I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 33 - Young Man, Rat Tail Juice

Chapter 33: Young Man, Rat Tail Juice

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[The next day, from Butcher Zhang’s behavior, you became more and more certain that Butcher Zhang’s real body was definitely related to that chicken. You no longer hesitated and turned to go to Carpenter Li’s house. You clearly remember that the person who had fought Widow Zhang at that time was Carpenter Li.

[You walked into Carpenter Li’s courtyard and discovered dozens of wood carvings in his courtyard. Based on your experience, you could tell that they were all Evil God wood carvings. Carpenter Li was carving an evil Buddha statue and turned a blind eye to your arrival. You strolled around for a while and discovered that those wood carvings seemed to be watching you at all times. You felt a little terrified and hurriedly left.]

[On the third day, you went to Blacksmith Zhang’s shop. There was nothing strange about Blacksmith Zhang. Instead, you seemed to have noticed that there was life in the flames and a faint dragon’s might. Blacksmith Zhang didn’t care and asked if you needed to forge equipment. You shook your head and walked out of the blacksmith’s shop.]

[On the seventh day, you wandered around the village for a few days. Including the village head, you found a total of 13 very strange existences. Among them, only one of the grandmothers kindly reminded you to leave as soon as possible. She also gave you a broken Baby Pill after checking your cultivation.

[You went to the village head’s house as your final destination. However, no matter how you looked at it, you couldn’t find anything strange about the village head, so you helplessly gave up.]

[On the eighth day, you decided to raise your Cultivation level first to see if your cultivation level was high enough to check the cultivation level of everyone in the village.”

[On the 15th day, you entered the Nascent Soul stage.”

[On the 30th day, your cultivation reached the great circle of the Nascent Soul stage. You planned to leave the village first. When your cultivation level was high enough, you would return to investigate.”

[On the 50th day, the auction in Nine Serenities City began. You participated in the auction, and a Spirit Fox was dragged out. It was covered in mud, but its eyes were clean and clear. You spent 500 high-grade Spirit Stones to buy it on a whim.

[That night, the Spirit Fox you bought with a large sum of money transformed into a human form at midnight. It fed you Nine Heaven Mending Pills and disappeared. You reached the peak of the Soul Formation stage.]

[On the 60th day, you refined the Origin Fire Seed of the Tribulation Transcending stage and made a breakthrough. 10,000 bolts of lightning struck down, and you successfully advanced to the Profound Void stage. The power of the Origin Fire Seed continued to rise, and you reached the high level of the Profound Void stage.]

[On the 61st day, you thought that your cultivation level was good enough, so you decided to go back to the village to take a peek. On the way back, you heard that Master Ma, the Sect Leader of the Immemorial Taiji Sect, was preparing to give a lecture. You decided to go over and listen and learn.”

[On the 65th day, you met the legendary Master Ma and found out that he was actually a swindler. You casually killed him.]

[On the 75th day, because you killed Master Ma, the Sect Leader of the Immemorial Taiji Sect, you were hunted down by several Elders of the Form Synthesis stage. After using many methods, you finally got rid of them and returned to the vicinity of the Tianwu Mountain.]

[On the 76th day, you searched the Tianwu Mountain and finally found that small village. You didn’t dare to enter directly. Instead, you quietly observed from afar in the sky.]

[On the 79th day, you had already observed for a full three days and confirmed that there were only 13 villagers. You couldn’t see through any of their cultivation. Now that you’re already at the high level of the Profound Void stage, you could see through a Tribulation Transcending expert. Therefore, you determined that each of these 13 villagers was an expert at the lowest level of the Ascension stage.]

[On the 80th day, just as you decided to return to investigate when your cultivation was strong enough in the future and were preparing to leave, the village head, who was lying on the rocking chair and basking in the sun, suddenly opened his eyes. A voice transmission entered your mind.

[“You’ve been observing for three days. Have you seen anything?”

[“You’re really strange. Your natural talent is heaven-defying. You’ve advanced from the Golden Core stage to the Profound Void stage in less than three months. Do you want to know why we’re here?

[“Come in, I’ll tell you.”

[You listened to the voice transmission and looked at the village head below. You were quite curious and chose to enter the village. The moment you entered the village, your eyes turned black. You died.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over. You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended. Simulation Time: 80 days. System Cooldown: 80 minutes.]

“This old silver coin…”

Seeing that he had died at the hands of the village head, Zhao Hao couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

He took out the notepad and started to record.

Carpenter Li was most likely an Evil God. Blacksmith Zhang’s furnace gave him the feeling Blacksmith Zhang had raised a dragon. Granny Sun was a good person, and the village head was an old silver coin.

After recording everything, Zhao Hao looked at the cooldown time of more than an hour and happily ordered food.

Zhao Hao had enough time to continue his simulation as he had collected enough Red Cultivation Talents from Wenmiao and Wumiao.

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