I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 254 - Chapter 254: Running Away?

Chapter 254: Running Away?

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The Dog Emperor’s furious roar rang out, causing the situation to turn awkward.


The Black Bear Emperor looked at the Dog Emperor in astonishment, and at the same time, he looked at Wang Mang in confusion.

It was obvious that the Dog Emperor was scolding Wang Mang.

What had Wang Mang done to make the Dog Emperor so angry?

It was not just the Black Bear Emperor who was curious, but the Tiger Emperor too.

This was the first time he had seen someone who could make the notorious Dog Emperor so angry. The Dog Emperor was infamous among the demon emperors for never suffering a loss, and had offended the most demon emperors.

After all, the Dog Emperor was a shameless thief. Anyone who could make this shameless demon emperor angry had to be even more shameless!


From the looks of things, the Python Emperor had stolen the Dog Emperor’s treasures, and not just one or two either!

Seeing these two, the Tiger Emperor and the Black Bear Emperor realized that birds of a feather flocked together.

At the same time, after hearing the Dog Emperor’s words, Wang Mang immediately regretted not having killed the wild boar demon.

That way, the Dog Emperor would never have discovered that he was the culprit. He vowed never to make the same mistake.

However, he still had to deal with the current situation.

Wang Mang pretended to be taken aback as he asked in astonishment, “Brother Dog Emperor, what did you say?”

“When did I steal your heavenly treasures?”

“Brother Dog Emperor! We’re so familiar with each other. 1 wouldn’t steal from you!”

“Besides, if 1 really stole from you, why would I leave that guy alive?””

“Wouldn’t that simply be asking for trouble?”

“I’m being framed!”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, the furious Dog Emperor was stunned.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense!

If Wang Mang had really stolen it, he would not have left the wild boar demon alive, right?

Somehow, it seemed that Wang Mang was not lying.

In the end, the Dog Emperor decided to trust Wang Mang.

After all, if Wang Mang had really stolen its heavenly treasures, then the former would not have been so calm when they met each other in the New Frontier Province.

Then the Dog Emperor nodded and said, “Looks like I’m mistaken! Not bad, Brother Python! You’ve become a demon emperor so quickly!”

These words came from the depths of the Dog Emperor’s heart. Wang Mang’s progress was simply mind-blowing!

After this little situation resolved itself, the band of demon emperors set off for the New Frontier Province.

Three days later, they successfully added the Stone Emperor to their ranks, and then set off for the Siluo Kingdom.

It took two days for the band of demon emperors to reach the Siluo Kingdom. As it was a completely new territory for four of them, they had to rely on the Black Bear Emperor to lead the way.

Moreover, the Siluo Kingdom was vast, but did not have a large population.

There were many untouched forests here. Based on what Wang Mang knew, the Siluo Kingdom was once a warring empire, and had unified many countries, big and small.

Eventually, it became an extremely powerful empire in the past, but it later fell apart. When Wang Mang took out his map and started scanning the Siluo Kingdom’s region, he almost cursed out loud.

The densely-packed names within the region made Wang Mang dizzy.

Fortunately, he was not the one navigating.

Another two days passed before the Wang Mang and the other demon emperors arrived at a black mountain range.

This mountain range was deserted, and the trees in this forest were massive.

Once they entered the mountain range, Wang Mang immediately sensed several powerful demon emperor auras.

At this moment, the Black Bear Emperor slowed down and turned around to remind everyone, “We’re almost there. Everyone, stay on your toes!”

All of the demon emperors, including Wang Mang, nodded in agreement.

Not long after, after traveling through the mountain range, they reached a lake. The depths of the lake were black, which meant that the lake was extremely deep!

Despite that, the water was unusually clear and pure.

On the other side of the lake, there were seven or eight demon emperors exuding extremely powerful auras.

Among the seven demon emperors, there were two bear-type demon emperors, which were a brown bear, and a grizzly bear.

There was also a strong-looking giant elephant…

A black gorilla…

A huge lizard…

And finally a lion…

When these demon emperors spotted the newcomers, they expressed their hostility with fierce and unfriendly gazes.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened.

From the Black Bear Emperor’s team, the Dog Emperor and Wang Mang slunk off suddenly.

Seeing this scene, the demon emperors of the Siluo Kingdom were stunned.

Then, they all laughed wildly and brazenly, “If you’re afraid, then get lost! Otherwise, don’t blame us for teaching you a lesson!”

“We haven’t even said anything, yet we managed to scare off two demon emperors?”

“Are these demon emperors really here to compete for the land of opportunities?”

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