I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Thank You, Hubby. You’re So Nice

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Neither of them spoke. Song Ci took a look at the necklace. As expected of a big shot, it was clearly not ordinary.

When they reached the Lu family’s house, Song Ci saw that Lu Gan’s wheelchair was supported by the driver. Indeed, Lu Gan could not get out of the car by himself.

Thinking of this, Song Ci held the handle of the wheelchair and said, “Let me do it.”

Lu Gan did not object and nodded. Then, he thought of something and said, “If I say something unpleasant later, don’t take it seriously.”

Song Ci raised her eyebrows. What did he mean by this?

Regardless, she complied.

After entering the Lu family’s house, Song Ci noticed that Lu Gan’s attitude had completely changed. He acted as if he was seriously injured.


‘This man is better at acting than me!’

Anyway, Song Ci quickly pushed him in. After observing the surroundings for a while, she was convinced again about Lu Gan being wealthy. The house was really big. If a security guard were to fall in love with a nanny, their relationship might be considered long-distance.

Just as Song Ci was lost in her thoughts, she heard a voice that sounded surprised.

“Young master is back! Nobody told me anything, so I was unprepared. Young master, what would you like to eat? I’ll go make it now.”

It was a slightly plump middle-aged woman. She looked very jovial.

“There’s no need,” said Lu Gan indifferently.

The middle-aged woman sighed.

“The master and the two ladies from the second master’s house are eating in the dining room.”

Then, she looked at Song Ci and asked doubtfully, “This is?”

Song Ci smiled. Did Lu Gan not tell anyone about their visit? The middle-aged woman did not even know that he was coming. What was the meaning of this? Was her fiancé trying to stir up trouble?

“My fiancée.”

Lu Gan said before turning to look at Song Ci. Since she did not have any reaction, he suggested going to the dining room.

Song Ci replied with an “Oh” and followed his instructions to enter the dining room.

Lu Gan’s father was talking to Lu Chunyue and Lu Jingjing. When he saw Lu Gan enter the dining room, he was pleasantly surprised. “Lu Gan, why are you here? Why didn’t you inform me beforehand?”

Lu Gan replied coldly, “I came to inform you that I’m getting married.”

Lu Gan’s father was shocked. Lu Chunyue and Lu Jingjing, who were beside him, put down their chopsticks.

They finally noticed the other person behind Lu Gan and gazed at Song Ci’s face.

Song Ci could only smile.

“Hello, uncle and sisters. My name is Song Ci. I’m Lu Gan’s fiancée.”

When Lu Gan heard this, a smile appeared on his face. He let out a low “Mmhmm”.

Lu Chunyue and Lu Jingjing looked at each other.

Lu Gan’s father said angrily, “Marriage is such a big thing. Why didn’t you discuss it with your family in advance? What are you trying to do now? Just informing us?”

Lu Gan nodded half-heartedly.

“Yes. I hope you don’t mind.”

Lu Gan’s father raised his head and looked at Song Ci with an unfriendly gaze. He said to Lu Gan, “You’ve always been arrogant. That’s why so many young ladies from prestigious families dislike you. Which family is this young lady from? I’ve never seen her before!”

Upon hearing that, Lu Gan’s lips curled into a cold smile. However, his expression was still sickly.

“I have nothing to be arrogant about now. I’m a cripple. It’s already good enough that someone still fancied me. Besides, Song Ci is very good. I like her very much.”

“Only your legs are crippled. There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Lu Gan’s father was clearly displeased.

“Are you sure?”

Lu Gan looked at his father. His voice was cold and self-deprecating.

“You make it sound so easy. Why don’t you break your legs too, father?”

Lu Gan’s father was so angry that he turned his head.

Lu Gan leaned back on his chair and said calmly, “Since I’m here today, we might as well settle everything in one go. I won’t be going to the company anymore. From now on, I’ll only be in charge of Sunlight Media and nothing else.”

Lu Chunyue and Lu Jingjing were both stunned when they heard that. Lu Chunyue’s expression even changed slightly.

“Second brother, what are you trying to say?”

Lu Gan’s father also reprimanded, “If you don’t want to be the head anymore, why do you still need a branch office? If you still have ambition, don’t throw everything away!”

Lu Gan calmly pointed at Song Ci.

“My wife is an actress. Sunlight Media is reserved for her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t need an entertainment company.”

Lu Gan’s father, Lu Chunyue, and Lu Jingjing’s expressions completely changed!

Song Ci looked at the three people in front of her. Once again, she revealed a warm and polite smile. She said gently, “Thank you, hubby. You’re so nice.”

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