I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 313 - An endorsement worth 1.5 billion!  

Chapter 313: An endorsement worth 1.5 billion!

“Pretty much.” Lin Qianwei nodded.

“You’ve worked hard. In that case, I have to accept these endorsements. It adds up to 1.2 billion.” Lin Fan smiled brightly.

It was impossible for anyone not to be tempted when faced with 1.2 billion.

If he obtained these 1.2 billion yuan, Lin Fan would be considered a truly rich person.

He was too poor now. As a major shareholder of so many companies, very few people were poorer than Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s bank account had returned to the days when he only had two million yuan.

The rest of the money went to the entertainment company.

Only about two million in savings. Lin Fan sighed.

If he didn’t work hard, he might starve to death one day.

“Qianwei, well done. I’ll give you a raise.” Lin Fan smiled.


“Also, you’ve been too busy recently. Su Muqing will be my manager alongside you. The two of you can work together,” Lin Fan said.

“Alright.” Lin Qianwei nodded.

Lin Qianwei was still very happy about the increase in salary.

Boss is really generous.

Lin Fan got the information on these endorsement companies and started calling them one by one.

For every endorsement company, Lin Fan went to the scene for a practical inspection.

Moreover, Lin Fan raised the price again from their original offers.

It went from 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion.

After Lin Fan confirmed that there were no problems, he confirmed all 115 endorsements.

Lin Fan also signed endorsement contracts with these 115 companies.

This was the first time Lin Fan had signed so many endorsements on a large scale.

And this news caused a huge stir in Yuehua Entertainment.

When the celebrities heard that Lin Fan had signed so many endorsements at once, they were even more shocked.

This was not just one or two endorsements, but 115!

They involved many different fields. There were cosmetics, perfumes, daily necessities, and so on. There were all kinds of affordable goods.

The ability of celebrities to promote goods reflected most of all in affordable goods.

Many ordinary people could not afford luxury goods, but if they invited celebrities to endorse these cheap goods, they would definitely receive a very good return.


“Damn, Lin Fan is awesome.”

“He signed 115 endorsement contracts at once. This, this, this… Who can compare to him?”

“How did Lin Fan do it? Are there so many endorsement companies looking for him?”

“Not one hundred and fifteen. I asked Lin Qianwei. In fact, there are more than three hundred companies that want Lin Fan to endorse them, but Lin Fan only picked one hundred and fifteen of them.”

“And so many endorsements were signed by Lin Fan for the people around him. I wonder if Lin Fan will be on them himself. No matter what, Lin Fan is too amazing. Who asked Lin Fan to film such a good television drama?”

“That’s right, we can’t compare to him. The second season of Joy of Life is too popular now. Lin Fan has completely become famous in the entertainment industry!”

“I wonder if Brother Fan can give me an endorsement. My relationship with Brother Fan is quite good.”

“That’s right. After all, Brother Fan is a member of our Yuehua Entertainment. If he signs so many endorsements, he might give us some.”

Lin Jingjing shook her head gently when she heard the news.

She knew that Lin Fan was not from Yuehua Entertainment.

Lin Fan had never been an employee of Yuehua Entertainment.

Lin Fan wasn’t even Yuehua Entertainment’s screenwriter. He was just a nominal screenwriter.

In fact, Lin Fan was not bound to Yuehua Entertainment at all.

And Lin Fan had signed so many endorsements. Could he possibly distribute them to the celebrities of Yuehua Entertainment?

Basically impossible.

In the office, Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Kexin were all here.

When Lin Fan saw the three girls, he smiled brightly.

“I’ve signed one hundred and fifteen endorsements. That adds up to about a billion and a half. That means every endorsement would pay you an average of over ten million.”

“The four of us will go out and shoot endorsements for these 115 companies. It’s a waste not to earn so much money.” Lin Fan smiled.

Listening to Lin Fan say 1.5 billion,

Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Kexin were shocked.

That’s… a billion and a half.

This was equivalent to Lin Fan signing an order worth 1.5 billion.

Even a big star like Xia Wanqiu couldn’t earn so much money at once.

And one hundred and fifteen endorsements was too many.

Even if they filmed three a day, it would take about 40 days.

In the middle, they had to travel to various cities and take various flights. It was basically very tiring and there was almost no time to rest.

Shooting three endorsements a day was definitely unrealistic.

“Wanqiu will take on 25 endorsements, and Xiaoyu will take on 25 endorsements. I’ll take on 30 endorsements. Lin Kexin, can you take on 35 endorsements?” Lin Fan asked.

After all, Lin Kexin was an artist under Lin Fan’s future entertainment company, and Lin Fan had even paid 200 million yuan for her contract termination fee.

Now, it was time for Lin Kexin to work hard.

This was also a chance for Lin Kexin to prove herself.

Ever since the huge commotion at Huace Pictures last time, all of Lin Kexin’s endorsements had been terminated, and her number of fans and popularity had also decreased a lot.

Lin Fan had given Lin Kexin so many endorsements not only to earn money, but also to support her.

Lin Fan only gave Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu 25 endorsements each because he didn’t want them to be too tired.

Su Xiaoyu was not short of money to begin with. It was fine if she did not accept the endorsement.

Xia Wanqiu liked her work, but she was Lin Fan’s girlfriend.

Lin Fan couldn’t bear to let Xia Wanqiu work too hard.

He would rather he took the initiative and accepted the thirty endorsements.

“Yes, I can.” Lin Kexin nodded and looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan had given her so many endorsements because he approved of her.

If it were anyone else, how could she have received so many endorsements?

The resources that Lin Fan had given her had already exceeded what Huace Pictures had given her combined.

Even if it was harder and more tiring, she wanted to complete them all.

“I can too~” Xia Wanqiu nodded. She looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes and smiled brightly.

“Roar ~ I’ll listen to you.” Su Xiaoyu held Xia Wanqiu’s arm and looked at Lin Fan.

“Well, your schedules are all listed. Take a day off tomorrow and you can start work the day after.”

“It’s this month. We might not be able to see each other anymore. In a month, I’ll cook a feast for you!” Lin Fan smiled and held Xia Wanqiu’s hand, feeling a little reluctant.

He could have lived a beautiful life with his wife, but now it was only right to go out and work for a month in order to make money.

“It’s fine~” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes and a smile.

Looking at such a beautiful girl in front of him, Lin Fan felt a little too happy.

It was for Xia Wanqiu that Lin Fan had to work so hard.

Three months later, he had to obtain the recognition of Xia Wanqiu’s father.

When the time came… he could marry her and bring her home.

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