I Transmigrated into a Book and Became the Real Rich Daughter's Pampered Cousin

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Getting Closer

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Le Wan got out of the car and ran to the small weaving basket. As expected, she found an old silver bracelet in it.

Madam Zhang, who was a little bit surprised, asked, “Baby, is this yours?”

Madam Zhang had been working for the Le family for almost thirty years and was already considered as half a member of the Le family.

She had watched the original Le Wan grow up, so she was very personal to her even now. She knew very well what Le Wan usually ate and used, so when she saw Le Wan took out the bracelet from the car, she was very curious.

She thought that it was something that Le Wan had left behind when they were driving a girl out. She was afraid that someone would come back to look for it, so Madam Zhang kept it well.

Le Wan was also looking at the ordinary-looking silver bracelet. “A friend left it behind. I have to return it to him.” She really couldn’t see what was so special about it, but it was probably because the person who gave it to him was special, so it seemed important.

Le Wan took a photo of the bracelet and sent it to Zhai Jing, “Is this the one?”

On the other hand, after Zhai Jing, who was distributing flyers at the subway entrance, received the message, his fingers rubbed the screen for a long time before he replied, “It’s this one. Thank you, senior. I’m not free these few days. I’ll look for you again in a few days.”

“Baby, today is a rare rest day. Don’t hide in your room and study. The weather is so good, you should go out for a walk.” When Mama Le saw that Le Wan had woken up early in the morning to study, she was both relieved and a little heartbroken.

So, she dug Le Wan out of the room, brought out a beautiful dress, and dressed her up to send her out. “No matter what you do, you should strike a balance between work and rest. Let’s relax and have fun today.”

Le Wan, who was ‘kicked out’, felt touched and helpless at the same time. She couldn’t think of where to go to have fun at this moment.

The original owner’s heart had been hung up on Fu Sui, that scumbag. Other than her little brother, Yin Huai, she didn’t have many good friends.

So, she could only call Yin Huai up, just to find out that he was going out on a date with his new girlfriend, and was currently in the middle of dressing up.

After being fed a big mouthful of dog food, Le Wan felt a little depressed. In the end, Yin Huai retorted, “It’s all because you’re so picky, boss. If you had lowered your standards and picked one of the guys in my phone, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“Pfft, there’s no “make do” in my world, your boss.” Le Wan hung up the phone immediately. “Hmph, even if I want to experience the sweet and sour love of youth, I still want to find someone who suits my heart and the eye.”

However, Zhai Jing was the only person she liked right now. When she thought of the bracelet that she had not returned to him, Le Wan sent Zhai Jing a message to ask for his location.

Zhai Jing sent an address over. When Le Wan arrived, she realized that it was an E-sports internet cafe.

“Beauty, do you want to turn on your computer?” The waiter’s eyes lit up when he saw a beautiful lady walking in. He quickly greeted Le Wan politely, “I’ve never seen you before. Is this your first time here? Do you want me to get you a card?”

Le Wan walked around him and peeked inside, finding that the interior decoration was quite luxurious.

It had been a while since she had touched a game. Now that she saw it, she was a little tempted. She stared at the game interface of the person closest to her and asked, “Is Zhai Jing here?”

“Oh, you’re looking for brother Zhai,” The waiter’s high spirits obviously dropped a little. He pointed inside and said, “He’s in the innermost row on the left.”

Le Wan followed his lead and saw a familiar figure in the corner.

From her angle, she could only see the side of his face with his headphones on.

A pair of black-rimmed glasses hung on Zhai Jing’s nose bridge, hiding the fierceness in his eyes. However, he looked somewhat obedient. Nevertheless, his tightly pursed lips and the way his hands typed on the keyboard with a hint of killing intent ruined this inkling of obedience.

This kind of contradictory impact made Le Wan’s heart skip a beat. How could this damn child be so alluring?

Perhaps because she was staring at him too intensely, Zhai Jing, who was fighting, seemed to have sensed it. His sharp eyes looked over. When he saw that it was her, he was obviously stunned.

His partner’s voice came from the earpiece and pulled him back to his senses. Zhai Jing frowned. “There are still a few minutes left for this round. Please wait for me.”

Le Wan stared at him and soon noticed the little redness on the tip of his ears. She was stunned for a moment. The future villain was unexpectedly pure in high school?


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