I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 312 - These Companies Give Too Much  

Chapter 312: These Companies Give Too Much

“CEO Ma, Boss Lin wants to borrow 500 million yuan. Logically speaking, it has to go through a certain process,” the assistant said.

CEO Ma shook his head. “That depends on the value of Lin Fan. I’ll lend him this five hundred million personally.”

“You do realize that Lin Fan is worth more than being Alibaba’s second-largest shareholder.”

The assistant didn’t quite understand.

CEO Ma said, “Lin Fan is now the largest shareholder of Estée Lauder. It’s normal for him to have some financial problems for the time being.”

“And do you know how terrifying Lin Fan’s powers are?”

“What kind of company is Estee Lauder? Lin Fan forcefully raised the share price of Estee Lauder by 12%!”

CEO Ma said, his eyes deeply shocked.

The 12% increase in the stock price was all thanks to Lin Fan.

It could be said that Lin Fan had brought Estée Lauder to a higher level!

“What? Twelve percent? Then Boss Lin’s ability in business is too terrifying,” the assistant said with a trace of shock in his eyes.

A twelve percent increase in the stock price would be a considerable boost to Estée Lauder’s entire company.

“It’s a pity that Boss Lin isn’t very interested in Alibaba’s business. If Lin Fan were to come to our company, Alibaba’s improvement would be very obvious.”

“When I retire in the future, Lin Fan even has the potential to be my successor,” CEO Ma said.

That was his assessment of Lin Fan.

It was also what he expected of Lin Fan.

The assistant was puzzled by this.

Lin Fan was indeed very capable.

However, Lin Fan was probably not qualified to be Alibaba’s successor.

Alibaba was a big company with a market capitalization of trillions. How could anyone be Alibaba’s successor?

“Lin Fan might not have enough experience, but you have to know what kind of girl he has by his side.” CEO Ma smiled and turned to leave.

After checking, the assistant was shocked.

Oh my God …

Beside Lin Fan was a genius girl called Su Xiaoyu.

That was the daughter of the richest man in the world, Su Changqiang.

The assistant knew about Su Xiaoyu’s talent and ability in business.

Lin Fan was not capable enough, but he still had Su Xiaoyu.

With Su Xiaoyu by Lin Fan’s side, Lin Fan could do anything he wanted!


On one side, they were busy with the entertainment company. On the other side, the popularity of the second season of Joy of Life made too many companies interested in Lin Fan.

So much so that Lin Qianwei had been too busy recently.

She was already so busy she was about to explode.

All the companies could not contact Lin Fan. They could only contact her.

As Lin Fan’s manager, she hadn’t had much rest recently.

At Lin Fan’s house, Lin Qianwei was holding a thick stack of documents.

“Why do you look so tired?” Lin Fan smiled.

“Boss, too many companies have contacted you recently. It’s just that you’re busy and I haven’t reported it to you.”

“There are a hundred and twenty-three companies who want you to endorse them.”

“Many of them want to look for Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Kexin to endorse them. There are also 163 companies that want to look for these celebrities to participate in business activities.”

“The highest bid is 40 million, and the lowest is 2.3 million. I’ve already sorted it out. They all have contact details attached. Boss, if you think it’s suitable, you can contact these companies,” Lin Qianwei said.

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up.

One hundred and twenty-three companies wanted to shoot endorsements, and one hundred and sixty-three advertising companies wanted them to participate in commercial activities.

The minimum bid was more than two million.

Based on two million, how much would 123 endorsement companies add up to?


246 million!

There were also 163 commercial activities. According to the lowest bid, it added up to 326 million!

If they could participate in so many endorsements and business activities, the minimum profit would be 572 million!

And this was according to the lowest offer.

If a mean number was taken, for example, attending an event would earn them ten million.

If they participated in all the activities, Lin Fan could earn 2,860,000,000!

2.8 billion!

After deducting the cost, Lin Fan could earn 2.2 billion in profits!

He could earn so much money just by filming the second season of Joy of Life.

It was a huge profit!

2.2 billion. Who could resist earning that much money?

Lin Fan actually still owed a lot of money, including one billion to LV and five hundred million to Alibaba.

Most importantly, Lin Fan still wanted to make money.

If he did not earn money soon, he would really have to live off a woman.

Of course, there were too many companies that wanted to find Lin Fan and the girls around him to shoot endorsements and advertisements.

It added up to 286 companies!

Even if they filmed three endorsements a day every day without a break, it would take 95 days.

Even if the three girls went together, it would take more than thirty days.

In that case, the physical toll and stress were too much.

Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Kexin would probably be exhausted.

Tang Xinran’s main task was still her studies. She could only come out occasionally to film and participate in endorsements. Her body could not withstand filming so many endorsements.

If Lin Fan had many artistes under him, he could consider accepting so many endorsements and advertisements.

But not now.

Including Tang Xinran and Su Muqing, Lin Fan only had five artistes under him.

Tang Xinran still had to go to school, and Su Muqing was not famous yet.

There were only three artistes. One of them was Xia Wanqiu, one was Su Xiaoyu, and the other was Lin Kexin.

Only by expanding his entertainment company could he make better use of the resources in the entertainment industry and earn big money.

Lin Fan looked at Lin Qianwei and said, “Have you sorted out a list? Which endorsements are the most cost-effective? Those that aren’t that tiring and have offered us a moderate price.”

Lin Qianwei nodded. “I’ve sorted out ninety endorsements and advertisements. They’re all the most cost-effective, but you only have three big stars around you. They have to pick up thirty of them each.”

“I did some preliminary calculations on the ninety endorsements. If I accept all of them, it’s equivalent to a billion dollars in funds.”

“I think fifteen other companies are not bad, but the cost-effectiveness is not as high as before. If we take them on, it will be two hundred million,” Lin Qianwei said. It was obvious how hard she had been working recently.

“In other words, if I accept all 115 companies’ activities, I can earn 1.2 billion yuan.” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up, and even his breathing became heavy.

This was… 1.2 billion!

It looked like he was going to have to do it himself too.

Initially, Lin Fan didn’t want to film endorsements.

But mainly, these companies were giving too much!

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