I Transmigrated into a Book and Became the Real Rich Daughter's Pampered Cousin

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Silver Bracelet

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With the handsome man he showed to her, Le Wan was a little interested. She leaned over and took a look, then said in disdain,

“His eyes are too small.”

Yin Huai immediately swiped to the next one.

“How about this white and clean little puppy? His eyes are big enough right?”

Le Wan said,

“He looks too weak.”

“What about this? Sports talent students are full of muscles and give off a sense of security.”

“It’s too rough and dark,” Le Wan said.

…”Then what about this?”

“His mouth is too ugly.”

“How about this?”

“His neck is too short,” she said.

Yin Huai flipped through them one by one, and Le Wan kicked them all out…

Yin Huai threw his phone away and said,

“Boss, you’re not satisfied with this or that. What kind of man are you looking for?”

“What kind of guy am I looking for?” Zhai Jing’s face was the first one that flashed through Le Wan’s mind. She liked this kind of man.

Sigh, why did she have to be the villain?

Just as Le Wan was thinking about Zhai Jing in her mind, her cell phone vibrated. Zhai Jing’s profile picture popped up, giving her a shock. She looked guilty.

Yin Huai’s eyes were sharp and he saw an unfamiliar black profile picture. Then, he saw her unnatural reaction and had an idea. He pointed at the phone.

“Is he your new little puppy?”

“What little puppy? I’m a little wolfdog.” Le Wan retorted.

Yin Huai had an “as expected” look on his face.

“Oh, you’ve really hooked up with a new dog outside.”

Le Wan almost couldn’t help but rush up to him and sew his loud mouth shut with a needle.

“Go away, go away. What do you mean by ‘hook up’? That sounds so bad. We’re talking about serious business.”

Yin Huai didn’t believe her. He wanted to say something, but Le Wan quickly chased him away.

“Class is about to start. How long are you going to occupy her seat?”

Yin Huai turned his head to look. A round-faced girl was standing in front of the table, and he was occupying her seat.

“Beauty, I’m sorry.” Yin Huai nodded at her and turned to Le Wan.

“Ask this little wolfdog out for us to see some other day.”

Le Wan rolled her eyes.

“Get lost.”

“Alright,” he said. Yi Huai quickly walked away.

“I’m sorry, he’s just like that. Don’t mind him.” Le Wan apologized to the girl in the front seat.

Feng Ying was not used to her sudden good attitude. She blushed and said,

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

She looked like a shy and introverted girl, but she was the best student in the class.

Le Wan had always liked girls who had good grades and looked obedient. She could not help but smile.

“Next time, if he does this again, you can just chase him away. Yin Huai doesn’t look like someone to be trifled with, but he has a good temper.”

Feng Ying was stunned by her bright smile and replied in a daze,

“Oh, okay…” Le Wan seemed to have changed.

She did not know what Feng Ying was thinking. At this moment, her mind was already focused on the phone.

Ever since the car accident was settled, she had thought that she would not have any more interactions with Zhai Jing. Hence, she was very curious as to why Zhai Jing would suddenly look for her.

“Senior Le, may I ask if you saw a silver bracelet in the car?” A message from Zhai Jing.

“A silver bracelet?” Le Wan frowned.

She had been going to school with her brother in the family’s car every day since then. Her own car had been sent for repairs because of the rear-end accident, so the car she had driven the last time they met was a car she had randomly chosen from the garage. When she drove it back, she had gotten out of the car and didn’t pay attention to whether she had left anything behind.

“I’m not sure about that, ” Le Wan replied. “I’ll tell you when I go back and look for it.”

Zhai Jing replied quickly,

“Sorry to trouble you, senior. This bracelet is very important to me. Please let me know if you find it.”

Because of this matter, the first thing Le Wan did when she returned home was to run to the garage and find the car she had driven that day. She went in and searched for a while, but the car was completely empty. No sign of the bracelet, not even a scrap of paper was in the car.

“Baby, what are you looking for?” Nanny Zhang, who was cleaning up the courtyard, asked when she saw her moving around in the car.

“I’m looking for something,” Le Wan said without turning her head.

“The car has just been cleaned. What are you looking for?” Madam Zhang dusted her hands and pulled open the storage cabinet next to the garage.

“The things we cleared out are all here. See if there’s anything you’re looking for.”


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