I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 282 - Chapter 282: National Guardian Beast (Part 4)

Chapter 282: National Guardian Beast (Part 4)

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Hearing Wang Mang’s blatant threat, the middle-aged man was also very helpless.


He knew that these demons were not easy to deal with.

As a high-ranking official, he had acceded to Wang Mang’s whims the entire time, but it still ended up threatening not to fulfill its end of the deal.

What a bully!

Still, it was not like he could do anything about it, so he simply nodded and left the cave.

After the middle-aged man left, Father Wang nodded in satisfaction and said, “Not bad, not bad! 1 didn’t expect you to ask for so many firearms. My son is still the best!”

Hearing his father’s praise, Wang Mang did not know whether to laugh or cry. In any case, with the apocalypse looming, these firearms would help his father establish himself.


At the same time, in a meeting room elsewhere, a group of old men were gathered. The mood here was somber and solemn, but when the news arrived that they had managed to convince a demon emperor to become a national guardian beast, smiles broke out.

A white-haired old man smiled and said, “We’ve already successfully roped in a demon emperor.”

“This proves that our plan to rope in the demons has been very successful.”

“Compared to these powerful demons, our firepower and strength is somewhat lacking.”

At this moment, another old man sitting next to him smiled and nodded.

“Given the uncertain future, we must unite all of our forces and defeat any setbacks!”

Another old man then chimed in, “Tell me, why does the Python Emperor want military weaponry?”

“Our country hasn’t fallen into chaos yet, so if we release a large number of weapons, won’t it become chaotic?”

At this moment, the white-haired old man who first spoke shook his head and said, “The world is already in chaos! And there’s not much we can do to stop it, other than maintain a state of order for as long as we can.”

“The whole world is in a state of panic now. The Blue Empire has already been divided into dozens of states.”

“If we hadn’t been maintaining order and controlling the situation, I’m afraid the same thing would have happened here.”

“Even so, those old foxes in the political and business circles are still restless.”

“Given their influence and resources, even if they don’t get weapons from us, there are plenty of weapons available on the black market or other channels.”

“Since the Python Emperor wants weapons, we’ll give them to him.”

“However, we still have to maintain military superiority, so most of the weapons still have to be in our hands.”

“Therefore, withhold any weapons from the various provincial government agencies. They don’t need them anyway.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Although the world was in chaos, they still had to do their best not to maintain order before the world changed. As the leaders of the Red Empire’s army, this was their duty.

Two days later, on the banks of Huanshan Reservoir, things were quite lively.

There were hundreds of fully-armed military personnel, accompanied by an official team of reporters.

At this moment, Wang Mang’s massive body descended from the sky.

He hovered proudly in the air, his four wings constantly flapping.

This was the day of the interview, and the day his status as the national guardian beast would be announced!

Looking at the crowd below him, Wang Mang asked, “How much longer?”

The middle-aged man nodded at Wang Mang.

“Demon Emperor, we can start now!”

“Demon Emperor, you have to complete the interview according to the script later. After all, this is to announce your status as the national guardian beast.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang was momentarily stunned.


He had forgotten to read the script he had been given yesterday!

Of course, Wang Mang would not admit it, and simply brushed it off.

Then, the dignified woman in charge of the interview nodded and said, “We can start now!”

With that, she smiled professionally and said to the camera, “Today is an important day, as it is the day our country welcomes the national guardian beast that we all have been waiting for!”

“Everyone, the one hovering in the sky above us is our national guardian beast.”

“The audience must be very curious. What is the identity of our national divine beast?”

“He might seem like a normal demon in the eyes of the people, but he’s not like them at all, because he will be our guardian in the future!”

“The curious citizens will definitely ask, who is stronger, our guardian beast, or the Gorilla Emperor of the Siluo Kingdom?”

“Actually, our guardian beast, the Python Emperor, is also the emperor of the demon race, and an overlord of the demon race.”

At this point, the female host smiled and asked Wang Mang,

“May I ask, Lord Guardian Beast, what do you think of the Siluo Kingdom’s Gorilla Emperor?”

“We commoners are very curious about your strength, Lord Guardian Beast!”

Wang Mang was in high spirits, so he opened his mouth and said,

“There’s no need to worry about that at all. I’m invincible, so the Gorilla Emperor of the Siluo Kingdom cannot be compared to me!”

“Ever since I became a demon, I’ve killed anyone who stood in my way. I’ve never met my match!”

“Let’s put it this way! The Gorilla Emperor can only tremble in front of me!”

“If I wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as crushing an ant!”

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