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Chapter 279 - Chapter 279: National Guardian Beast (Part 1)

Chapter 279: National Guardian Beast (Part 1)

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At this time, after his father finished packing up the treasures, he said proudly to him, “Son! Do you want me to show you my legendary techniques?”


Before Wang Mang could say anything, Uncle Yang, who was beside him, said in admiration, “Wang Mang, your dad is amazing now. He’s very powerful.”

Seeing Uncle Yang’s admiring gaze, Father Wang was extremely pleased.

Seeing this, Wang Mang could not help but be at a loss whether to laugh or cry. However, he still cooperated and nodded with a smile.

“Alright, let me see what my father can do.”

Hearing this, Father Wang was in high spirits. He immediately formed a seal with both hands and cast several spiritual spells in succession.

Of course, they were all simple spiritual spells.


Soon after, Wang Mang saw his father begin to display his martial arts.

Yes, it was indeed martial arts!

It seemed that his father had cultivated both spiritual spells and martial arts!

Moreover, there were some martial arts that Wang Mang had never seen before. If his father had not called out the names of several martial arts, Wang Mang wouldn’t have recognized them.

Wang Mang nodded to himself when he saw his father’s fierce display of power.

It seemed that his father was taking cultivation seriously!

Then, while Father Wang was performing his martial arts, his phone suddenly rang, he stopped in his tracks.

Seeing this, Wang Mang looked at his father in surprise.

Father Wang took out his phone in confusion and answered the call.

A few minutes later, his father hung up and looked at Wang Mang with a serious expression.

Wang Mang immediately asked, “What’s wrong, Dad?”

Father Wang said with a serious expression, “It was someone from the Red Empire who called me.”

“The people from the Red Empire seem to want to talk to you personally.”

At this point, Father Wang muttered to himself in confusion, “That’s strange. How did they know that you were in contact with me?”

“However, they still don’t know that you’re my son. They only know that you’re in contact with me.”

Wang Mang was not surprised at all. After all, they had been monitoring demons for some time now, so it was not strange for them to have discovered that he and Father Wang were in contact with each other.

At this moment, Father Wang looked at Wang Mang and asked, “Son, do you want to meet their representative?”

“You might not know, but the entire world is in chaos now. Before the apocalypse arrives, perhaps it would be good to do something for our motherland.”

“Son, the news going about recently has been outright crazy. Many huge monsters have appeared from the sea, and all around the world, there are reports of the existence of a large number of demons and vampires.”

After hearing his father’s words, Wang Mang was also very shocked. He had not expected the world to descend into this state so soon.

The apocalypse had not even arrived yet!

Why was it so chaotic outside?

Thinking this, Wang Mang asked his father to brief him about the current affairs of the world.

The information shocked Wang Mang, and it was even more exaggerated than he had imagined.

For example, a large number of private armed forces had already appeared all over the world.

Moreover, not only were the prices of daily necessities skyrocketing, but military supplies were in high demand.

Also, the Blue Empire had broken up and was now ruled by a number of warlords. Every leader there was like a little Napoleon.

All in all, the whole world had already begun to stir.

Those business tycoons and major families who received the news in advance were already making preparations.

At present, only the ordinary citizens who did not know the truth were still living as usual.

After roughly understanding the current state of the world, Wang Mang pondered for a while before nodding slowly.

“Dad, tell them to come and talk to me.”

“Have you decided?” Father Wang asked in surprise. “Will it be dangerous for you?”

“Don’t worry, Dad.”

“With my capabilities, I won’t encounter any danger.”

Hearing his son’s confident words, Father Wang nodded in satisfaction and said, “If it’s a good offer and we can negotiate, remember to ask for more benefits.”

“Now that the outside world is in chaos, I have to make preparations as well.”

Wang Mang nodded. Then, Father Wang returned the call.

Two hours later, Wang Mang heard the sound of helicopters coming from outside the cave.

“Dad, wait a moment. I’ll go out and take a look.” Wang Mang immediately said.”

With that, Wang Mang swayed his body and slithered out of the cave.

Soon after, Wang Mang saw several helicopters in the sky above the forest not far from the cave.

Then, more than 20 fully-armed personnel alighted, protecting a burly middle-aged man in military uniform.

The middle-aged man sized up Wang Mang for a while before smiling.

“This must be the demon emperor of this province!”

Wang Mang sized him up for a while before nodding slightly in response.

He felt that the guy in front of him looked familiar. He seemed to be a big shot in the government.

Judging from the number of stars on his shoulder, this was indeed the case.

“Let’s talk inside!”

With that, Wang Mang returned to the cave.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man followed behind him.

After entering the cave, the burly man casually found a place to sit down.

Seeing this, Wang Mang asked him, “Tell me why you’re here.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man slowly said, “I’m representing the Red Empire today to formally invite you to become our national divine beast..”

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