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Chapter 290 - Chapter 290: Green Lotus (Part 1)

Chapter 290: Green Lotus (Part 1)

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He could feel it.


Amidst the dark clouds that covered the mountains, a terrifying lightning tribulation was brewing.

However, what puzzled Wang Mang was that he did not sense the aura of a demon emperor, or even a great demon king.

In that case, who was trying to transcend their tribulation here?

Furthermore, the scale of this worldly phenomenon seemed far greater than the one created during the tribulation of the white fox back then.

What was going on?

If the area covered by the dark clouds were all part of the lightning tribulation, then the entire area within hundreds of miles would probably be turned into ruins!

At this moment, Wang Mang suddenly had a terrifying thought!

Could it be that a heavenly treasure was about to break through and become a land immortal?

Then, from the periphery of his field of vision, Wang Mang spotted a huge blooming green lotus hovering in the air.

The dark clouds in the sky above it were surging with lightning energy, which fell like a deluge upon the green lotus.

The resulting scene was even more terrifying than when Wang Mang had been submerged in a sea of lightning when he had attacked Liu Xiu back then.

Both the strength and the scale of the lightning bolts far exceeded what he had experienced back then.

Shuddering, he quickly used his information detection skill.

[Target: Prosperous Green Lotus]

[Cultivation: 8,990 years]

[Level: Half-Step Land Immortal]


8,990 years?

lit was only ten years away from becoming a land immortal!

At this moment, Lady White Water Lord suddenly said, “Lord Demon Emperor, this green lotus is one of the few heavenly treasures I mentioned.”


A few?

Could it be that Mount Tai was hiding several of these half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasures?

His heart thumped wildly with excitement, but he did not take his eyes off the prize.

First and foremost, he had to capture this green lotus. The others would come after that.

In the distance, the green lotus was awash with lightning amidst the tribulation.

To be honest, Wang Mang was now in a dilemma.

He wanted this heavenly treasure to fail to transcend the tribulation.

After all, if it succeeded, then it would become a land immortal, and Wang Mang would lose his chance at obtaining it.

However, he also did not want it to fail the tribulation, as he was afraid that it would be completely destroyed.

Both outcomes would be terrible for him. The best outcome would be that it failed to transcend the tribulation, but not completely. That way, the green lotus would be able to survive.

However, Wang Mang grew more and more fearful as time passed, as the lightning tribulation showed no signs of abating.

Moreover, even more dark clouds were gathering in the sky, and rain poured down like a deluge.

Wang Mang could not even see the green lotus anymore, as it had been totally drowned within the sea of lightning.

It was endless.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed like this, yet the terrifying lightning tribulation still had not dissipated.

At the same time, the green lotus, which was originally unyielding in the midst of the lightning and thunder, seemed to have lost its luster.

This indicated that the green lotus had failed to transcend the tribulation and transform into a land immortal!


Wang Mang saw the green lotus rush out of the sea of lightning and escape into the distance.

Seeing this, Wang Mang quickly reacted, and pursued it without hesitation.

It did not matter what land of ability this green lotus had, but it would not be fast enough to escape Wang Mang’s grasp.

Furthermore, it was weakened after failing to transcend the tribulation.

His patience had paid off, and the opportunity he had been waiting for was here!

When he thought about its cultivation level, his heart was filled with glee.

How much evolution value would he be able to obtain from consuming this green lotus?

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