed you to get on the bed? You are soaked!”

Little Hus shook its body like a real dog, but nothing was shaken off. After all, it was a bolster, not a dog. It looked at Su Yang with an innocent expression. “I’ve shaken my body, so I should be dry now.”

Su Yang did not want to answer its stupid question, so he switched topics and asked, “Why are you looking at my phone?”

Little Hus gave him a mysterious look. “I’m not going to tell you.”

“Gru, bring me my brick,” Su Yang commanded.

Gru had never responded so quickly before. It extended its sprout almost instantly and curled it around the brick before delivering it to Su Yang.

Since Su Yang had already used the brick’s ability, it was in cooldown mode. In other words, it was just a face-smashing brick. He grinned sinisterly at the husky bolster.

Little Hus gulped nervously and the two edges of the bolster were raised up as if in surrender. “Okay, okay, I surrender!”

Su Yang put the brick down. “Talk.”

Little Hus squinted his eyes and seemed sleazy as it said, “Su Yang, I actually have the special ability to tell whether or not an item has the potential to achieve [Life Evolution].”

“Really?” Su Yang was shocked.

Little Hus giggled and nodded.

Su Yang was doubtful about how evil the husky looked. ‘Is this doggy bolster trying to trick me?’

However, he shook his head. He believed he should not have this much prejudice against Little Hus. His Random Point had given life to the husky bolster, so it was not that surprising that Little Hus would have a special ability.

However, no matter how he looked at Little Hus, that husky face appeared like it was trying to cheat him.

‘Why must the husky face look like a villain?’

Su Yang discarded the thought from his mind and asked, “Then, what did you see in my phone?”

Shrouded in mystery, Little Hus said, “I saw very high potential in your phone. It’s a special one. There’s an 80% chance that [Life Evolution] will work and the life granted to the phone will be something extraordinary.”

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