I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 289 - Chapter 289: Mount Tai

Chapter 289: Mount Tai

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The system was clearly hinting that he should monopolize the heavenly treasure for himself.

Furthermore, it was not like this mission was difficult to complete. The only hard part was finding out where the heavenly treasure was.

“System, I choose Mission 3!”

[Ding! The host has successfully selected a mission option! Host, please complete the mission as soon as possible to obtain the reward!]

Wang Mang then turned his attention back to the nearby forest.

At this moment, Lady White Water had fallen silent in the face of the harsh words from her fellow clan members.

It was true that she had not done much for her clan despite all they had done for her. In that sense, she felt rather guilty.

However, they had misunderstood her intentions this time!

She was not seeking personal benefits, but rather wanted to give them to the members of the clan.

Well, perhaps the matter of that black python was personal…

Unfortunately, all of the white pythons were frightened out of their wits by this demon emperor.

At this moment, the leader of this group of white pythons said, “Lady White Water, 1 won’t repeat myself again. You’d better tell Lord Demon Emperor what he wants to know truthfully!”

“If we anger Lord Demon Emperor, disaster will befall our clan!’

Another white python demon king chimed in, “That’s right! Lady White Water, although you are a member of the royal family, you can’t throw the entire clan under the bus like this, right?”

Seeing her fellow clan members like this, she finally chose to compromise helplessly and bitterly.

“Alright,” she said in a cold and lonely tone, “I understand.”

“Everyone, don’t worry. I will not implicate the White Python Demon Clan.”

Seeing that she had compromised, the leader of the group nodded in satisfaction.

“In this way, Lord Demon Emperor will remember the kindness of our White Python Demon Clan, and perhaps we will be able to become his vassals.”

Unwilling to hear any more, Lady White Water rushed toward Wang Mang to get the matter over and done with.

When Wang Mang saw her dispirited expression, he calmly said in a high and mighty tone, “How is it? Have you thought things through clearly?”

“Or do you need me to give you some more time to think about it?”

Hearing Wang Mang’s arrogant tone, she was furious, but forced herself to reply calmly, “There’s no need for that, Lord Demon Emperor.”

“I can tell you where the heavenly treasure is now.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Wang Mang interjected, “Just bring me there.”

“If 1 find out that you’re lying to me, I naturally won’t let you off.”

Lady White Water was stunned.

She had thought that she would be fine after she told him about the place, but had never expected that Wang Mang would actually want her to personally bring him there.

She became even angrier.

She was not getting any benefits, yet she still had to make the trip?

Wang Mang also realized at this moment that it was a little too much to ask and said, “Lead the way! If my harvest is good, I will reward you lavishly!”

“Perhaps a few demon king-level heavenly treasures or higher. It would increase your strength significantly.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, Lady White Water felt much better.

Even though she was still rather unwilling, she still said in a gloomy tone, “Lord Demon Emperor, follow me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she flew into the distance, and Wang Mang followed closely behind.

Of course, Wang Mang also memorized this place.

If she played any tricks on him, she might somehow be able to escape, but her clan members would not be hard to find.

Two days later, Lady White Water led Wang Mang across four provinces before reaching the East Mountain Province.

To his surprise, their destination was Mount Tai.

According to Lady White Water, she had discovered many treasures on Mount Tai.

However, Wang Mang was skeptical of this. In his opinion, there would only be ordinary heavenly treasures there.

Mount Tai was known as the foremost of the five sacred mountains of the Red Empire, and was also very scenic. Given how popular it was as a tourist destination, surely some news of amazing heavenly treasures would have spread across the Red Empire by now.

However, since the system seemed to confirm the existence of the half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasure, there was no reason to back down.

When they arrived at the mountain range near Mount Tai, Wang Mang discovered that Mount Tai was no longer as bustling and prosperous as before.

There was a distinct lack of tourists. It seemed that the chaos and changes in the world had put a damper on the situation, which was not surprising once one thought about it closely.

Perhaps only those with bucket lists to fulfill before dying would dare to travel around at this moment.

When Wang Mang approached Mount Tai, he was surprised to discover that the spiritual energy here was incredibly abundant, and was far greater than any place he had ever visited.

Perhaps only the land of opportunities in the Siluo Kingdom could come close. This filled him with hope and anticipation.

At this moment, Wang Mang saw the towering peak of Mount Tai, which was covered in dark clouds, which had gathered from all directions and even covered the sun and the moon in the sky.

It seemed that some sort of worldly phenomenon was taking place here!

Even Wang Mang could not help but be shocked…

Was this…

A tribulation?

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