I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 11 - What a Skinny Little Angel

After living a poignant past life, Gu Yan kept her vigilance at all times this time around. 

So when she woke up and immediately saw a pair of dangerous, beast-like eyes, Gu Yan's body ejected out like a spring and stepped back, stopping only when she reached a safe distance. 

Lu Ye felt his whole body was aching, almost like his entire skeleton was about to shatter. 

However, he could still endure this level of pain. 

Lu Ye supported his body and slowly got up. He leaned against the pile of grass and looked at the little village girl with amusement in his eyes. 

The way this little girl jumped out was so agile. 

He found it a little funny, and he let out a laugh. 

Even though his face had mud and blood on it, his facial features were handsome, and his teeth were very white. There was a bit of naughtiness in his smile, which was very charming. 

"Little girl, I'm not going to eat you. What are you afraid of?"

Lu Ye's voice was a little hoarse from being dehydrated in a trauma-induced coma for so long. 

But it sounded very magnetic. 

When she heard that familiar cynical voice, Gu Yan felt her eyes getting sore and her throat getting tight; she couldn't speak at all. 

Lu Ye… A still alive and well Lu Ye…

If that wasn't the wrong time, Gu Ye would have rushed forward and hugged Lu Ye!

Lu Ye didn't get an answer to his question, so he looked around and realized that all the wounds on his body had been treated briefly. Also, the stab wound to his stomach didn't hurt so much anymore. 

His handsome brow arched, and there was a hint of surprise in his voice, "Little girl, was it you who saved me? Where did you learn this first-aid technique?" 

Lu Ye's eyes were observate. When he saw the bandages, he knew that the other person was very experienced at it. 

He met a professional medic in a remote village; he couldn't believe his luck. Did he meet a little angel? 

Lu Ye looked at the bony figure of the girl in front of him and said in his mind, What a skinny little angel.

No wonder he didn't feel any weight when the girl was lying on top of him the whole time; it didn't even hurt his wounds. 

By the looks of it, this Lu Ye in front of her eyes already overlapped with the Lu Ye in her previous life. 

Gu Yan lowered her head and hid the billowing emotions in her eyes. She said, "I learned that from a book. Are you in the military? Your wounds should be okay for now. I have to go home. If you need any other help, you can go down the mountain following the trail in front of you, and the first house on the very east end of the village is the village chief's house."

Now that Lu Ye had escaped from life-threatening danger, it shouldn't be a problem if she left. Gu Yan could relax now. 

Thankfully, Lu Ye already possessed very good physical qualities. Had it been any other person, they wouldn't have lasted until Gu Yan got there with the superpower to heal them. 

And this time, Gu Yan would not bring Lu Ye back to her home, because she would not give Gu Moli the chance to meet Lu Ye!

Gu Yan remembered that Gu Moli always stuck around Lu Ye and did all those troublesome things in her previous life!

Especially that time when she schemed against Lu Ye and made Gu Yan believe that she had gotten into bed with Lu Ye!

Now that she had decided to requite this man's love in this life, Gu Yan was never going to allow Gu Moli to come close to her man!

Now that it was already too late, she had disappeared for a day.

Gu Yan didn't even have to think to know that Zhang Lan must be complaining maniacally at home. 

The recruiter from the military would come to the village a day from now. She couldn't allow anything extra to happen that would tamper with her chances of enlisting in the military. 

After she made her decision, Gu Yan decided not to bother with Lu Ye anymore. 

She put her wicker basket, mushrooms, and shovel together. But before she left, she put something in front of Lu Ye. 

Then, Gu Yan carried her wicker basket and headed back.

Suddenly, Lu Ye said, "Little angel, I haven't thanked you yet. What is your name?"

Gu Yan almost tripped on her own foot. She couldn't contain the smile on her face. Little angel?

Those western oil paintings depicted angels as very chubby, but she was really skinny, okay?

Also, Lu Ye did not refer to her as a little angel in her previous life.

Gu Yan didn't turn around. The corners of her lips curved up, and she waved her hands and said, "You don't need to thank me. Hopefully, we will meet again in the future!"

Lu Ye, we will meet again! Gu Yan said that in her mind. 

Lu Ye looked at the girl as that bony figure walked away from him. 

He opened that thing wrapped in newspaper. It was a roasted potato the size of his fist. Even though it was squished a little and no longer hot, Lu Ye suddenly felt like this roasted potato must be extremely delicious for some reason. 

Gu Yan didn't know that Lu Ye was happily munching on that cold roasted potato right now. 

Actually, she was hungry too. But the most important thing right now was to find an excuse to give to Zhang Lan and her family. 

All the wounds on her body were healed. When she was healing Lu Ye earlier, she had gotten some blood stains on her body as well.

Gu Yan endured the pain and used a branch to scratch up her arms once again. She tousled her hair and made herself look very messy. Just then, she saw some people walking over while holding flashlights and calling her name. 

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