I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Drawing The Second Ability

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Tang Dafa’s first reaction was disbelief.

As a part-time fortune teller, no one else but him knew that fortune-telling was nothing but fake, so Su Yang was destined to be a scapegoat.

However, things seemed to prove that Su Yang had really foreseen the kid’s location.

It might be the biggest joke in the world!

As his mind spun rapidly, Tang Dafa tossed his chips away and typed a message to Tang Jing with his fat fingers.

‘Ms. Tang, congratulations. Thank goodness it was a false alarm. Where did you find your daughter?’

Two minutes later, Tang Jing replied with a cold and brief message: ‘At home’.

When Tang Dafa saw the message, a sudden realization hit him and he laughed out loud.

No wonder Su Yang could find the kid. The kid had already gone back home! It seemed like Su Yang’s ‘fortune-telling’ was just a fluke.

Tang Dafa carefully analyzed the situation. If it were him, he would have started with Tisneyland and the lady’s house since these two places had the highest chances of locating the kid.

‘What a lucky guy…’

After Tang Dafa filled the gaps with his imagination, he heaved a breath of relief. The world had not changed. It was still the one that he knew, and fortune-telling was still an art of deception.

He did not ask any other questions. Instead, he started to ask Tang Jing for payment.

‘Then, Ms. Tang, it’s time to clear the fortune-telling fee for this round so that I can split the money with my friend.’

Right after she received the second message from Tang Dafa, Tang Jing frowned while she was pouring a glass of milk for her daughter.

She might be weak, but she was not an idiot. That Tang Da’fat’ had been shifting the responsibility for the past two days. He obviously wanted to cast away the problem, which was her in this case, yet he was shameless enough to ask her for payment?!

On second thought, since Tang Dafa did introduce Su Yang to her, even if he did not do anything, at least, he could get a little…credit? Therefore, after a lot of thought, she still transferred 1,000 yuan over to him, which was the same price that she usually paid Tang Dafa for fortune-telling.

To her surprise, in less than two seconds, Tang Dafa sent a third message: ‘Ms. Tang, this is just the fee for me alone. I still have to pay my friend, so it will be double this time.’

Tang Jing got so angry that her face flushed. She had pleaded for Tang Dafa’s help for many days and even almost got down to her knees, yet the fat man did not even help her. He had said that he would introduce her to a friend, but after spending a whole day with Su Yang, Tang Jing realized the two of them were not friends at all.

They were not even familiar with each other! Su Yang was obviously a scapegoat that Tang Dafa got to shift the responsibility on.

Even though Su Yang proved himself in the end, it had nothing to do with Tang Da’fat’! Yet, the man was shameless enough to ask for double the fee? How much more shameless he could be?!

Tang Jing got so angry that her chest started to heave strongly!

However, at the very end, because she did not want to let that fat man know she gave Su Yang 10,000 yuan, her weak self compromised and transferred another 1,000 yuan over!

‘Fine, I’ll just pay double since it’s for Su Yang anyway…’

After she transferred the money, Tang Jing blacklisted Tang Dafa without a second thought. The fat man was shameless. She really had no idea why she had fallen for his tricks so many times in the past!

Tang Dafa’s eyes curled up into two crescents after he got the money and his signature golden smile was on display.

He happily replied with a ‘thank you’, but he realized that he had been blacklisted. Still, it was within his expectation. His performance in the past few days was nothing less than poor, so this woman would probably never look for him again.

Since it was a one-time deal, of course, he would get as much as he could.

As for Su Yang’s share, after a second thought, he concluded that Su Yang was just a poor university student and had nothing to do with his friend, Jiang Yan. He planned to simply brush Su Yang off with 2,300 yuan.

For Little Boss Tang, as someone who had been hustling in Shanghai for over 20 years, dealing with people using different approaches was part of the basics.

Su Yang was counting the stack of red Grandpa Mao notes on his desk. He suppressed the joy in his heart and added the mountain to the 4,000 yuan that he carried.

In the past few days, he had earned almost 30,000 yuan, which was more than three years of his family’s income. He did not just earn enough for his rent for the rest of the year, but he even got enough for his daily expenses. On top of that, judging from the situation, he might be able to squeeze out his next semester’s tuition fee.

Su Yang did some calculations. After taking his rent, tuition fee, and daily expenses out of the equation, he still had a few thousand yuan left. He could send the money back and lighten the burden of his parents.

While he studied in Shanghai, his parents had been living a bitter life. They did not even accept the money he earned during last semester.

Su Yang knew his parents were trying to be considerate because they knew that his expenses in Shanghai were high and that he always consumed junk food. Being poor would also make him a joke among his friends and classmates, thus all the more his parents did not want his money.

Thankfully, he got slightly richer, so his parents should live a better life. After all, he had the Point System and his future would surely improve.

After he finished counting the money, since the presence of fortune lingered in his hand, he decided to draw the rewards for the Bronze Mission.

Before the draw, he still had one more thing to do: bring out his godly item for drawing the abilities, the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick].

When he got this brick, Su Yang had once hoped that he would never find a use for this brick. Who would have known that two days later, the brick would become useful?

With a sour expression, Su Yang looked at the brick that did not change in terms of appearances after he added the point to it. He ought to cry but failed to shed a tear. He had always smashed people’s faces with the brick, but who would have thought that he would be smashing his own today?

‘Bring it on! The faster I get through it, the faster I will be reborn! For English, for the semester test, for the Bronze Mission!’

Su Yang endured the pain and smashed his face with the brick.


A loud thud later, Su Yang’s forehead and nose hurt badly. At that very moment, he felt something warm dripping out of his nose. His nose was bleeding!

Su Yang looked at the brick and a countdown timer appeared on it. 29.51 and counting.

‘It worked!’

He might not know how hard he smashed himself, but regardless, the effect of the brick was in play. Su Yang could not go back from this anymore. He withstood the pain and ignored the bleeding from his nose while he tapped on the button [Check Reward].

Right away, the notification from the system popped.

[Completed Bronze Mission. Bronze Points acquired. Able to add the Bronze Points to one of three random abilities provided.]

After the notification, an option window appeared before his eyes. There were three options for him to choose from.

[1. Guitar-playing ability]

[2. Guitar-playing ability]

[3. Guitar-playing ability]

“What? What the f*ck? What the f*ck!?” Su Yang wanted to curse the system’s mother so badly. What kinds of random abilities were these?

Why was it the [Guitar-playing ability]? And why the hell were all three of them the same?!

The system had not informed him about all three abilities being the same!

It was at that moment when a new window popped up.

[Acquired three similar abilities. Reward abilities are related to [Elementary Talent: Voice Specialty]]

One more window popped up.

[Elementary Talent: Voice Specialty]

[Remark: When you sing, your voice is extra charming, and if your emotions resonate, your singing and guitar-playing abilities will increase to the next level.]

Su Yang lost his mind.

“What the f*ck am I going to do with this?! I’m not going into showbiz! Why the hell are you giving me a charming voice?! And it only works when I sing?! Can’t I speak charmingly during normal times?! At least, give me a guitar!”

Su Yang wiped the blood off his face. He felt like he lost a great deal in this ability drawing process. Besides breaking his nose, he had even drawn a losing ability.

If he got the [Guitar-playing] ability, why did the system not give him a guitar?! Could he get a guitar with his charming voice? No, he had to spend money on it!

He drew his reward but potentially lost a few hundred yuan. No matter how he looked at it, he had lost terribly this time.

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