I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: What Did He Want

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Lu Gan patted his own leg.

“You shouldn’t have fallen for me. Consider the entertainment company a form of compensation.”

Lu Gan’s father could not stand his son being like this. He said angrily, “I disagree. You either continue to work at the company or give up everything. Do you really look down on yourself? How could you use the entertainment company to make such a person famous?”

Lu Gan snorted.

“What can I do? There’s no point in living. I’d rather die in that car accident with my brother.”

When Lu Gan’s father heard him mention his dead eldest son, he became quiet.

The room fell silent as well. Song Ci looked at the person in front of him and frowned slightly. What was he trying to do?

When the both of them met in the study room, Lu Gan was calm and did not have a trace of decadence. Even if he was tired, he would still make himself look presentable.

Now, he was completely different. He acted pessimistic, weak, and tired. What would his actions achieve?

Lu Gan spoke again amidst the silence.

“All I want is Sunlight Media. Song Ci is only a beginner. I wanted to help and secure her future.”

Lu Gan’s father did not speak nor was he angry.

Lu Chunyue and Lu Jingjing looked at both of them uneasily. They dared not speak.

Song Ci watched as well. No matter what, she had to stand on Lu Gan’s side. Hence, she took the initiative to speak.

“I don’t need Sunlight Media.”

“You do,” replied Lu Gan gently.

Song Ci leaned her head closer to him and said softly, “I just need you.”

Lu Gan really wanted to tell her, “You just need to stand still and look beautiful. There’s no need for you to act loyal and show off your skills.”

Lu Gan’s father could not bear to witness such a scene. He stood up and said to Lu Gan, “Come with me.”

Lu Gan replied in a lazy tone, “I’m in a wheelchair. It’s inconvenient to go up the stairs or to your study.”

Lu Gan’s father was silent. Then, he turned and went to the guest room next door!

Lu Gan’s expression remained calm. He shook off Song Ci’s hand and turned the wheelchair on his own.

“Wait for a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

Song Ci nodded very obediently.

“I’ll wait for you here.”

Lu Gan felt helpless. Nonetheless, he acted out his part.

“You’re so clingy!”

Although Lu Gan’s father had left first, he could still overhear their conversation. His expression looked as if someone had owed him a few hundred million dollars.

Obviously, there was a problem between Lu Gan and his father. Song Ci did not know what was the matter but evidently, Lu Gan was hiding his true self.

Was he hiding his true strength and buying time?

Song Ci suddenly recalled Lu Gan’s words.

“I’d rather die in that car accident with my brother.”

Due to that incident, Lu Gan became crippled and Lu Suo lost his parents.

Was it related to that?

Furthermore, the driver that caused the accident had already been arrested.

Song Ci stood by the stairs and began thinking to herself silently.

She did not wander around because she was afraid that Lu Gan would argue with his father. Even if he had a wheelchair, it would not be easy for him to move around. So, she just waited beside the guest room. If they really quarreled and Lu Gan wanted to leave, she could at least lend him a hand.

As a matter of fact, the Lu family was rather strange. If they cared about Lu Gan, why did nothing change in terms of convenience after he was crippled? Lu Gan even said that himself.

Song Ci shook her head and took out her phone. She looked at her email. There was no news from the previous audition crew.

She had sent an email to the manager, but there was no reply.

Suddenly, she heard a voice.

“What’s going on?”

“I heard that he’s been like this ever since the car accident. He saw his brother’s death with his own eyes. Additionally, his legs were crippled. It’s no surprise that he had become so mean.”


“Did you get a good look at that woman?”

When Lu Chunyue heard Lu Jingjing say that, she thought of Song Ci.

“Her name is Song Ci, right? Apparently, she’s an actress, but I’ve never heard of her before. She looks rather average.”

Song Ci touched her face. She felt that she was quite beautiful.

However, the two sisters clearly did not think so.

“I don’t know what he sees in her. I’ve done some research earlier. She only ever had roles as supporting characters and they were all in bad movies. Bai Xinxue is so popular and she likes our second brother as well. Yet, he did not even bat an eye. How did he fancy that thing…”

“Moreover, she doesn’t have a good background. Seriously, why did he pick her?”

Song Ci actually acknowledged what they said. She did not know why Lu Gan even agreed to marry Song Peihan in the first place. He did not mind that she was replacing Song Peihan either. What did he want?

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