I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: A Little Too Fast

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Of course, Lu Gan knew that she had a younger brother. After he decided to marry Song Ci, he asked someone to investigate her background.

He did not care much about Song Ci’s character, but he hoped that she would treat Lu Suo well. However, the information provided by the investigator showed that Song Ci did not like children. So, he could not help but hesitate again this morning.

“I’m fine with it.”

Lu Gan said calmly. He added, “I only have one request. Please treat Lu Suo well, okay?”

“Of course.”

Song Ci nodded seriously.

She had gone through so much trouble to ensure that Lu Suo would not kill her in the future. After all, she was just a minor supporting character. Lu Suo was the second male lead and the main villain. He could kill her in a matter of minutes!

Obviously, she dared not treat him badly!

“That’s good,” said Lu Gan gently. “I have no other requests. What about you? Is there anything that you want me to do?”

Song Ci shook her head.

“Alright. Since there are no objections, you can meet my family tomorrow.”


Things were moving at lightning speed!

Lu Gan chuckled.

“After meeting my parents, we can get married. Don’t you want to get married as soon as possible?”

Song Ci could only smile and nod.

“I’ve always dreamed about this. Everything is just happening too suddenly.”

“Then I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Once we get our marriage certificate, you can move to my place.”

Song Ci agreed in a low voice.

“After meeting my family, do you need me to accompany you to meet your family?”

Without hiding anything, Song Ci said, “I don’t have a good relationship with my family, so there’s no need.”

Lu Gan did not ask any further.

The two of them talked about the meeting time for the next day and shortly after, Song Ci was ready to leave.

Before she left, she suddenly remembered something.

“It almost slipped my mind. I still have to perform for you.”

Lu Gan really wished that Song Ci had forgotten about this!

Song Ci smiled.

“You’re not sleepy now, right? Can you watch my performance attentively?”

Lu Gan helplessly made a “please” gesture.

Song Ci nodded and said, “I’ll change things up. This time, it’ll be a happy scenario. The previous scene may be too depressing, which caused you to feel sleepy.”

Lu Gan did not think this was the reason. After all, the dramatic scene where Song Ci performed at the car park was quite energetic. Yet, he managed to sleep well.

Song Ci turned around and began preparing herself. After a while, she turned around again with a ruffian look on her face. She was just like a female hooligan pretending to be a princess!

This was a bit of her true nature.

Lu Gan looked at her with interest, but his thoughts were all over the place.

Originally, he wanted to stop Song Ci and tell her that she really did act well.

Unfortunately, he was so sleepy that he could not fight it back. He lowered his head, leaned against the back of the chair, and closed his eyes.

Song Ci saw that Lu Gan was lowering his head again. His face could not be seen clearly.

She called in a confused tone, “Senior?”

No response.

“Lu Gan?”

No response again.

Song Ci was speechless.


Lu Gan’s head was still lowered and he did not say a word.

He had fallen asleep once more.

Song Ci leaned over and squatted down beside the man. She looked at him. Lu Gan was fast asleep. His beautiful phoenix-like eyes were shut, like rain that was covered with a layer of fog.

‘He’s really good-looking, even when sleeping.’

The marriage might be a necessity for her to survive, but Song Ci felt like it was not a loss for her to marry such a handsome man. Due to her career, she never had a boyfriend before. This could be considered her chance.

Still, how could her fiancé be so tired?

Song Ci sighed in her heart. She thought that her acting skills were hopeless.

Before long, she got up and carefully covered Lu Gan with the sofa blanket. Then, she quietly left.

It was time for her to pick up Song Yujin.

Meanwhile, Song Yujin had already packed his school bag and left the classroom. It was raining, so he moved faster than usual.

He walked very calmly until he felt like someone was following him. Song Yujin was shocked. His teacher had warned him about human traffickers. It could be them.

Even though his small hands were gripping his bag tightly, Song Yujin’s expression remained calm. There were many parents and teachers around, so he was not afraid.

All of a sudden, he stopped decisively and turned his head around.

What he saw was Song Ci holding an umbrella. Her outstretched hand froze in mid-air because of the little boy’s gaze.

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