I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 294 - CEO Ma's Call  

Chapter 294: CEO Ma’s Call

Meanwhile, in two major European companies.

LV Corporation Headquarters.

The CEO of Chanel was there too. He looked at the CEO of LV. They looked at each other.

As the CEOs of two major luxury brands, they were a little shocked when they saw the message from Lin Fan.

“Boss Lin has already become the largest shareholder of Estee Lauder. Boss Lin is now the CEO of Estee Lauder,” the CEO of Chanel said.

“That’s right. Boss Lin sent me a message just now. He said that he’s in some trouble at Estée Lauder and wants us to help raise a billion yuan,” the CEO of LV said.

“Is Boss Lin going to build an industrial chain for luxury brands all over the world? First our company, then LV, then Bugatti, and now in the field of cosmetics, Estée Lauder,” the CEO of Chanel sighed.

“The CEO of Estée Lauder has been replaced by Boss Lin, but Estée Lauder’s people seem to be a little dissatisfied. I’m afraid those unhappy shareholders are in a sorry state.” The CEO of LV smiled.

Lin Fan’s identity and background made these two big bosses not dare to underestimate him.

Estée Lauder was also one of the top luxury brands, but they dared to face Lin Fan head-on.

One could imagine what would happen to those who fought with Lin Fan.


“Damn it, I’ve been scheming for so many years, and I’ve already controlled a lot of the company’s shares. I was just waiting for the right moment. Who knew that Lin Fan would appear out of nowhere?”

“Why should the shares of the company fall to Lin Fan after I’ve worked so hard for so long? I’m not convinced,” Wang Qing said and slammed the table.

“Lin Fan actually managed to raise a billion yuan. Do you know where this billion yuan came from?” Wang Qing looked at his assistant and asked.

“Boss Wang, I just found out that this billion yuan was transferred from overseas.”

“And the other party’s company’s account name is LV. LV is actually willing to pay a billion yuan for Lin Fan. Boss Wang, don’t tell me Lin Fan knows the CEO of LV Company?” the assistant asked.

When Wang Qing heard this, his eyes darkened.

“That’s a possibility. Maybe Lin Fan is also a shareholder of LV.”

“This Lin Fan is something… No matter which company he’s a shareholder of, Estée Lauder is mine.”

“As long as I can obtain Estée Lauder, my status in the family will rise and I can inherit the Wang Consortium. Moreover, I can marry the second daughter of the Su family. I heard that she’s very beautiful, but I don’t know her name yet,” Wang Qing said.

At the mention of the second daughter of the Su family, Wang Qing was a little excited.

The second daughter of the Su family was as beautiful as she could be.

And very few people had seen the second daughter of the Su family.

The eldest daughter of the Su family was called Su Wan’er. She was very beautiful.

As for the second daughter of the Su family, it was said that she was so beautiful that the moon hides her face and the flowers blush in shame at the sight of her and even more beautiful than Su Wan’er.

Wang Qing did not even know her name.

All he knew was that his father had promised him.

As long as he could obtain the status of Estee Lauder’s big boss, he could go to the Su family to propose marriage.

“In that case, I can only use extreme measures.”

“If he’s dead, he can’t be the CEO of the company,” Wang Qing said with a cold gaze.

He would do anything for money and his own benefits.

Being able to become the CEO of Estée Lauder meant that he could obtain endless benefits.

And it was a symbol of status.


Lin Fan was deep in thought in his office.

He didn’t actually know that much about business.

If he really got into business, with Lin Fan’s current knowledge, he would have to study for a long time.

Coincidentally, Lin Fan found a lottery ticket given by the system that he hadn’t used before.

“Ding! Lottery successful.”

“Congratulations Master for getting +10 scriptwriting ability.”

“Congratulations Master for gaining +10 directing ability.”

“Congratulations Master for gaining +40 business ability.”

“Your panel has been automatically opened.”

Master: Lin Fan.

Culinary skills rating: 132

Directing skill rating: 97

Screenwriting Ability: 128

Business Capability: 41

After seeing this series of statistics, Lin Fan was a little angry.

He’d added 40 points to his business capability, but his total was only 41?

In other words, without the system, his business ability was only 1?

Damned system. Who are you looking down on?

“What level is business ability 41?” Lin Fan asked.

“Ding, average business ability.”

“It’s equivalent to one percent of Su Xiaoyu’s business ability.” The system’s voice sounded.

Lin Fan:”…”

Lin Fan could accept average business ability.

After all, he had little contact with this industry.

But what did one percent of Su Xiaoyu’s business ability mean?

When Lin Fan asked again, the system no longer answered.

The information given by the system was always correct.

Lin Fan knew that when his culinary skills reached 132, the feasts he made were already shocking.

In fact, some of the big chefs only scored in the nineties. That was already very good.

However, his business ability of 41 was only equivalent to 1% of Su Xiaoyu’s.

In other words, Su Xiaoyu’s business ability score was 4,100.

Good grief, how smart must Xiaoyu be?

No wonder Xiaoyu’s family was the richest in the world.

Lin Fan recalled the last time he met the Huo family. He had just defeated Huo Xinyu in the casino. In the end, before Huo Xinyu could counterattack, she had already admitted defeat.

The Huo Corporation’s share price fell by 10% that day and had yet to recover.

Coupled with the fact that Su Xiaoyu was waiting for him at the door that day.

Su Xiaoyu explained that she was just passing by.

Now Lin Fan understood everything.

Su Xiaoyu helped him deal with the Huo family.

Before he could make a move, the Huo family had already collapsed.

So his own dog was that good, too.

Lin Fan smiled, happy for Su Xiaoyu.

However, Lin Fan had to rely on his own abilities to truly establish himself in Estée Lauder.

He couldn’t rely on Su Xiaoyu’s help all the time when things happened.

Only by growing bit by bit in storms could he truly become stronger.

Ignorance was not scary. As long as one was willing to study hard, there was nothing that could not improve.

For example, Lin Fan’s Chinese chess skills were already very good without the help of the system.

There were still more than four months to go before he had to see Xia Wanqiu’s father. Lin Fan also believed that on that day, he could really spar with Xia Wanqiu’s father in Chinese chess.

At that moment, CEO Ma called.

There were a lot of things he didn’t understand in business. He could ask CEO Ma.

The current problem was the decline in Estée Lauder’s share price.

If the stock price fell too much, Lin Fan’s position as the CEO would be unstable without anyone attacking him.

As long as Lin Fan could solve this problem, he would be able to gain a foothold in the company!

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