I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 12 - You Better Know What to Do

When Gu Dagang saw how messed up Gu Yan looked, he felt sorry for her. But he had always been an introverted man and didn't know how to convey his emotions. He just stood there and didn't know where to put his hands and feet, looking very awkward. 

Auntie Sun who couldn't stop worrying about Gu Yanwalked towards Gu Yan, brought her to her embrace, and said, "Poor Little Yan, what happened to you?"

The other villagers were finally relaxed once they found this kid. 

No matter what happened, it was good that she was found.

Gu Yan hid in Auntie Sun's embrace, and there was still fear in her eyes. "I, I went into the mountains to pick mushrooms today. My leg still hurts... so, so I fell and rolled down the small hill, bumped my head, and fell unconscious. When I woke up again, the sky was already dark. I was afraid that my mom would yell at me, so I picked up all the mushrooms again."

Then, Gu Yan raised her wicker basket that was misshapen and warped during the fall. There were about a dozen mushrooms inside, and they weren't very big. 

Those adults were feeling a little heartbroken, and they all glanced at Gu Dagang. 

They all knew about Gu Dagang's woman. She was like a stepmother and bullied little Gu Yan all the time. 

Gu Dagang knew Gu Yan was not his biological daughter. He felt even more ashamed. 

He walked to Gu Yan and knelt down. He said, "Come on, Dad will carry you home."

Gu Yan was surprised. Though Gu Dagang always pitied her in her previous life, he never took the initiative to be nice to her.

Because Gu Dagang was afraid of Zhang Lan, he listened to Zhang Lan on just about everything. 

It didn't matter if they weren't related by blood. At that moment, Gu Yan's heart was filled with warmth. She nodded and leaned forward on Gu Dagang's broad back. 

The group started to head back. Earlier when Gu Yan was rescuing Lu Ye, she drained all of her energy and became completely exhausted. As she leaned on Gu Dagang's back, she was still thinking about Lu Ye. That guy should be able to find the village chief and return to the military safely, right?

She didn't know why, but she suddenly remembered how he called her little angel. Gu Yan didn't even realize that the corners of her lips were curling up slightly. 

She didn't know if Lu Ye had fallen for her at first sight like he did in her previous life. 

But there was no rush. They definitely would meet again!

If it wasn't love at first sight for him, then their love could gradually grow through time. 

As they reached the crossroads, the villagers were going to head their own ways. 

Gu Dagang thanked everyone. Auntie Sun said, "Dagang, Gu Yan is a good kid and she's thoughtful. If Zhang Lan wants to pull some crap later, you better know what to do."

"Mmh, I know." Gu Dagang nodded. 

Gu Yan looked at Auntie Sun with gratitude. She wondered now that she knew her jade pendant had the healing superpower, could she cure Auntie Sun's illness in the future?

It didn't take long for the father and daughter duo to come home.

Gu Dagang dropped off Gu Yan and turned around. He saw both rooms had the lights turned off inside. It looked like Zhang Lan and the other kids were asleep. 

How careless. They really don't care about whether Gu Yan is alive or not.


Or… Do they want her to die?

Gu Dagang sighed and said to Gu Yan, "Yan, go to your room and rest. I'll get Uncle Li first thing tomorrow morning and check the wounds on your body."

"It's okay, Dad. I'm fine. Just some scrapes; they'll get better in no time. My leg is just an old problem."

Gu Dagang sighed again once he realized how considerate this daughter of his was and didn't say anything more. 

Gu Dagang and his wife lived on the heatable brick bed in the bigger bedroom on the east side with their son Gu Qiang. Gu Yan and Gu Moli lived in the bedroom on the west side. The kitchen was in the middle. 

Gu Dagang went to his bedroom. A while later, Gu Yan heard Zhang Lan's voice coming from the inside. 

"That damn girl is back?"

"...Mhm." Gu Dagang repeated what Gu Yan told him word by word honestly. 

Zhang Lan snorted, "Bullsh*t that she fell and got knocked unconscious; I bet she sneaked out to play! This damn girl is getting crazier and crazier; now she learned how to lie. Why doesn't she just die outside! I'll teach her a good lesson tomorrow!"

Gu Dagang's heart grew tired and sighed again. He said, "Just sleep."

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