I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Searched All Over Shanghai

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Su Yang’s heart slowly sank. The worst-case scenario had happened. Tang Xiaomi was not in Tisneyland.

The Tisneyland in Shanghai was around 400 hectares, which equaled 4 square kilometers. The sensing range of the [Fruit-loving Pen] was a 20 km radius starting from Su Yang, so that was 1,256 square kilometers.

Su Yang searched online and knew that Haidong New District where Tisneyland was located in was 1,220 square kilometers. Even though his sensing range could not cover every inch of the district, he should be able to cover enough ground.

In conclusion, Tang Xiaomi was not within Haidong New District.

Where had she gone to?

Su Yang opened his eyes in a daze and saw Tang Jing looking at him doubtfully. Her face had every emotion of hers written on it.

He subtly put the pen away and said, “Let’s go. She’s not here.”

Tang Jing stared straight at him without uttering a word for a while and the doubts piled up in her heart. However, her soft side decided to compromise in the end. She started the car and said, “Where to?”

“Hongqiao District.”

Hongqiao District was the most important transportation hub in Shanghai. Every transportation hub such as an airport, train stations, and bus stations was located in that district.

With Su Yang’s lead, Tang Jing drove the car to the center of Hongqiao District.

Similar to what he did near Tisneyland, he held the pen, closed his eyes, and ate a grape, but nothing happened. The little girl was not in the transportation hub either. Su Yang felt absolutely clueless.

After that, the two of them drove all over Shanghai and searched in every single district.

Donghui District: no.

Minhui District: no.

Xipu District: no.

Songjiang District: also, no.

All the major districts in Shanghai were covered, and as Su Yang chewed on the grapes one after another, his heart sank deeper and deeper. Tang Jing also looked worse for wear.

The smile on her face was as fake as it could get, and in the end, she did not even bother hiding her emotions anymore.

After all, anyone would be extremely dubious after driving a suspicious young man all over Shanghai and all the young man did was hold a pen, eat grapes, and nothing else!

While they were waiting for the traffic light, Tang Jing quietly messaged Tang Dafa via WeChat: ‘Master Tang, your friend…doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. Can you introduce me to another master?’

Tang Dafa was seated in his comfortable office chair after transferring the troublesome woman to Su Yang. He was looking at his shop sales for the month and was enjoying a Coke.

He picked up his phone after he heard the notification and saw Tang Jing asking him for help. He looked askance at the screen and giggled since he was not surprised at all.

Fortune-telling was nothing but deception. At most, there might be a little bit of psychological effect in play, but it was not magical by any means. It was no surprise to Tang Dafa that Su Yang could not locate the girl. In fact, he would be frightened if Su Yang could.

‘This woman is really dumb. Does she really believe that fortune-telling can locate someone? Is her mind okay? Besides, I’ve shifted the trouble to that dumb university student, so why would I take the trouble back? I’m not an idiot.’

With that in mind, he replied: ‘Ms. Tang. It’s not that I don’t want to help you. Do you know that people like us have specialties and Master Su Is the best master I know who’s skilled in locating people? If even he can’t locate your daughter, I’m afraid I might not have any other recommendations. Why don’t you try another fortune teller? Maybe you will be surprised.’

Up until this point, if Tang Jing had yet to realize Tang Dafa was just shifting the responsibility to someone else, she was not worthy of sitting in a car worth a million yuan.

She slammed her phone at the windshield and opened the storage compartment of the car. She grabbed a stack of money out and threw it at Su Yang. “You are just trying to cheat my money, aren’t you? Here! Take it! Take it and go! Stop treating me like an idiot!”

Su Yang was actually checking the map of Shanghai, and all of a sudden, he was covered in money.

He was shocked for two seconds before he stared at Tang Jing.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

At first, Tang Jing was furious at Su Yang, but as the seconds passed by, her eyes slowly wavered and then she started to avert his gaze. She dared not look the young man in the eyes.

Su Yang quietly picked up the scattered money and put them back in her hand as he said calmly, “Ms. Tang, I know how you are feeling right now, but please don’t let your emotions get the best of you. I want to find her as well. If she’s still in Shanghai, I will be able to find her.”

He looked deeply into Tang Jing’s eyes and said firmly, “Please believe me, and please give Xiaomi a chance. Maybe she’s waiting for you in some hidden place, cold and alone.”

Tang Jing stared blankly at him. Her nose started to sting and her eyes started to get teary as if a layer of mist had covered her sight.

A moment later, she lowered her head and wiped her tears while she said meekly, “Thank you. I’m sorry. I-I’m really having a lot of pressure these few days. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

All parents on Earth loved their children, and even if there was one in a millionth chance, she would continue to search for her daughter. If it was not her last resort, she would not have placed her bet on fortune-telling either.

Even a stranger who she had just met that morning was holding on, so how could she give up like this?

The car purred back to life and started to circle more of Shanghai to search for Tang Xiaomi.

Xuguang District, Changtai District, Jinghui District, Pushan District…every single district was covered. The two of them circled the biggest city in the country whole but got nothing.

Tang Jing’s disappointment grew bigger and she fell deeper into despair. She knew that she might have lost her daughter and that she might never come back to her again.

The picture she had of her daughter with Donald at Tisneyland might be the last memory she had of her.

The sky turned dark. The search had started from morning to night and both of them did not have anything to eat or drink at all.

Su Yang was running low on grapes. Now, whenever the car drove out of the 20 km radius range, he would take one and search every corner and alley, but he still got nothing.

“I think this will be it. Thank you. Maybe Xiaomi is really not in Shanghai anymore. I’ll go to the police station in the next province tomorrow and hope for the best,” Tang Jing said with a sigh after she looked at the time.

It was already 10 p.m.

“No matter how long it takes or wherever I have to go, I’ll search for her, and maybe one day, she will come back to me.”

Su Yang went silent for a moment before he said, “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Tang Jing looked at Su Yang in shock. He averted her gaze and added, “But I can at most help you for two more days. After that, if we can’t get anything in the neighboring province, I have to come back for classes.”

“You really don’t need to…”

Su Yang stopped her and said, “I want to find her too, or maybe I’m just trying to do something good here…And I can really locate her if she is within the sensing range,” he said with a little pause in the middle.

Tang Jing smiled and did not say anything since she had no comment about Su Yang’s methods.

She did not reject Su Yang’s goodwill. “Then, you can stay at my place today. We will leave at first light in the morning.”


The Porsche sprinted on the Shanghai highway.

As the scenery outside the window got a little less populated, Su Yang could not help but ask, “Where’s your place anyway?”

“Jiaan. A villa at the edge of Jiaan.”

Su Yang leaned his head on the window.

‘Wealthy people.’

He stuffed a grape in his mouth. Since the grapes were almost finished, it would be a waste if he did not finish them.

However, right after the grape entered his stomach, the pen in his hand started to move.

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