I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 34 - Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes

Chapter 34: Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes

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With an hour of cooldown time, Zhao Hao first wolfed down his takeout like a whirlwind. Then, he sat cross-legged on the bed and began to cultivate the Tao Te Ching.

Although the Tao Te Ching was a top-notch immortal cultivation technique, unfortunately, Zhao Hao’s current environment was too poor, and the spiritual energy was thin. Previously, he could directly reach the Golden Core stage in one day, which was already a stroke of good luck.

Just like that, after cultivating peacefully for an hour, Zhao Hao only felt a slight increase in his body. He sighed at the difficulty of cultivating, and then Zhao Hao activated the Cultivation Simulation.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

A red light flashed. Among the many Cultivation Talents, a Red Talent finally appeared.

[Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes (Red Talent): Your spiritual power increases by 500. You are able to see through all illusions in the world, and the information of people you see becomes available to you.]

[Passerby Armor (Gold Talent): Your sense of presence is reduced by 10, In the eyes of one’s extremely high sense of presence, you are no different than a commoner. It will be very difficult for others to discover you if you do not show yourself.]

[Master of the Art of War (Gold Talent): Your intelligence increases by 99. You have mastered the art of war in your generation, and you are proficient in all kinds of military formations. When you learn new formations, the effect doubles.]

[Mahayana Holy Body (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300. This is a unique physique that is rarely seen in a million years. It is the strongest sacred body in the martial arts world. Your aptitude to practice all kinds of Cultivation Methods is the world’s highest. Your attack power is twice the original attack power.]

[Born Arhat (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300. You were born an Arhat, a candidate for a Buddha. You can comprehend Buddhist divine skills on your own and cultivate all kinds of Buddhist Cultivation Methods.]

[Descendant of Taoist Trinity (Red Talent): All your attributes increase by 500. All the Spiritual Roots in your body are Heaven Spiritual Roots. You’re an Orthodox Taoist with an inherent cultivation technique “Tao Te Ching”. You can cultivate all Taoist Cultivation Methods.]

Zhao Hao looked at the red talent, the “Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes”, and tears flowed out of his eyes. It had been so difficult to survive in the cultivation world all along.

Wasn’t it because he could not read other people’s information?

Evidently, he could predict the enemy’s opportunities and wasn’t afraid of encountering unknown dangers anymore due to the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

“Simulation begins.”

[On the first day, you descended into the world with the cultivation of the Golden Core stage. You didn’t choose to cultivate but went directly to Widow Zhang’s home. You just happened to see Widow Zhang going out. You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on Widow Zhang and obtained all the information about Widow Zhang.

Name: Zhang Meijuan

Race: Hundred Devil Children Mother Patterned Spider

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Peak)

Introduction: Originally, a Demon King who roamed the Immortal Continent 100,000 years ago. She ate her dao partner in order to ascend to the immortal world. At the last moment, she was suppressed by the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School and sealed in the Tianwu Village, never to be able to leave.

[The look in your eyes when you looked at Widow Zhang was somewhat pale, but it attracted Widow Zhang’s misunderstanding. You saw Widow Zhang curling her finger at you, and she even revealed her faintly discernible white thigh. Your whole body trembled, and you ran home in a hurry.]

[The next day, you rested for a night and finally forgot about that beautiful figure. You swore that you would never let Widow Zhang get you again. You walked out of your home and continued to investigate the villagers in the village. When you arrived at Butcher Zhang’s door, you happened to see Butcher Zhang slaughtering a wild boar. You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and successfully obtained all the information about Butcher Zhang.

Name: Zhang Kuangsheng

Race: Underworld Blood Crow

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Peak)

Introduction: The Underworld invaded the Immortal Continent 50,000 years ago. The Underworld Blood Crow clan was the main force of the invasion. Zhang Kuangsheng even wanted to invade the Immortal World. Then the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School personally sealed and suppressed him, while millions of crows were turned into ordinary chickens. Every chicken that died was equivalent to the deaths of tens of thousands of his clansmen. In order to let his clansmen survive, Zhang Kuangsheng had been feeding them with his blood.

[After you got all the information about Butcher Zhang, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration for the pig-slaughtering man. You even somewhat forgave Butcher Zhang for killing you. It was natural for one to use excessive means to protect their race.

[On the third day, you went to Carpenter Li’s home. You didn’t see Carpenter Li, but that didn’t stop you. You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on a few wood carvings in the courtyard and got the information about the wood carvings.

Item: Evil God Statue

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Early)

Description: It was created by the founder of the God-Refining Demon Sect, Li Zhanxin. A praying mantis-like Evil God was hidden inside.

Item: Evil God Statue

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Intermediate)

Description: It was created by the founder of the God-Refining Demon Sect, Li Zhanxin. A human-shaped Evil God was hidden inside.

[You looked through all the wood carvings in Carpenter Li’s yard. The more you looked, the more frightened you became. The lowest level of each wood carving here was the Ascension stage. When you looked at them, they were also looking at you. You seemed to have sensed a terrifying aura. Even walking normally was very difficult. At that moment, a dry palm patted your shoulder.

[You moved in an instant. You quickly turned around and found that it was Carpenter Li. You chatted with Carpenter Li for a while, and Carpenter Li told you not to look at the wood carvings he carved. Only then did you leave. Before you left, you used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to obtain Carpenter Li’s information.

Name: Careful Li

Race: Human

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Peak)

Introduction: The founder of the God-Refining Demon Sect killed tens of millions of people to create Evil Gods 30,000 years ago. The Human Gods were furious and hunted him down with the Immortal Cultivators Alliance. Later, when he ascended to the Immortal Continent, the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School sealed and suppressed him in the Tianwu Village.]

[On the fourth day, you learned your lesson. Instead of rashly checking the items of the villagers, you found a reason to forge a kitchen knife and came to Blacksmith Zhang’s house. When Blacksmith Zhang forged a kitchen knife for you, you used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

Name: Zhang Ban

Race: Human

Cultivation: Ascension stage (Peak)

Introduction: A Blacksmith Master successfully forged an immortal item with the help of the Fire Spirit Dragon 70,000 years ago. He lit up the Golden Hammer and then held the immortal item to fight against the Heavenly Tribulation. He wanted to ascend to the Immortal World, but the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School attacked, suppressed, and sealed him in the Tianwu Village.

[Looking at the information in front of you, you fell into deep thought. It would be understandable if the three of them were sealed because they had done too many evil things. However, that quasi-Sage of the Confucian School had also sealed this Zhang Ban, an honest blacksmith. You couldn’t figure it out.

[Soon, Blacksmith Zhang forged a kitchen knife. After thinking for a while, you rushed home with the kitchen knife.]

[On the fifth day, you didn’t go out to check the information of the villagers. You had been under the impression that the villagers were all evil demons, which was why they were so sensitive to the Confucianism talents. However, it seemed that you had found something?

[Unfortunately, you couldn’t figure it out for a while, so you decided to raise your cultivation first and cultivate the Tao Te Ching.]

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