I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: A Good Soul Recompensed

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The same theory applied to this incident as well. Tang Xiaomi had been missing for two days, and Tang Jing had been searching for two days, but she only returned to her home in the city center. She had never once thought of checking the villa on the outskirts.

However, Su Yang ‘foresaw’ it, so she had gone over and had really found her daughter. It was undoubtedly his hard work.

Otherwise, who knew how long Tang Xiaomi might have been stuck in this villa and how long Tang Jing would have taken to find her daughter?

Looking at her daughter in her arms, Tang Jing recalled the hardship that she had been through these two days, especially today. Everything was worth it and she felt ashamed of doubting Su Yang for a whole day.

She unconsciously sat up straight and said to him, “Master Soo, thank you for finding my daughter. What do you want in return? As long as it is within my achievable range, I won’t deny you!”

She then fished out a stack of money wrapped in a red envelope from her bag and gave it to him. “Here’s 10,000 yuan as a small token of appreciation. Please accept it, Master.”

Su Yang saw the stack of paper with Grandpa Mao1‘s face on it and was shocked, but he was able to recover a moment later.

Previously, he might have had all sorts of greedy thoughts about the stack of money, but after earning the 20,000 yuan from the gold, having another 10,000 yuan in front of him…actually still felt a lot.

However, he was a realistic person, so he pushed the stack of money back and said, “Thank you, Sister Tang. You can keep the money. I’m actually happy for you now that Xiaomi is back, and actually, she came back by herself, so it isn’t right for me to take the money.”

It was Su Yang’s honest thoughts. Tang Xiaomi did return home herself, and he had nothing to do with this. If he took the payment without actually doing anything, he might not be able to sleep at night, but…if the amount was a little less, he might accept it.

Something like 888 yuan, 1,888 yuan, or even 2,888 yuan would be fine, and he would have shamelessly accepted it.

10,000 yuan was a little too much for his morale bottom line.

On top of that, Tang Dafa said he would be given a commission. Su Yang was clueless about how much he would get, but since he would be getting a share, getting another big red envelope from Tang Jing was not really appropriate.

Therefore, Su Yang suppressed his pounding heart and rejected the token of gratitude.

Tang Jing insisted that he take it. The two of them pushed the stack of money back and forth for quite a while before it ended with Su Yang’s persistence. He did not take the money in the end.

Since Tang Xiaomi had returned, Su Yang no longer needed to follow Tang Jing to the next city, so he took his leave.

Tang Jing offered to give Su Yang a ride home, but he rejected it at first. Nevertheless. Tang Jing said she had to send Tang Xiaomi back to the house in the city center anyway, thus Su Yang agreed to hitch a ride.

On the way back, Tang Jing drove while Su Yang and Tang Xiaomi were sitting in the rear seat. For some reason, Tang Xiaomi was very curious about Su Yang and she insisted on sitting with him at the back.

It got a little boring on the way back. Therefore, Su Yang took the initiative and asked, “Oh right, how did you get home, Xiaomi?”

Tang Jing answered as she continued driving, “Xiaomi said after she got lost. She took the subway and public transportation to get back…”

Before she could finish, Tang Xiaomi angrily interrupted her, “I didn’t get lost. You are the one who got lost! I told you I was going to the toilet and that I would wait for you at Mickey’s spot after that. But when I came back, you were not there. I tried looking for you, but you were gone, so I carried my little bag along with me, took the subway, and boarded the bus back home!”

Tang Jing apologetically smiled at Su Yang through the rear mirror before she explained, “I got a little caught up with work that day. I was on the phone, so I might have missed it when Xiaomi told me where to meet up. In the end, I lost her.”

Su Yang somehow felt doubtful about the mother-daughter duo.

‘These two aren’t as reliable as they seem…Did the little girl really get home by herself? It’s a little dangerous. Shanghai is a big city and a 4- to 5-year-old kid took the subway and the bus home safely? Is Shanghai a little too safe? Or are the people too cold?’

Right after the thought popped in his mind, Tang Xiaomi joyfully said, “Actually, on the way back home, there are a lot of uncles and aunties who asked me whether I lost Mommy, They offered to bring me to Mommy, but I’m a smart girl! I said no to all of them. My Mommy said those uncles and aunties who offered to bring me to her are all bad people!”

‘No wonder the police had nothing on her.Tang Jing’s safety education was a little too fail-proof…’

Tang Jing softly continued, “Actually, during the first day, I tried the broadcast system in Tisneyland and contacted the police, but the police told me to wait. I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so I went to Master Tang for help.

“Master Tang didn’t want to help me and kept rejecting me. Thankfully, he introduced you to me. Otherwise, I might not know how to get through this.”

“I didn’t actually do anything, Xiaomi returned home by herself,” said Su Yang.

“But if it was not for you, I might not be able to find Xiaomi this soon,” said Tang Jing.

Su Yang did not argue anymore because it was the truth.

Soon, Tang Jing dropped off Su Yang at the entrance of his neighborhood. Su Yang got down while Tang Jing brought Xiaomi down to thank him once more before they saw him off. Only then did the two of them get into the car and leave.

After Su Yang reached his basement, a beep came into his mind.

[Bronze Mission Complete: Please check your reward.]

Su Yang was not in a hurry because he knew the abilities would be randomly provided once he tapped on it.

He had not washed his hands or smashed his face with the brick, so he ought to take it slow.

He tossed his bag to Gru and headed to the bathroom for a careful hand wash. Of course, he also used his ‘lucky soap’.

After his hands smelled like flowers, Su Yang came out from the bathroom and wanted to take out the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick] that he got yesterday.

Before that, Gru held him up. Its two tiny sprouts extended forward with an envelope. It nudged Su Yang with its signature call, “Gru, Gru.”

Surprised, Su Yang asked, “What is this?”

Gru’s sprout went into the envelope and took out a stack of red Grandpa Mao notes. Judging from the thickness, there were almost 10,000 yuan. He had a thought after he saw the money. “Did you got this from the bag?”

“Gru, Gru.” Gru nodded its sprout.

It was actually from Tang Jing who must have snuck it in without his knowledge.

Su Yang tried to recall what happened. If he remembered correctly, Tang Jing had not touched his bag at all. However, when Tang Xiaomi was sitting in the rear seat with him, the little girl might have had a chance, so she must have slipped it in without his notice.

Tang Jing must have ordered Tang Xiaomi to slip it in.

Su Yang’s heart was filled with warmth at the token of gratitude. It seemed like there were still some good people in this world

It was rare for him to not take the reward from this incident, but he purely wanted to do something good. To his surprise, he was rewarded even better than other times.

Su Yang smiled. “Maybe this is what they call ‘a good soul recompensed’.”

He took out his phone, tapped on WeChat and thanked Tang Jing. Two minutes later, Tang Jing replied: ‘It is I who should be thanking you.’

Another voice message followed and it was Tang Xiaomi’s cute voice chirping, ‘Thank you, big brother.’

Su Yang smiled.

At the same time, in a high-class villa at the edge of the city, Tang Dafa was eating a bag of chips while scrolling through his Friend Circle in Wechat. Suddenly, he saw Tang Jing’s status.

‘Thank the heavens and a friend, I got my daughter back. Thankfully it is just a false alarm.’

The picture that came with the status was Tang Jing and Tang Xiaomi’s selfie. The two of them smiled brightly in the picture.

Tang Dafa was shocked. The potato chip fell on his fat stomach and he did not even realize it.

‘H-he found the kid!?’

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