I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Ate The “Offering”?

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Even though Tang Jing was suspicious of Su Yang’s ability, since he was someone Master Tang introduced, he must have some true skills.

With that in mind, she suppressed the anxiety in her heart and asked, “T-then, Master Su, what do we need to prepare?”

Su Yang kept his pen and papers into his bag as he said, “Ms. Tang, if you don’t mind, can you send me several pictures of your daughter?”

Tang Jing was slightly surprised but did not ask why. She exchanged contacts with Su Yang via WeChat and sent him some pictures.

After the pictures were sent, she asked, “Do you need her date or time of birth as well?”

Su Yang scrolled through the pictures and shook his head. “There’s no need for that.”

“Then, do you need her belongings or should I write down the characters of her name?”

He shook his head. “That won’t be necessary.”

Tang Jing’s heart slowly sank. ‘Fortune-telling without having the date and time of birth and not needing me to write the characters of her name? This Master Su…Does he really know how to do this?’

On the other hand, Tang Dafa was also slightly shaking his head. ‘The kid is still too green. The essence of fortune-telling is to make people believe it since it’s a part of psychology. The more items you require, the better it will work and you shouldn’t go against the norm.’

Tang Dafa always did his homework about what other fortune tellers used during their performance, and he would be sure to have it or even more than that to show off his professionalism. Only then would the customers believe him.

An amateur like Su Yang, who did not need anything but a picture, might not even fool an idiot.

Su Yang was clueless about what the two of them were thinking. He checked the pictures on WeChat and saw a little girl with a high nose, big eyes, and black hair. She was around 4 to 5 years old and was quite cute for her age. She wore a pink dress and had a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on her head. Her smile revealed two bunny teeth at the edge of her mouth, which increased her cuteness. She seemed like an obedient and nice little girl.

The thought of such a cute little girl going missing made his heart tighten a bit. She might have been kidnapped or worse.

Su Yang was not actually a good person. After all, he offered his help just because he wanted to accept the mission and get more Bronze Points.

However, when he saw the picture of the cute girl, for the first time in his life, he had the urge to save this little girl even if it cost him his mission.

A young and cute little girl who had barely experienced the world meeting a bad end? Nothing was more pitiful than this.

Maybe this was the reason why he got the Point System—to be a better person.

He discarded the complicated thoughts from his mind and left Dafa Gold Shop with the anxious Tang Jing.

The two of them were heading to Tisneyland. Tang Dafa would never follow because he originally wanted to get out of this trouble, so after he heard that the two of them were going, he quickly sent them off and strongly expressed that he believed in Su Yang’s ability, hence he was not following them.

Tang Jing’s family must have deep pockets. The car that she drove gave her away. As a fashionable but practical luxurious car, the Porsche Panamera cost almost a million yuan.

The two of them got into the car with Tang Jing in the driver’s seat and Su Yang in the passenger seat.

After they got into the car, Tang Jing gripped the steering wheel for a while as deep thoughts rumbled in her mind. In the end, she looked at Su Yang with a worried expression. “Master Su, can you really find my daughter?”

Su Yang might have accepted the mission, but he did not make himself clear. “If she is still within Shanghai, we should be able to find her.”

Although he did not elaborate, his meaning was obvious. If Tang Xiaomi had been kidnapped by smugglers and sent out of Shanghai, his hands would be tied.

After all, the whole of Huaxia1 was huge. It had been two days since the little girl went missing and that was enough time for her to travel to the Jiujiang Province.

Given Su Yang’s 20 km range of detection, if he wanted to locate her outside the city, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

She was prepared for the worse, but after hearing Su Yang’s answer, Tang Jing was silenced. She lowered her head and her shoulders started to tremble. A crystal clear tear fell on her lap that was covered in black stockings. It slowly spread and seeped into the fabric.

Su Yang sighed. He pulled a piece of tissue paper out and passed it to her.

Despite accepting it, Tang Jing did not look at him. Her head remained low as she wiped her tears away.

The atmosphere was a little awkward. Su Yang then asked, “Oh, I haven’t heard about your husband. Your daughter is missing. Where is he?”

Tang Jing calmly replied, “He’s dead.”

“I’m sorry.”

Maybe because the topic was not suitable for the situation, the car became quiet. A moment later, Tang Jing looked up and shoved the tissue away, then the car growled to life.

It was silent along the way, and only the heavy growls of the engine buzzed in the car.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Tisneyland.

Tang Jing parked the car and looked at Su Yang with anticipation. He was her last straw of hope.

Her gaze was burning and Su Yang was not used to it at first. He tried to console her, “Tisneyland is a place for families. Kidnappers won’t usually target this obvious place.”

Maybe he knew his consolation was not convincing enough, so he cleared his throat to cover up his embarrassment. He then fished out his pen and paper from his bag and a bunch of…grapes.

It was the new fruit that he had bought to search for Tang Xiaomi.

He had grown tired of eating prunes for the past few days while mulberries and blueberries were too expensive. Bananas, oranges, and apples were too big to carry around, so he actually planned to use the Saintess’ Fruit, which was mini tomatoes, but after he ate it, he realized that it was useless.

Maybe the system viewed the mini tomatoes as a vegetable.

In the end, he picked grapes.

Su Yang laid the paper flat on his lap and held the [Fruit-loving Pen] in his hand. After he plucked a grape and tossed it into his mouth, he uncapped the pen and thought of Tang Xiaomi’s name and how she looked like. He slowly chewed on the grape.

Tang Jing watched the process from the start. From the moment Su Yang brought his pen and paper out, she already had her doubts, and when she saw the grapes, she was baffled with confusion and suspicion.

However, she convinced herself this might be Master Su’s unique method of fortune-telling.

After all, every master had their own unique secrets, so maybe he used the grapes as an offering!

Then, she saw Su Yang hold the pen and toss a grape into his mouth, Tang Jing could no longer convince herself about what she saw. Her suspicion had reached its peak.

‘What is this Master Su doing? Why is he eating the offering?’

Su Yang held the pen tight and closed his eyes. The sweet and sourish juice of the grape burst in his mouth and he could not help but feel a tingle at his lower jaw.

He knew it was a necessary process, so he did not let his thoughts stray. He tried his best to picture Tang Xiaomi’s face while he thought of her name.

He waited patiently for the [Fruit-loving Pen] to write down the address of the little girl, but after he finished the grape, the pen did not move at all.

Absolutely nothing happened.

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