I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 283 - Chapter 283: National Guardian Beast (Part 5)

Chapter 283: National Guardian Beast (Part 5)

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After hearing Wang Mang’s words, the woman was stunned.


This was not part of the script!

Moreover, the official direction was to focus on promoting that their country also had a national guardian beast, not to provoke an enemy!

Regardless of whether these words were true or false, they definitely offended the Siluo Kingdom!

After all, the other party had just announced their national guardian beast as well, yet Wang Mang had decided to use them as a foil for his boasting.

This was simply a blatant slap to the face!

For a moment, the interviewer was at a loss, as well as those who knew what the script was supposed to say.


They did not know how to respond to Wang Mang’s words.

However, at this moment, countless people were watching the official live broadcast channel, and were now in a heated discussion.

They felt their blood boil. The Red Empire also had a national guardian beast now, and it was stronger than the Siluo Kingdom’s!

Moreover, their national guardian beast had two horns on his head and wings. This was clearly a sign of it transforming into a dragon!

In an instant, a large number of comments began to appear in the live broadcast’s comment section.

“Buddha’s light has shone upon us! What others have, we have too!”

“I suspected that demons existed a long time ago, okay? After all, there were so many folk legends. The rumors about demons have been spreading since the time of our ancestors!”

“Our national guardian beast is simply too awesome! Is it really going to transform into a dragon?”

“Look at those glowing crimson scales! They are like flowing lava! How pretty!”

“It seems that the world is changing. In that case, should we just hide next to our national guardian beast and serve it?”

“Haha! Compared to a gorilla, a dragon is indeed much more powerful! This is the true power of the Red Empire!”

Meanwhile, the interview continued.

The interviewer quickly regained her composure. It seemed that she would have to adapt on the fly.

With a professional smile on her face, she changed the topic and asked, “Lord Guardian Beast, actually, many people in our Red Empire have heard rumors of the demon race. There are also countless folk legends.”

“So, 1 want to ask you, Lord Guardian Beast, have you demons been active in the world since ancient times? What do they think of us humans?”

Uh? Ancient times?


It was time to wing it!

He shook his head and said, “1 don’t have any opinions about humans, but I do have some opinions about certain people.”

“I remember that a few months ago, I transformed into a little python and was relaxing in the forest.”

“Guess what 1 encountered then? You will never imagine it!”

“I met a pair of weirdos. They wanted to capture me for their streaming content. Apparently, they wanted me to enter a certain hole!”

“So, 1 just want to say to those scum of society, please don’t embarrass yourselves as humans!”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, everyone present was petrified once again. What the f*ck did he just say?

Was that something that could be broadcasted live on a government channel?

Heavens! There were children watching! Why would you say such a thing!

The online spectators exploded into an uproar, as more and more people tuned in.

The number of viewers had now exceeded too million!

As expected, the comments section was flooded.

“I’m dying of laughter! Which streamers were so awesome as to try something like that. They actually wanted to capture our guardian beast for a live performance of that sort?”

“Those people are very creative. 1 would never have thought about having a snake crawl up that hole like that! Hahaha!”

“Although I’m surprised, I’ve suddenly realized that our guardian beast is quite trendy!”

“The world is indeed vast, and there are all kinds of people everywhere.”

“I thought my knowledge of that field was complete, but I have learnt something new today! Hahahaha!”

“Oh dear! What will happen when the companies start producing toys of our guardian beast? Will it start a new trend?”

At the same time, on the banks of Huanshan Reservoir.

Suddenly, the live broadcast cameras turned off, and it cut to an advertisement.

The middle-aged man in charge said helplessly, “Demon Emperor, say something encouraging!”

“Just try to say something nice, such as loving the people, loving the empire, and protecting the safety of the people.”

To be honest, when he heard Wang Mang’s interview, he was sweating profusely. There was no doubt in his mind that Wang Mang had not read the script in advance, and was simply saying whatever came to mind.

This was not the positive image they wanted to portray!

No one had ever spoken like this on an official government broadcast.

However, they were powerless to punish him, and could not even force him to say what they wanted. They could only patiently remind him.

Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Wang Mang was momentarily stunned, before he nodded indifferently.

“Fine! 1’11 try my best to answer in a proper manner.”

Then, the official live broadcast resumed after the advertisement.

This time, Wang Mang paid heed to their request and said some words that were like chicken soup for the soul.

For example, protecting the people!

Serving as the guardian of the Red Empire!

And other such sweet nothings!

Half an hour later, the live interview finally ended, and when it did…

[Ding! Congratulations! Mission completed!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained 3 billion evolution value!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained Top-grade Gacha xi]

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