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Chapter 419 - 419 The Human Emperor's Nine Cauldrons

419 The Human Emperor’s Nine Cauldrons

Yang Sen was also furious.

“He’s just a Manjushri Guangfa. Does he think he’s Guangchengzi? However, the three of us brothers are enough to reach the Golden Immortal realm.”

With that, Yang Lin rode the mount back to the Shang army’s camp, followed by Gao Youmo. Li xXngba looked at the two angry people, sighed helplessly, and followed.

On the other side, at the capital’s secret underground palace…

Emperor Xin was sitting in the center of the underground palace, wearing a dragon robe.

Beside him, there were nine bronze cauldrons.

A vast amount of Spiritual Qi gushed into Emperor Xin’s body.

After a short while, Emperor Xin slowly opened his eyes.

Fei Zhong, who was standing at the side, said to di Xin respectfully, “Congratulations, Your Majesty. The nine cauldrons of Emperor Yu are truly mysterious. Not only do they contain a layer of the human race’s destiny power, but they are also treasures of merit. They can also allow Your Majesty to successfully cultivate and embark on the path of the ancient emperor.”

The previous Fei Zhong had indeed been an impersonator.

However, the elites of the Delinquents had been taken away by Fei Zhong to find Emperor Yu’s nine cauldrons for Emperor Xin.

This was also the backup plan that Emperor Xin had been preparing—Emperor Yu’s nine cauldrons, the supreme treasures of the human race.

Even Emperor Xin himself did not expect this.

Not only did Emperor Yu’s nine cauldrons contain the luck of the human race, but they also contained a cultivation technique of the Human Emperor.

The stronger the human race was, the faster the cultivation speed would be.

As the current Human Emperor, Emperor Xin had made great efforts to rule the Shang dynasty and had reached the Earth Immortal realm in just a few days of cultivation.

Di Xin said in a deep voice, “With the support of the nine cauldrons and my position as the Human Emperor, I am able to obtain three levels of the human race’s fate. My cultivation is also progressing at a tremendous pace. With the nine cauldrons in my hand, as long as the Saints do not make a move, I am already invincible in the human world.”

Di Xin said with a cold smile, “It’s a pity that I can’t escape from the Saints’ schemes without becoming a Saint. The heavens want to destroy my Great Shang, and the Saints want my life. I should find some time to go to the Fire Cloud Cave and see if I can invite those three fellows.

“Also, where did that Big Brother of mine go? Did he really become a monk?”

In Western Qi City…

Manjushri Guangfa brought Jiang Ziya back to the Prime Minister’s mansion with Jin Lu. He took out the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Pill and fed it to Jiang Ziya.

Not long after, Jiang Ziya slowly woke up and saw Manjushri Guangfa in front of him. He was surprised.

“Senior Brother. Just now, my soul wandered into the great void. I was clearly dead, why?”

Jin Lu explained, “Uncle-Master, my Master fed you a Nine Revolutions Soul Return Pill, so you naturally came back to life.”

Manjushri Guangfa also said to Jiang Ziya, “This is my disciple, Jin Lu. He will follow you and help Western Qi attack the Shang dynasty.”

After that, he chatted with Jiang Ziya for a while and left.

The three Saints of Nine Dragons Island returned to the Shang army’s camp and slept through the night. The next day, they mounted their mounts and called for a battle outside Western Qi city.

Jiang Ziya’s injury had not fully recovered, and he did not want to fight, but Jin Lu said, “Uncle-Master, since I’m here to protect you, you’ll definitely succeed in leaving the city.”

Hearing this, Jiang Ziya felt that this new junior was very hot-blooded, so he immediately ordered the army to go out.

Yang Sen cursed at Jiang Ziya when he saw the latter’s Army marching out.

“Jiang Ziya, you killed my brother! The Enlightenment Sect and I are irreconcilable!”

The three Saints charged out on their mounts. Beside Jiang Ziya, Nezha, Lei Zhen, and Jin Lu also charged out.

