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Chapter 418 - 418 Manjushri Guangfa

418 Manjushri Guangfa

When Jiang Ziya returned to Western Qi with the Dragon-Bearded Tiger, everyone was shocked by the Dragon-Bearded Tiger’s strange appearance.

Of course, after Jiang Ziya said that the tiger was his disciple, no one dared to say anything.

In the blink of an eye, the agreed time had passed.

At the Shang army’s camp…

Seeing that Western Qi had no intention of surrendering, they once again went out.

Jiang Ziya also rode the Sacred Deer out of the formation.

Wang Mo looked at the Sacred Deer. After all, they were disciples of a Saint and had good judgment. They knew that this was the mount of Primordial Lord Yuanshi.

However, Wang Mo wasn’t afraid at all.

He reached out his hand and knocked on Tao Wu’s head, then charged at Jiang Ziya with his sword.

Nezha flew out from the side, stepping on the Blazing Chakrams and holding the Fire-Tipped Spear, and went straight for the Demon King. The chakrams and the beast collided, and the spear and sword collided. They fought dozens of rounds.

As the two of them were fighting, Yan Sen rode on the Bi’an and rushed out.

It was because he saw how strong Nezha was and that Wang Mo’s sword couldn’t block it.

Yang Sen took a pearl out of his pocket and threw it at Nezha.

Nezha couldn’t dodge in time and was hit directly by the pearl, which knocked off the Blazing Chakrams.

Wang Mo was overjoyed and hurriedly went to take Nezha’s head, but Lei Zhen quickly flew out and saved Nezha.

Once again, Wang Mo and Lei Zhen were engaged in battle.

Yan Sen took out the Pearl again. Lei Zhen was prepared, but he was still hit by the pearl.

The Dragon-Bearded Tiger charged out of the formation and shouted, “Don’t hurt our general, I’ll fight you.”

Wang Mo was shocked when he saw this. What the h*ll was this? Where did this demon come from?

Gao Youmo, who was riding on a spotted leopard, saw that the Dragon-Bearded Tiger looked ferocious, so he quickly took out the Chaos Gold Bead and hit it in the face.

The Dragon-Bearded Tiger was in pain from the hit, and it cried out in pain, jumping nonstop.

However, taking advantage of this time, Lei Zhen managed to recover and flew back to the army.

Wang Mo and Yan Sen both charged at Jiang Ziya on their mounts. Jiang Ziya had no choice but to take out his God-Striking Whip and fight with the two.

Li Xingba also rushed over on his mount, and Gao Youmo abandoned the Dragon-Bearded Tiger to attack Jiang Ziya.

For a time, the four Saints of Nine Dragons Island attacked Jiang Ziya from both sides.

Jiang Ziya was no match for them, so he had to flee with the Sacred Deer in the direction of the North Sea.

Yan Sen once again took out the pearl and shot it at Jiang Ziya, hitting him right in the middle of his back. Jiang Ziya screamed and almost fell off his mount, while Wang Mo shouted, “Wait for me to get this Jiang Ziya.”

Clouds and wind were flying, like an arrow leaving the bow. Although Jiang Ziya was seriously injured, he turned around in a hurry when he heard that someone was chasing him.

He just happened to see that Wang Mo was about to catch up to him.

Jiang Ziya had to flee with the Sacred Deer at a faster speed.

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up to Jiang Ziya, Wan Mo took out the pearl and hit Jiang Ziya in the back again.

Jiang Ziya fell to the ground, dead. The Sacred Deer stopped at the side and didn’t move.

Wang Mo slowly landed beside Jiang Ziya and dismounted, intending to take Jiang Ziya’s head.

However, at that moment, they suddenly heard someone composing a song in the middle of the mountain.

The wild water was filled with a cool breeze, and the flowers were floating on the surface of the pond.

“Let’s ask where we live, home deep in the white clouds.”

A Daoist slowly walked in front of Wang Mo.

The person who came was one of the 12 Golden Immortals of the Jade Mirage Sect, Manjushri Guangfa.

Manjushri Guangfa was a Daoist Immortal, who was ranked fifth among the 12 Golden Immortals under Primordial Lord Yuanshi, the Saint of the Jade Palace.

His strength had even reached the peak of the Golden Immortal realm.

He had received orders from his master to come and rescue Jiang Ziya.

As a disciple of the Jie Sect, Wang Mo was also a disciple of the sage.

However, he was not afraid at all as he went forward to talk to Manjushri Guangfa.

Manjushri Guangfa opened his mouth and said, “Fellow Daoist, Junior Brother Jiang Ziya is representing my Master, Primordial Lord Yuanshi. If you hurt him, you’ll be hurting the entire Enlightenment Sect. Since you didn’t know about this, we can let it go on the surface. You hit Jiang Ziya, not my Master, Primordial Lord Yuanshi. But if you still refuse to come to your senses after I’ve made it clear to you, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Manjushri Guangfa was still very polite and didn’t want to offend the Jie Sect too much.

As a disciple of the Jie Sect, Wang Mo had a free and easy temperament.

The cultivation principle of the Jie Sect was to go against the heaven and seize a chance of survival, so they didn’t care about this.

Seeing that Manjushri Guangfa was determined to protect Jiang Ziya, he did not say much. He waved his sword with one hand and attacked Manjushri Guangfa. He formed a seal with the other hand and asked for help from the other three Saints.

He shouted at Manjushri Guangfa as he waved his sword, “Manjushri Guangfa, don’t be so arrogant. Do you think you have a Master, but I don’t have a Master?”

After saying that, Wang Mo directly slashed his sword at Manjushri Guangfa.

A Daoist child suddenly appeared behind Manjushri Guangfa. He was wearing light yellow clothes, and his hair was combed back. He shouted loudly, “If Young Demon Wang wants to be arrogant, Jin Lu, a subordinate of Manjushri Guangfa, is here to entertain you.”

With that, Jin Lu flew out and started fighting with Wang Mo.

Wang Mo and Jin Lu fought for dozens of rounds without any clear winner.

Manjushri Guangfa took out a top-grade primordial spiritual treasure, the Invisible Dragon Rod.

There were three golden rings on the Invisible Dragon Rod. He raised it up and the rod flew out. The three golden rings wrapped around Wang Mo, one around his neck, one around his waist, and one around his feet. He was directly tied to the Invisible Dragon Rod.

Jin Lu saw his master make a move and froze Wang Mo.

He flew forward and swung his sword. Wang Mo’s head fell to the ground and his soul flew out, heading for the God-Naming Platform.

Seeing that Wang Mo was dead, Manjushri Guangfa bowed in the direction of the Jade Mirage Palace and said, “Disciple has started a killing spree, I hope Master won’t blame me.”

Then, he directly ordered Jin Lu to take Wang Mo’s head and Jiang Ziya’s body to Western Qi.

A moment later, three silhouettes flew over from the distance. They were the other three of the Four Saints of Nine Dragons Island who had received Wang Mo’s message.

However, when they landed on the ground and saw the headless corpse of Wang Mo, the three of them were instantly enraged.

Yan Sen snarled, “This is outrageous! Manjushri Guangfa not only bullied the weak, but also killed Brother Wang Mo. Since his head was taken away, he is bullying us, the Jie Sect, for having no one.”

Gao Youqi was also furious. “We’ll return to the army and fight with Western Qi. I’ll definitely kill a few of his fellow disciples and take revenge for Big Brother Wang Mo.

Li Xingba said reasonably, “That Manjushri Guangfa is really shameless. He’s bullying the weak. Why don’t we contact our fellow disciples and come to Western Qi together to fight with the Enlightenment Sect?”

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