I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 614 - Counterattack from Dire Straits

Chapter 614: Counterattack from Dire Straits

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Outside the Immortal Spirit Tower, none of the spectators were actually surprised that An Lin was being badly beaten. They were only feeling a little wistful for him as he had come up against what was clearly an insurmountable opponent.

You couldn’t even blame him for losing the battle as his opponent was simply far too insane.

Xu Xiaolan’s hands were clenched into fists as she stared at the man on the screen with anticipation in her eyes.

She knew that this was not the extent of An Lin’s strength as he had many trump cards that he had yet to unleash.

The Celestial Thearch was also paying a little more attention now.

He wasn’t looking at the crystalline screen. Instead, he was looking directly through the wall of the Immortal Spirit Tower to survey the battle firsthand.

An Lin struggled to his feet, and he stared at his opponent as his brain scrambled for a course of action.

However, Emperor Ziwei was not going to afford An Lin time to think. He stepped forward and countless black sword projections appeared within the tower before descending upon An Lin in a torrential downpour.

The sword projections were far too dense for An Lin to dodge, so he could only rely on his body of the War God to take the attacks head-on.

As soon as the sword projections made contact with his body, he was flung against the wall of the Immortal Spirit Tower where the rest of the black sword projections continued to rain down upon his body.

Boom boom boom…

The Immortal Spirit Tower tremored violently as Bai Zhong fortified the defensive spell techniques without daring to let down his guard for even a single moment.

The existing defensive spell formations were completely unequipped to deal with a battle of such magnitude, so all he could do now to use his own power to stabilize the spell formation…

This was the first time he had ever had to do something like this, and it was taking quite a toll on his body.

“Oh? Your skin is indeed frighteningly thick. It’s already well above the realm of the Soul Formation Stage. Most Return to Void Stage mighty figures wouldn’t even possess such monstrous defensive prowess.” After musing to himself for a moment, Emperor Ziwei gripped the air, and a purple and gold mace appeared immediately in his hand.

He immediately swung the mace toward An Lin, who was still pinned to the wall.


The air twisted as a devastating power swept forth.

An Lin’s body suddenly transformed into a cloud of white mist as he disappeared from the spot.

The purple and gold mace struck the wall of the Immortal Spirit Tower as violent energy exploded forth, and the Immortal Spirit Tower tremored violently once again.

“Oh? How interesting. Is that Shou Yang’s spell technique?” A galaxy of stars flashed before Emperor Ziwei’s eyes as he gripped his hand toward a certain spot in the air.

A golden cube suddenly appeared in mid-air while releasing boundless sealing power.

An Lin was forced to reemerge as fearsome sealing power swept throughout his entire body.

An Lin’s heart jolted in shock, and he hurriedly spread open his Wings of Wind before the sealing power completely locked him in place. At the same time, the four-colored Divine Flame Sword appeared in his hands with streams of wind that revolved around the blade before striking a side of the golden cube.

He moved with such an alarming speed that his Divine Flame Sword instantly shattered a hole on the side of the golden square, from which he escaped. However, what greeted him was a fist projection imbued with the perfected power of the Five Elements…


The fist projection crashed into An Lin’s body with an earth-shattering force as he shot forth like a cannonball, only to be plastered against the wall of the Immortal Spirit Tower again…

What a familiar scene.

An Lin suddenly had the urge to swear at the top of his lungs!

How could he possibly grind Emperor Ziwei’s face into the ground with such a massive power gap? He could perhaps do so in his dreams!

It was clearly Emperor Ziwei who was grinding him into the wall!!!

What followed the attack was another torrential storm of attacks that continued to pin his body against the wall…

Outside the Immortal Spirit Tower, all the students were feeling quite sorry for An Lin as his body was relentlessly ravaged.

Some of the female students couldn’t even bear to look anymore as they covered their eyes, only leaving a narrow slit between their fingers.

“He’s completely unable to retaliate. Poor God An…”

“It looks like having insane defensive prowess can be quite painful too as you’re going to be abused for a long time before your body gives out…”

“For some reason, I’m feeling really ecstatic from seeing something like this!”

All the students around the person who had just spoken silently slinked away into the distance.

An Lin was feeling a little dizzy from the downpour of spell techniques.

There was suddenly a moment of respite, during which he opened his eyes, only to find that Emperor Ziwei was charging some sort of super-powerful attack!

Emperor Ziwei made an ancient seal with his hands, and the projection of a starry night sky engulfed the entire level as countless stars surged. The fearsome power of stars converged before Emperor Ziwei, creating a massive palm imbued within which was a boundless, mystical galaxy.

An Lin felt like he could see the entire universe within that palm.

He was about to piss himself from fear! This was no joke!

Holy f*ck! What kind of invincible f*cking technique was this?! Was Ziwei trying to kill him?!

Emperor Ziwei was indeed unleashing one of his finishing techniques. He wanted to see just how thick An Lin’s skin was.

“Galactic Immortal Palm!”

He pushed the palm toward An Lin, and heaven and earth dimmed, as if night had fallen over the world.

The immortal swept toward An Lin’s body with the crushing power of stars, and he felt as if the weight of the entire universe had crashed down upon him with indescribably devastating force.


In that split second, countless stars exploded as a monstrous shockwave proliferated forth before crashing into the walls of the tower.

Crack… bam!

The defensive spell formations around the Immortal Spirit Tower shattered again. Meanwhile, Bai Zhong was knocked flying into the air.

The crystalline screen shattered once again…

Bai Zhong had already done everything he could to reinforce the defensive spell formation, but all his efforts were in vain in the face of such an insane powerful explosion. He had tried his best, but it still wasn’t enough, and he was feeling quite depressed again.

All the students: “…”

Bai Zhong hurriedly reinforced the defensive spell formation again before repairing the crystalline screen in double-quick time. It looked like the trial runs from the first time was paying dividends after all!

The dust slowly settled to reveal a figure that had already collapsed to the ground.

Xu Xiaolan and the others stared up at the fallen figure with concerned expressions on their faces.

Emperor Ziwei made his way toward An Lin with curiosity on his face.

“Regardless of how thick his skin is, surely that attack managed to wound him.”

“Huh… it looks like…”

He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before heaven and earth suddenly turned dark.

Origin Energy of the Netherworld!

Six Strikes of the War God: Shadow Tiger!

Amid the boundless darkness, An Lin’s aura soared explosively as he threw himself at Emperor Ziwei before thrusting a black energy sword at Emperor Ziwei’s heart!

Emperor Ziwei was completely enshrouded in darkness, but it would take more than just an instant of darkness to throw him off his game. He relied on his monstrous divine sense and reflexes to instantly dodge to the side in an attempt to dodge An Lin’s strike.

However, right at this moment, An Lin grasped the air with his other hand— Spatial-Congealment!

At the same time, a circular abyss appeared underfoot— Abyssal Gravity Technique!

A fearsome sealing force in the air combined with a crushing gravitational force…

Although it was unable to completely restrict Emperor Ziwei’s movements, it was enough to make him falter for a split second. That split second was all An Lin needed to strike!

His black energy sword tore through the air before puncturing Emperor Ziwei’s chest.

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