Nezha held his spear and stepped on the chakrams. Lei Zhen held the Thunder God Hammer, and Jin Lu held two swords. They were fighting the three Saints.

The six of them fought in the air, and it was truly a match for each other. Killing intent filled the sky, and the surging killing intent illuminated the mountains and rivers.

Jiang Ziya saw the opportunity and instantly took out the God-Striking Whip. With lightning and thunder in the air, the God-Striking Whip directly hit Gao Youqian’s head and killed him on the spot.

Gao Youjie’s soul directly left his body and flew into the God-Naming Platform.

Seeing another brother die, Yang Sen abandoned his opponent, Nezha, and charged at Jiang Ziya without a care.

Nezha thought that Yang Sen was looking down on him, so he threw his ring at Yang Sen’s back. Yang Sen was almost knocked off his mount.

Jin Lu’s opponent, Gao Youjie, was already dead. He had free hands and took out the Invisible Dragon rod that Manjushri Guangfa had left for him before he left.

Three rays of golden light appeared and instantly restrained Yang Sen. Jin Lu held two swords in his hands and slashed at Yang Sen, instantly cutting Yang Sen into two.

Yang Sen’s soul also entered the God-Naming Platform.

Seeing his two brothers die, Li Xingba didn’t say anything and retreated in a hurry.

Lei Zhen wanted to give chase, but a stone suddenly shot out from the Shang army and hit him right in the face, instantly knocking him to the ground.

The person who had attacked was Deng Jiugong’s daughter, Deng Jieyu. When she saw that Li Xingba was the only one left among the Four Saints of Nine Dragons Island, she hurriedly saved him.

Nezha and Jin Lu were afraid that Lei Zhen had lost his life, so they didn’t go after Li Xingba. Instead, they protected Lei Zhen and returned to Western Qi City.

Li Xingba had also escaped back to the Shang army’s camp, and both sides stopped fighting and returned to their respective camps.

Li Xingba returned to the camp and met Deng Jiugong. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Three of the Four Saints of Nine Dragons Island had died in battle OUTSIDE Western Qi city. This enmity had been formed.

If he didn’t take revenge, he wouldn’t dare to live in this world.

How would he face the three dead brothers?

Then, Li Xingba told Deng Jiugong that he was going back to the capital to find Grand Preceptor Wen and ask his fellow cultivators of the Jie Sect to take revenge.

Deng Jiugong didn’t have any objection. After all, the four Saints of Nine Dragons Island had contributed a lot. Now that three of them had died, it was only right for them to go back and seek revenge. Thus, he agreed to Li Xingba’s departure.

Li Xingba carried his menacing body and headed toward the capital. As he passed by a mountain, he suddenly heard someone singing. Li Xingba looked over and saw a little Daoist child.

“An angel was still as mysterious as an immortal, and an immortal could see the clear sky everywhere.”

These words were not arrogant, but natural.

This Dao child was very polite. He went up and bowed to Li Xingba. Although Li Xingba and the others had fierce expressions, they were still people who kept their manners, so they naturally returned the bow. After the two of them conversed for a while, Li Xingba also revealed his background.

“I’m one of the Four Saints of Nine Dragons Island, Li Xingba.”

The Daoist child was stunned for a moment, then he burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, I’ve searched high and low for it, but I found it without any effort. I’m Mu Xun, the disciple of Immortal Samantabhadra in the White Crane Cave of the Nine Palace World.

“Today, I was ordered by my Master to go to Western Qi to see Uncle-Master Jiang Ziya and help him to attack the Shang dynasty. Before I left, my Master told me that if I meet Li Xingba, I should capture him and bring him to Western Qi as a gift to my Uncle-Master. I didn’t expect to meet you.”

After Mu Xun finished speaking, he waved the two swords in his hands and attacked Li Xingba.

Li Xingba had just finished his battle not long ago and was covered in injuries. How could he be Mu Xun’s opponent? After a few rounds of fighting, he was defeated.

Before he could escape, his head was chopped off by Mu Xun, and his soul returned to the God-Naming Platform.

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