I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Drenched in the Rain

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Song Ci looked at the child in front of her. His eyes displayed an expression she had never seen before. They were filled with sharpness and viciousness. Song Yujin emitted a strong sense of oppression that did not match his age. It was as if he was going to transform into a demon and kill her.

Upon realizing that it was Song Ci, the little boy quickly calmed down. In less than two seconds, he reverted back to normal. Then, he asked in a calm tone, “Why are you here?”

“I told you yesterday that I was going to pick you up.”

Song Ci placed her frozen hand on Song Yujin’s soft hair. She gently stroked it.

“I was about to call out to you. Let’s go. I’ve called for a car.”

Song Ci smiled as she picked up the little boy. This would be a fond memory in the future.

However, Song Yujin seemed angry.

“What are you doing?”

“We’ll get there faster if I carry you,” said Song Ci with a smile.

Song Yujin whispered, “I didn’t ask you to carry me.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Song Ci ignored those words and kept carrying him to the taxi.

“It can’t be helped. I just missed you so much.”

Song Yujin lowered his head and did not utter another word.

Song Ci looked at his awkward expression and asked, “Yujin, did you miss me? I hope you have also thought about your sister.”

Song Yujin looked at Song Ci coldly, but he did not say a word.

Regardless, Song Ci was not angry. She patted his head as she put him into the car.

Meanwhile, Lu Gan finally woke up after he heard a knock on the door. He looked at the thin blanket on his body, then at the sofa. Song Ci was already gone.

There was another knock on the door. Lu Gan said gently, “Come in.”

Nanny Xiao Han pushed the door open and walked in. She asked respectfully, “Sir, what would you like to eat tonight?”

Lu Gan casually mentioned a few dishes that he and Lu Suo liked.

Shortly after, the nanny left.

Lu Gan leaned back on his chair again. He felt that he had a peaceful and quiet sleep just now. As he was thinking, his gaze fell on a post-it note on the desk.

It was a message from Song Ci.

“I’m leaving first. Have a good rest. Sweet dreams. Kisses!”

Lu Gan could not help but smile. Thanks to her, he did have a good dream. Despite that, when he saw the “kisses”, Lu Gan raised his hand and pressed it. Then, he slowly retracted his hand and looked out the window with a meaningful gaze.

On the other hand, Song Ci and Song Yujin went straight to a restaurant.

Song Yu Jin did not forget that Song Ci said she would pick him up after school. After all, he had a good memory. Nonetheless, he did not take it seriously. Song Ci’s promises were empty ninety percent of the time, excluding her words of disgust.

He still remembered that one day when there was a downpour after school. Outside the gates, numerous parents were picking up their kids. Yet, there was no sign of Song Ci.

The rain was very heavy. Song Yujin hesitated for a moment before taking out the phone from his bag. The phone was not new. Originally, it belonged to Kong Chuyun. After she passed away, Song Yujin inherited it. In a way, the phone was a memento and it made him feel as if his mother was still around.

He gave Song Ci a call. The phone displayed “Daughter”. Song Yujin did not make any changes to it.

Song Ci answered and her tone was filled with impatience. She asked scornfully, “What?!”

Song Yujin lowered his eyelids.

“The rain is pouring. Can you come and pick me up?”

“I don’t have time. Get home yourself!” said Song Ci before hanging up the phone.

The rain was still falling. Song Yujin stood at the bus stop, drenched. After waiting for more than two hours, he finally managed to get on the bus. He looked like a drowned rat. His face was pale and frail. The driver could not help but ask why he was alone.

Song Yujin simply replied indifferently that he could go home by himself. His mood was like the dark gray clouds.

At that time, Song Yujin only had one thought and that was to prepare an umbrella for the future. Otherwise, he would be soaked again.

No one would come to pick him up anymore.

When Song Yujin returned home, he saw that Song Ci was putting on a face mask. She was also talking to a man on the phone. He did not say anything and went into his room. After taking a shower to warm his body up, he changed into his pajamas and drank a large glass of hot water. Only then did he feel comfortable again and began reading.

He did everything by himself to avoid troubling anyone.

After that incident, he never called Song Ci again, nor did he take her words seriously. Hence, he was confused by Song Ci’s actions these past two days.

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