I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 295 - Crushing Wang Qing! Lin Fan is the Big Boss!  

Chapter 295: Crushing Wang Qing! Lin Fan is the Big Boss!

After the call with CEO Ma, Lin Fan immediately started working.

Lin Fan had a lot of resources behind him now.

Alibaba, LV, Chanel, and Bugatti.

It could be said that Lin Fan’s businesses already had a lot of influence.

With such influence, it would not be difficult to raise the share price of Estee Lauder.

After communicating with CEO Ma for a long time, Lin Fan realized that his business ability had also reached 81 points.

He still wasn’t as good as the dog, but he was a normal person, and he could turn the price of Estee Lauder’s shares around at this point.

On the Internet, there was a bombshell.

[Shocking! The CEO of Estée Lauder is actually the second-largest shareholder of LV!]

When the news came out, all the employees of Estée Lauder were shocked.

They kept Lin Fan’s information a secret.

Only big shots like CEO Ma and the country knew.

As for the people online, they did not know who the boss of Estee Lauder was.

It was not just viral domestically. There was also a lot of public opinion abroad.

“Holy shit. LV’s second-largest shareholder is actually the CEO of Estée Lauder.”

“Are the European luxury brands forming an alliance?”

“Does anyone know who the CEO of Estee Lauder is? Let me cozy up to him.”

“I want to have children with the CEO of Estée Lauder!!!”

“The share price of Estée Lauder has fallen recently because the company changed CEOs. In the end, we only realized now that the CEO of Estée Lauder is so capable.”

“That’s right. He’s the second-largest shareholder in Louis Vuitton, and now he’s the CEO of Estée Lauder. That’s probably what a real talent is. Someone we’ll have to look up to all our lives.”

Under the news that went viral all over the internet,

there were many people who wanted to find out the name of the CEO of Estee Lauder, but none of them did.

The company kept the secret very strictly.

Coincidentally, Wang Qing did not say anything either.

If Wang Qing said Lin Fan’s name, wouldn’t he be helping Lin Fan act cool?

Hence… it became completely viral in Estée Lauder.

“Damn, Boss Lin is actually the second-largest shareholder of LV. He’s equivalent to a vice president.”

“That’s right. Now that LV is developing so well, it must have something to do with Boss Lin. I knew it. How could someone without ability become the CEO of Estée Lauder?”

“Don’t tell me someone really thinks that just anyone can become the CEO of our company?”

“Boss Lin is too strong. In that case, who else thinks that our company’s CEO is not capable?”

“If you’re not convinced, you can be the vice president of LV.”

“To be able to be the vice president of LV, he must be very capable. Now that Boss Lin has joined our company, he might be able to develop our company better!”

With such news, the company’s internal staff worshipped Lin Fan even more.

Louis Vuitton’s market value was not lower than that of Estée Lauder.

And LV’s popularity and influence were number one among European luxury brands.

This could not be done without the efforts of the entire LV Corporation.

There were few negative reviews online about LV.

This company had done a perfect job.

But at Estée Lauder, there were a lot of problems.

There was still no way this company could compare to LV.

After such news broke, the stock price of Estée Lauder rose rapidly.

In just two days, Estée Lauder’s share price had risen by 10%!

A ten percent increase in stock price was unbelievable.

Estée Lauder’s market value was more than three hundred ninety billion yuan, close to four hundred billion.

The stock price had increased by 10%. One could imagine how much it had increased.

With this trend, there were more investors willing to come and buy shares in Estee Lauder.

Just because the company’s CEO had changed to someone more capable!

On this day, the company’s higher-ups had another meeting.

Many shareholders sat together, their faces full of admiration.

In just two days, Lin Fan’s ability had already been recognized by most people.

Especially Claren, the company’s third-largest shareholder. When he saw Lin Fan, he bowed even lower.

“Boss Lin, I didn’t expect you to be the second-largest shareholder of LV. You’re so capable, but in the end, some people are still doubtful of your abilities,” Claren said, looking at everyone.

