I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 255 - Chapter 255: Big Opportunity!

Chapter 255: Big Opportunity!

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“You guys had better get lost! This place doesn’t belong to you outsiders!”


“This is our territory, so we call the shots here!”

“Now that you only have three emperors left, how can you fight us?”

Hearing these words of ridicule, the Black Bear Emperor’s expression turned extremely ugly.

The Stone Emperor, who was the strongest among them, was even angrier.

He looked at the Black Bear Emperor coldly, clearly waiting for an explanation.

F*ck! Why did Wang Mang and the Dog Emperor drop the ball at such a crucial moment?


The Stone Emperor considered himself the strongest terrestrial demon emperor in the Red Empire, so this was an affront to him.

Faced with the Stone Emperor’s cold gaze, the Black Bear Emperor said helplessly, “Stone Emperor, please remain calm.”

“There’s still some time before the land of opportunities opens.”

“The Dog Emperor sent me a voice transmission. It seemed to have something urgent to do.”

“It left a message that he would definitely rush back as soon as possible.”

After hearing Black Bear Emperor’s words, the Stone Emperor’s expression eased up slightly.

Still, he felt annoyed, as he was very familiar with the Dog Emperor’s personality. This fellow probably left to do something sneaky again.

At this moment, Tiger Emperor sneered and mocked, “What else can be said? They probably are going to do something stupid again!”

The Tiger Emperor figured out that these two had the same intentions, and were definitely up to no good.

Upon hearing this, the Stone Emperor remained silent as it faced the ridicule of the seven Siluo Kingdom demon emperors.

It chose to ignore it. This was also partially due to the strength that he could sense from the Gorilla Emperor on the opposite side, which was probably the strongest terrestrial demon emperor from the Siluo Kingdom.

If such an existence had shown up here, it meant that the treasures in this place were worthwhile.

At the same time, the demon emperors of the Siluo Kingdom were rather bewildered at the lack of reaction. Could it be that those two demon emperors had left to call for reinforcements?

After thinking about it, they decided to stop mocking the other party and just stared at the Black Bear Emperor and the others.

At the same time, in the desolate mountain range, Wang Mang said to the Dog Emperor in displeasure, “Brother Dog Emperor, why did you call me out?”

“I’ve just become a demon emperor and haven’t had a chance to show off yet.”

“Didn’t you hear how those demon emperors mocked us just now?”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, the Dog Emperor said indifferently, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

“I discovered a big opportunity, so I pulled you along.”

“I’m doing you a favor, yet you’re blaming me?”

Wang Mang’s eyes lit up when he heard the Dog Emperor’s words. He quickly asked, “Brother Dog Emperor, what big opportunity?”

“Didn’t you notice that the demon emperors of the Siluo Kingdom are gathered here?” the Dog Emperor said proudly.

“This means that their hideouts are unguarded!”

“We can seize this opportunity to loot their heavenly treasures!”

At this point, the Dog Emperor could not hide his excitement.

As for Wang Mang, he was speechless. So the big opportunity was stealing!

As expected of the Dog Emperor!

Actually, Wang Mang had also considered this matter. However, the problem was that this was his first time in the Siluo Kingdom, so he had no idea where their hideouts were. Searching willy-nilly for them would take too much time, and he would likely miss out on the land of opportunities.

Therefore, Wang Mang snapped, “Brother Dog Emperor, your idea is excellent, but the problem is that we can’t find their hideouts!”

“If we can’t find their hideouts, how are we going to get those heavenly treasures?”

“Brother Dog Emperor, do you know where they are?”

Hearing this, the Dog Emperor shook his head and said, “I don’t!”

However, before Wang Mang could speak, the Dog Emperor said smugly, “But I have a way of finding them!”

After saying that, the Dog Emperor started shaking his body. Moments later, Wang Mang saw a little rat with yellow fur fall off the Dog Emperor’s body.

Then, the Dog Emperor asked the little rat, “How is it? Have you memorized their auras?”

The little yellow mouse nodded quickly and whispered, “Master, I have.”

Hearing this, the Dog Emperor nodded in satisfaction. Then, he raised his head proudly and said, “Since I called you here, I definitely have my own ways of finding their hideouts.”

“Don’t look down on this little thing, Brother Python Emperor. This rat is called a ‘Treasure Rat’. Any heavenly treasure below nine thousand years cannot escape its sense of smell as long as it’s nearby.”

“In order to get this little thing, I had to search countless mountain ranges to find one!”

“Even if you give me ten demon emperor-level heavenly treasures, I won’t trade it away!”

After hearing the Dog Emperor’s explanation, Wang Mang was shocked.

F*ck! There was such a thing?

This was too awesome!

This was simply a living treasure-hunting machine!

Seeing Wang Mang’s envious expression, the Dog Emperor was even more pleased with himself.

“See? I’ve been good to you, haven’t I?”

“Don’t worry! I’ll take 90% and you’ll get 10%. I won’t mistreat you.”

After hearing the Dog Emperor’s words.

Wang Mang was speechless.

How could he agree to such a ratio?

“50-50,” Wang Mang said resolutely. “Otherwise, why don’t you go by yourself?”

Hearing Wang Mang’s words, the Dog Emperor was enraged. “Damn it! I’m already helping you here. It’s already good enough that I’m sharing my treasures with you.”

“You actually want a 50-50 split? Why don’t you go rob them yourself instead if you’re so capable!”

After saying that, the exasperated Dog Emperor decided to abandon Wang Mang and steal the treasures by himself.

Hearing this, Wang Mang felt helpless.

He also knew7 that the Dog Emperor’s w7ords were completely correct.

However, he was obviously unwilling to give up on the prospect of obtaining so many heavenly treasures.

Then, he thought of something and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Wang Mang looked at the Dog Emperor’s retreating figure and said maliciously, “Dog Emperor, if you dare to abandon me and go loot the treasures alone, I’ll tell those demon emperors about your plan!”

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