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Chapter 278 - Chapter 278: Father Wang Is A Cultivator!

Chapter 278: Father Wang Is A Cultivator!

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[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained Divine Power: World Walk!]


[Remarks: After using this divine power, your speed will be increased fifty-fold!]



lie finally got something good!

To be honest, Wang Mang had always been dissatisfied with his own speed. Sure, he could fly at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour, but this was still not impressive enough for Wang Mang.

However, on land, his speed was only acceptable, not outstanding.


This had now changed, and Wang Mang was ecstatic!

He would be able to fly at 50,000 kilometers per hour! He would be able to slither at

6,000 kilometers per hour!

With this speed, he would be able to circle the globe!

Furthermore, he would no longer have to worry about being hunted down. Who could even catch up to him now?

“From now on, who can kill me? No one! Wuahahaha!”

In a good mood, Wang Mang slithered out of the cave.

When he saw the water buffalo demon standing guard outside the cave, Wang Mang thought for a moment and then instructed it, “Find Uncle Yang and ask him to contact my father.”

“Alright, Your Majesty!” Upon hearing this, the water buffalo demon nodded respectfully before leaving.

More than an hour later, the water buffalo demon returned and said that he had already conveyed the message.

Wang Mang reckoned that his father would rush over as soon as he received his message.

As for the reason why he took the initiative to look for his father, it was mainly because he wanted to give his father the Iron Palm manual and the demon king-level heavenly treasures.

These things were indeed useless to him, but they were still precious to ordinary people, and even demon kings and great demon kings.

Two hours later, when the sky was about to turn dark, his father and Uncle Yang arrived.

However, when he saw the change in his father, Wang Mang was shocked.

His father’s hair, which had originally been half-white, had turned black.

Not only that, but his cold and stern face was full of energy.

More importantly, Wang Mang could sense an abundance of spiritual energy from his father. He used the information detection skill on his father out of curiosity.

[Target: Your Father]

[Cultivation: 500 years]

[Level: Mid-stage Golden Core (comparable to a minor demon)]

[Luck: 88]

[Danger Level: Parental.]

Wang Mang was astonished.

It seemed that his father had really figured out how to cultivate!

However, Father Wang was even more astonished to see his son.

“Son, are you going to transform into a dragon? Why do you have horns on your head?”

“Father, Uncle Yang, let’s talk inside.”

Father Wang nodded and followed Uncle Yang into Wang Mang’s cave.

After entering the cave, Father Wang asked, “What’s wrong, son? Why did you call me here?”

“That’s because I have something good for my dad.”

Wang Mang smiled.

Hearing this, Father Wang’s eyes lit up and he asked excitedly, “Could it be that you’ve obtained more heavenly treasures, son?”

Wang Mang smiled and nodded. Then, he took out all the demon king-level and great demon king-level heavenly treasures from his storage space.

Looking at the ten to twenty heavenly treasures that exuded medicinal fragrance and were trying to struggle free, Father Wang became excited.

“Alright! Good, good! These things are really useful. After eating the last one, I found that cultivating is not difficult at all.”

“Not bad, not bad! My son is finally earning his keep.”

Wang Mang was left speechless after hearing his father’s words.

Then, Wang Mang split each heavenly treasure into two, extinguishing their life force. If he were to hand them over to his father whole, they would likely escape.

After all, these heavenly treasures could fly and escape quickly.

Father Wang happily put away these natural treasures and said incoherently, “With so many heavenly treasures, my strength will definitely increase greatly! Ahaha!”

Seeing his father’s happy expression, Wang Mang took out the Iron Palm manual and said, “Dad, this is a secret manual.”

Upon hearing this, Father Wang picked up the Iron Palm manual on the ground. After flipping through it for a while, Father Wang said disdainfully, “I don’t even want to cultivate this type of thing anymore.”

“Fortunately, I have already thought of a way to get the Book of Luban and half of the Qimen Dunjia.”

Hearing his father’s disdainful words, Wang Mang was speechless. It seemed that after becoming a cultivator, his father had become somewhat arrogant.

However, regarding the two ancient books that his father mentioned…

Wang Mang had heard of them. They were rumored to be godly, but Wang Mang did not know if the rumors were true or false..

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