I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 305 - Chapter 305: Netherworld Gate (Part 3)

Chapter 305: Netherworld Gate (Part 3)

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Wang Mang’s two horns flew out and fused into a crescent-shaped bone.


After circling in the air for a while, it shot out at lightning speed.


There was a huge hole in the Turtle Emperor’s hard shell.

The Turtle Emperor, who was about to self-destruct, lowered its head and looked at the big hole. An expression of loneliness flashed across its eyes.

At the same time, the demonic energy that had gathered around its body began to flow away along with its vitality. It seemed that all three of them had perished in the same way.

Wang Mang had not been afraid of the Turtle Emperor self-destructing. Unlike Immortal Nanhua, it was weaker than him, and he could easily stop it.

Seeing that the Turtle Emperor was about to die, Wang Mang asked in confusion, “Why? You should know that even Immortal Nanhua has died by my hands.”

The Turtle Emperor raised his head with difficulty and looked at Wang Mang with a complicated expression.

“Ugh, you wouldn’t understand…”

“Forget it! I am powerless to avenge the Immortal Nanhua.”

After this, the Turtle Emperor remained silent for a moment, and then its aged voice spoke up again.

“Since you want to know, I might as well tell you.”

“Before I awakened into a demon, I was almost killed by a crane demon.”

“At that critical moment, it was Immortal Nanhua who saved me.”

“He helped me awaken as a demon, provided for my cultivation needs, and raised me like a pet for nearly six thousand years.”

“I have followed him for six thousand years. Now that he is no longer around, there is no need for me to live…”

“The only regret is that I am unable to avenge him and repay his six thousand years of kindness…”

The Turtle Emperor’s weak voice suddenly stopped midway, and its body fell to the ground with a loud bang. It was dead.

After listening to the story, Wang Mang finally understood why the Turtle Emperor went so far.

Six thousand years!

Although he admired the old turtle’s loyal character, Wang Mang’s sorrow came and went quickly. After all, the other party was still an enemy!

Then, he opened his mouth and swallowed the Turtle Emperor.

fDing! Congratulations! Successfully devoured the 6,100-year-old Turtle Emperor!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained 350 million evolution value!]

Then, Wang Mang prepared to return home. Without any leads, this was his only option.

However, just as Wang Mang was about to leave, a cold voice came from the Netherworld Gate.

“Python Emperor, can you open this door? I’ll definitely reward you handsomely for doing so!”

Wang Mang was stunned at first, and then he suddenly raised his head to look toward the Netherworld Gate.

Those ghosts and demons could sense what was outside?

Wang Mang stopped in his tracks and asked, “You want me to let you out, right? What benefits can you give me?”

At this moment, the cold voice spoke again.

“A half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasure!”


It seemed that the Netherworld was quite rich.

However, he had just eaten three, and after weighing the pros and cons, Wang Mang remained unmoved.

“Just that?”

“Do you think I’m some kind of profit-seeking demon?”

“Moreover, if I let you out, you guys will definitely bring disaster to the world!”

With that, Wang Mang prepared to leave.

At this moment, the cold voice spoke again, “Python Emperor, if you’re not satisfied, we can negotiate.”

“How about three?”

“Moreover, opening this stone door isn’t difficult for you.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang’s body trembled with temptation, but he still persisted. Who knew if they would honor their promise. After all, they were likely stronger than he was, and could easily renege on their end of the deal.

Wang Mang roared angrily, “I said it before! I am not a money-grubbing demon!”

“Do you really think that three half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasures can tempt me?”

Although he said that, inwardly, he was ruing the missed opportunity to become stronger again.

“Then ten! Ten half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasures!”

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