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Chapter 304 - Chapter 304: Netherworld Gate (Part 2)

Chapter 304: Netherworld Gate (Part 2)

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Netherworld Gate?

What was that?

Was this a passage to the legendary Netherworld?

Did such a place really exist?

Wang Mang's mind was filled with questions.

However, at the same time, this only told him that the Turtle Emperor was trying to pull a fast one on him.

Was it trying to get him killed?

This was clearly not Immortal Nanhua's hideout!

Thinking this, his gaze turned cold. However, he kept the information to himself, wanting to see if his conjecture about the Turtle Emperor was correct. In any case, he was not worried about the other party escaping.

At the same time, Wang Mang asked in his mind, "System, what exactly is the Netherworld Gate?"

"Is it a passage to the underworld?"

At this moment, the system's voice rang out in his mind.

[Yes! It can be thought of as the Underworld or Netherworld left behind after the disappearance of the immortals and gods on Earth.]

After the system briefed him a little more, Wang Mang was enlightened.

It seemed that there were immortals and gods on Earth in ancient times, and that they had left Earth. Furthermore, before leaving, they had sealed the Underworld or Netherworld.

Inside the Netherworld, there were still countless wandering ghosts and demons who were being punished. Therefore, it was sealed in order to prevent these ghosts and demons from coming out to cause trouble in the human world.

According to the explanation given by the system, there might not be any land immortals on Earth currently, the same could not be said for the Netherworld. After all, the Netherworld had existed since ancient times.

After learning the truth, Wang Mang could not help but gasp. This was quite the place that the Turtle Emperor had brought him to.

Wang Mang's killing intent surged as he thought of this. This turtle was a devious one!

Given that there were bound to be existences far more powerful than Wang Mang in the Netherworld, opening the gate would not benefit him at all.

It would only increase the number of his competitors for heavenly treasures, and he would no longer be invincible within the Red Empire, on land at least.

Furthermore, the moment these demons and ghosts were released, the world would be plunged into chaos ahead of time.

This was not what Wang Mang wanted to see!

At this moment, the two of them arrived in front of the cave.

Nothing could be seen inside it except for an eye-catching black stone door that looked like it was covered in cracks.

It was very likely that this was the legendary Netherworld Gate.

At the same time, Wang Mang silently said in his heart, "System, I choose Mission 1!"

He did not know how to seal the Netherworld Gate, and he most definitely did not want to break it open. Thus, there was only one choice.

[Ding! Congratulations! Mission completed!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained 1 billion evolution value!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained Advanced Gacha x1!]


At this moment, the Turtle Emperor suddenly turned around and said respectfully to Wang Mang, "Python Emperor, behind this door is Immortal Nanhua's hideout."

"In order to get in, you'll have to break open this stone door, though that shouldn't be a problem for you. My strength is limited, but I can tell that you are far stronger and can easily open it."

Hearing this, Wang Mang laughed malevolently.

"Do you really think I'm that easy to deceive?"

"Is this really the Immortal Nanhua's hideout?"

Hearing Wang Mang's cold words, the Turtle Emperor's heart turned cold.

It guessed that Wang Mang had probably discovered that this place was unusual.

However, he obviously would not admit it. He said firmly, "Python Emperor, I'm telling the truth!"

"If you open this stone door and don't find Immortal Nanhua's treasures inside, I'm willing to die as an apology!"

Wang Mang sneered in his heart. At the same time, he was puzzled. He could tell from the Turtle Emperor's tone of voice that it was unafraid of death.

What was going on?

Was it willing to go so far as to sacrifice its own life to avenge Immortal Nanhua?

It seemed that the relationship between the two was far deeper than he had initially thought, which made him kind of envious.

If he died one day...

Would there be people who would risk their lives to avenge him?

Perhaps... But probably not,

Thinking of his relationships, Wang Mang could not help but smile bitterly to himself.

He had offended countless demon emperors, and those who worked with him only cared about profits. It seemed that no one could really be counted as a true friend.

It seemed that the strong were destined to be lonely!

Wang Mang said indifferently, "Turtle Emperor! Do you really want to die?"

Upon hearing this, the Turtle Demon Emperor's face changed drastically and he said with a terrified expression, "Python Emperor, what do you mean by that?"

"Do you think I'm lying to you?"

As the Turtle Emperor spoke, Wang Mang immediately sensed that something was wrong.

He could vaguely see madness surging in the eyes of the Turtle Emperor.

At the same time, he sensed that the Turtle Emperor's aura was surging.

Oh, for f*cks sake!

This scene was exactly the same as when Immortal Nanhua self-destructed!

He immediately used his divine power without hesitation.

Bone Spur!

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