“I also hope that our company’s shareholders can listen to Boss Lin’s instructions. With Boss Lin around, our company’s market value will definitely be higher!” Claren smiled.

“That’s right. Boss Lin is too awesome. Our company’s share price has increased by 10%. This is simply a miracle.”

“I thought that the company’s share price would continue to fall. It’s only been a few days, but the company’s share price has already risen so much. This is all thanks to Boss Lin.”

“How did Boss Lin do it? Anyway, I’ve already worshipped Boss Lin…”

Many shareholders of the company expressed their unanimous approval of Lin Fan.

As long as they could earn money, these shareholders would also support Lin Fan.

Under such public opinion, Lin Fan had already gained the trust of many of the company’s shareholders.

However, Wang Qing and the others did not attend today’s shareholders’ meeting.

They also held shares in the company, but none of them came today.

After the meeting, Wang Qing stood at the door of the office with a smile.

“Hello, shareholders. From today onwards, I am the CEO of Estée Lauder.”

“Boss Lin does have 19% of the shares. He’s considered a major shareholder in our company. Everyone has seen Boss Lin’s ability these few days and he has created good results for our company.”

“That’s commendable.”

“However, after a few days of discussion, many of the company’s shareholders have already transferred their shares to me.”

“Boss Lin, I currently hold 24% of the company’s shares. I’m the person who holds the largest percentage of shares in the company.”

“So… Boss Lin, your position is mine.”

“Please rise.”

Wang Qing smiled and looked at Lin Fan.

He was openly slapping Lin Fan in the face.

Lin Fan had been busy with the company’s stock price for the past two days, but Wang Qing had dealt him a fatal blow behind his back.

As Wang Qing spoke, he took out the share transfer agreement and placed it on the table.

It was clearly stated that the company’s number one shareholder had already become Wang Qing.

Wang Qing was the CEO of Estee Lauder.

When it came to this outcome, no matter how good Lin Fan’s previous achievements were, the CEO of the company had already become Wang Qing.

Wang Qing gave Lin Fan a fatal blow!

The many shareholders present also looked at each other.

If that was true, the other shareholders of the company could say nothing.

“Boss Lin, aren’t you getting up?” Wang Qing looked at Lin Fan as if he was the victor. He originally wanted to attack Lin Fan, but the company’s shares were more important. Wang Qing had also done something big these few days.

The Wang family invested heavily and let Wang Qing become the CEO of Estee Lauder.

Lin Fan’s position was squeezed out!

Lin Fan sat where he was, his expression indifferent.

He had long thought of Wang Qing’s methods and countermeasures to them.

What kind of person was CEO Ma? He had already told Lin Fan everything he could think of.

Lin Fan snapped his fingers gently and Su Muqing, who was standing at the office door, walked in with the latest documents.

“Wang Qing, I’m sorry.”

“The company’s shares were changed yesterday. All the shareholders on this list have now been fired by the company because of their record of smearing the company. Their shares have also been forcibly bought back by the company and are now owned by the company. These things are legally binding.”

“Therefore, these share transfers of yours are invalid.”

“What I’m telling you is that my current share of the company is twenty-five percent!”

When Lin Fan finished speaking, Su Muqing placed the document in front of Wang Qing.

Those who defamed Lin Fan happened to be from Wang Qing’s side.

With Su Muqing’s help, the evidence was collected. Legally, if the company’s shareholders did something to discredit the company and damage its reputation, the company had the right to fire those shareholders and take back the shares.

In the past few days, Lin Fan had completely reshuffled Estee Lauder.

Apart from Wang Qing, he had no other enemies in the company.

When Wang Qing looked at the information in Lin Fan’s hand, his entire body turned cold.

Those shares had all been taken back by Lin Fan, so Wang Qing’s share transfers were all invalid.

The people he had befriended over the years and the shareholders he had roped in had all been shuffled by Lin Fan and chased out of the company.

When had Lin Fan ever been so scheming and capable?

He didn’t believe it…

He had thought that he could defeat Lin Fan easily today.


He was the one who lost!!!

Lin Fan was the real boss of Estee Lauder!

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